[FFmpeg-user] FFMpeg question on Raspberry Pi

Fred Kemp fkemp at mindspring.com
Thu Feb 24 23:59:51 EET 2022

Thanks again for the information!  Sorry for the late reply . . . for 
some reason, I only just got this . . .

I would guess that there is a way to automate that concatenating via 
FFMpeg and I have a nephew that codes in Linux for a full-time job.  I 
wanted to ask about the Raspberry Pi group what might be the best 
method(s) and then talk with him . . .

We are most interested in being able to group videos by a certain time 
period, e.g., the motion tripped within a particular time period.  The 
ideal setup would be looking at the concatenating video with two sliders 
- one for the beginning and one for the ending and downloading to the 
phone.  While moving the sliders to see images/time stamps of the video 
where to start and stop.  The time stamps could be on the original 
videos.   Is the a video player that might be able to do that?

Or, even having one slider and being able to look at a time period after 
that.  For example, the 20 minutes of video following a certain 
identified point of the concatenating video . . .

Thanks again for your help, Adam!!  Greatly appreciated!!

On 2/22/2022 11:03 PM, Adam Nielsen via ffmpeg-user wrote:
>> Thanks about the USB tip.  I’m trying to  concatenate automatically,
>> however.   We have many Arlo cameras where we CAN connect to the
>> internet.  Otherwise, you’re right, we could just use a trail cam but
>> the time someone would need to be spending going through assembling
>> videos would not be worth it.
> Concatenating the videos into one would be fairly straightforward, if
> somewhat inconvenient (if the video is of leaves blowing you'd have to
> sit through it in full instead of just skipping to the next video).
> But if you wanted to do this you could just copy the files off the trail
> camera and run a short ffmpeg command to join them all together into
> one video.
> The hard part of what you ask is using the video player to scroll
> through the videos and downloading a segment to your phone.
> Also, how remote is this camera?  If you already have
> Internet-connected cameras that do what you want, have you considered a
> long range wireless link?  Mikrotik is one of the lower priced vendors,
> with some of their longer range devices apparently being able to
> maintain a line-of-sight link for 40 km (25 mi) on 2.4 GHz:
>    https://mikrotik.com/products/group/wireless-systems
> I haven't used any of these products so they are just examples of
> what's available, not a recommendation.
> Cheers,
> Adam.
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