[FFmpeg-user] FFMpeg question on Raspberry Pi

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Wed Feb 23 07:03:09 EET 2022

> Thanks about the USB tip.  I’m trying to  concatenate automatically,
> however.   We have many Arlo cameras where we CAN connect to the
> internet.  Otherwise, you’re right, we could just use a trail cam but
> the time someone would need to be spending going through assembling
> videos would not be worth it.

Concatenating the videos into one would be fairly straightforward, if
somewhat inconvenient (if the video is of leaves blowing you'd have to
sit through it in full instead of just skipping to the next video).
But if you wanted to do this you could just copy the files off the trail
camera and run a short ffmpeg command to join them all together into
one video.

The hard part of what you ask is using the video player to scroll
through the videos and downloading a segment to your phone.

Also, how remote is this camera?  If you already have
Internet-connected cameras that do what you want, have you considered a
long range wireless link?  Mikrotik is one of the lower priced vendors,
with some of their longer range devices apparently being able to
maintain a line-of-sight link for 40 km (25 mi) on 2.4 GHz:


I haven't used any of these products so they are just examples of
what's available, not a recommendation.


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