[Libav-user] Getting to grips with ffmpeg

John Dexter jdxsolutions at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 18:26:19 CET 2012

On 5 February 2012 16:38, Carl Eugen Hoyos <cehoyos at ag.or.at> wrote:

> John Dexter <jdxsolutions at ...> writes:
> > 2. I had some concerns reading about the legal side, GPL and LGPL. Our
> > software is totally closed source and while we use LGPL libraries, it
> > sounded like some parts of ffmpeg are GPL-only. Will this realistically
> > affect me
> It is your choice if you compile FFmpeg with support for GPL-parts
> (which makes the whole library GPL and forbids linking against your
> proprietary application) or without.
> So only you know if it affects you or not.

I was aware some parts are GPL only and you can compile without those
parts... but the legal page doesn't say which, and whether they 'matter'.
But you follow on with

> (Or in other words: It will only affect you if you want H264 encoding
> but are not willing to buy a commercial x264 license.)

So is that the only major restriction? It sounds fairly major since I'm
fairly sure our client demands H264 as the primary format. It's hardly part
of ffmpeg I know, but any clarification what I can['t] do here would be
awesome so I can clearly explain why (if) I can't provide what they
consider the standard. Feel free to direct me elsewhere to discuss that

> Please consider reading the License Compliance Checklist on
> http://ffmpeg.org/legal.html and if you think anything is not
> clear on this page, please report!

Since you mention it, I would prefer a list of what I MUST do and a list of
what you PREFER I do, in terms of open-source etiquette :)

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