[Libav-user] I need some C++ source code example for MJpeg streaming

Wenpeng Zhou zhou.wenpeng at rdnet.fi
Thu Nov 1 09:27:09 CET 2012

> > HI Denis,
> >
> > Thanks for your reply!
> > Firstly, I will use ffmpeg to capture live video, then http stream the
> > live video in the format of mjpeg.
> > How can I do? Does ffmpeg has some APIs to do it?
> I think yes but I use OpenCv for capture from camera. For send across the
> network I use ffmpeg to produce h264 or mpg stream. For mjpg I only send
> directly a stream of jpg images.
> I think you must extract the avframe or avimage from the stream, convert
> in jpg and then send.
Hi Denis,
Could you please give some code example?
I also use OPenCV to capture video. I save the jpg image in the memory. But
I don't know how to stream with HTTP. How can you send a stream of jpg
When you use ffmpeg to produce H264 from OpenCv videoCapture and stream it,
how long is the latency?

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