[Libav-user] I need some C++ source code example for MJpeg streaming

Denis info at denisgottardello.it
Thu Nov 1 09:42:02 CET 2012

In data giovedì 01 novembre 2012 09:27:09, Wenpeng Zhou ha scritto:
> Hi Denis,
> Could you please give some code example?
> I also use OPenCV to capture video. I save the jpg image in the memory. But
> I don't know how to stream with HTTP.

I wrote a http web server component in c++ (using the Qt libraries. Qt is 
needed) for send stream. I use this component for exchange data between server 
and clients and for send stream.

> How can you send a stream of jpg
> images?
> When you use ffmpeg to produce H264 from OpenCv videoCapture and stream it,
> how long is the latency?

mjpg: 0 seconds
msmpeg4: 1 - 2 seconds
mpeg4: 3 - 5 seconds.
h264: 5 - 8 seconds.

h264 is the best in compression but not for latency.
If you want you can try my application (You can find it in my website, its name 
is DomusBoss) for test the different solutions.

Skype: mrdebug
Videosurveillance and home automation! 
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