[FFmpeg-user] Ubuntu 22.04 audio capture issue

Dave Blanchard dave at killthe.net
Wed Nov 30 05:56:42 EET 2022

> The saboteur thing is plausible (and a scary thought), but I have a hard 
> time believing so many distros would have adopted it if it's such 
> "junkware".  I think it's more that enterprise use, faster systems, and 
> faster disks, started to make init.d's serial processing of tasks a 
> bottleneck, and systemd's parallelism addressed that.


The "Cent" in CentOS means "five." As in "five eyes." As in, "intelligence agencies." The name "RedHat" is a similar allusion.

Same thing the "Intel" in "Intel Corporation" stands for.

To "Google" means to SPY.

It was Eve who took a bite out of the Apple; she was encouraged by the serpent.

Facebook was created the next day after the CIA LifeLog project was stopped.

Despite a brief outrage many years ago, NSA is still in your AT&T datacenters, vacuuming and sifting through your packets.

In the real world, companies like Amazon go bankrupt when they lose millions of dollars for decades on end, but in Clown World they don't. (Because in Clown World, intel dollars keep things afloat that shouldn't be.)

These people did not create computers, and the Internet, and all of this junkware they shove down our throats, for *our* benefit.

I think it was around 2018 when Linus had to "take some time off" to "reassess." (You didn't think that was really voluntary, did you?) Notice how fat he got afterwards. Eating is a stress response. There's not a lot more stressful than having your life's work stolen from you and taken over by the most powerful gang of thugs in the world. 

They're going to work on his daughter now, also. Bringing her under their influence. Just like they always do to influential people's sons and daughters.

To understand the times we are living in better, consult 1984, Brave New World, Animal Farm, Atlas Shrugged, etc. And then the Bible. And then pray.

And stop watching TV, or believing anything you read anywhere, especially on the internet.

Dave Blanchard <dave at killthe.net>

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