[Libav-user] Getting to grips with ffmpeg

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Sun Feb 5 19:31:44 CET 2012

John Dexter <jdxsolutions at ...> writes:

> > Please consider reading the License Compliance Checklist on 
> > http://ffmpeg.org/legal.html and if you think anything is not
> > clear on this page, please report!
> Since you mention it, I would prefer a list of what I MUST 
> do and a list of what you PREFER I do, in terms of 
> open-source etiquette :) 

(Not being a native speaker, I wonder if there is some insult 
hidden in this sentence...)

The list contains all things you have to do afaict, 
and some things that really make a lot of sense if you trying
to fulfil the requirements of the LGPL (as opposed to trying 
very hard not to fulfil its concept and getting away with it).

Carl Eugen

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