[FFmpeg-user] Question about video encoding with VAAPI on AMD Radeon Hw

K_Adamski78 at gmx.net K_Adamski78 at gmx.net
Wed Apr 19 12:41:22 EEST 2023

Hey everyone,
I have a question about HEVC video encoding, using VAAPI, on AMD Radeon hardware (Vega 7 / Ryzen 5 5600G)
So, in general, encoding using VAAPI works pretty well, albeit with somewhat low quality.
Recently, I noticed this article on Phoronix:

It mentions new quality-improving options in the RadeonSI driver for encoding with VAAPI (at least that's how I understand it).
More details can be found here:
Does anyone know if there is any support within FFMPEG for these new options ?
Is there a way to pass them to the RadeonSI driver somehow for VAAPI encoding ?
Thanks !
Best regards,
Kai Adamski

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