[Libav-user] Simple code implementing vaapi decoding with ffmpeg

David Kosir david at hotel-jarun.com
Sun Dec 25 03:33:47 CET 2011


I've been looking at hwdecode-demos from Splitted-Desktop Systems
to learn how to use vaapi hardware accelerated decoding with ffmpeg.

As I'm not begginer programmer, I think haven't got it all right.

It would be great if someone woud be so nice to write simple notes
how to set up and use functions to get avcodec_decode_video done
with vaapi.

I know that it has to do something with struct *vaapi_context and
some functions - get_format. get_buffer, release_buffer - but I
can't figgure how to make that work with some simple ffmpeg api
like that one @ dranger.com/ffmpeg/

Merry Christmas!

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