[FFmpeg-user] m3u8 download has no audio track

Carl Fink carl at finknetwork.com
Tue Nov 8 04:05:11 EET 2022

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On 11/7/22 21:01, Carl Fink wrote:
> Hi,
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> I'm attempting to download video from nebula (https://nebula.tv) for
> offline viewing. I use this command line:
> ffmpeg -i"http://example.com/video_url.m3u8"  -c copy -bsf:a 
> aac_adtstoasc "output.mp4"
> (taken fromhttps://windowsloop.com/download-m3u8-video-with-ffmpeg/).
> This has worked in the past, but lately from Nebula, I get an output
> file with no audio track, according to ffplay, and also vlc and mplayer.
> Suggestions? What information can I post that will help to debug this.
> Note: I am a paying Nebula subscriber and do not pirate their content.
> I just want to be able to watch it offline, notably on planes.
> Thanks for any assistance.

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