[Libav-user] Sample format issue when running sample decoding_encoding.c on Windows and Latest Zeranoe Dev Build

siqiao chen siqiaochen at gmail.com
Fri Nov 1 20:57:31 CET 2013

Hello, All,

I am learning the encoding functions in FFmpeg using the Latest Zeranoe Dev
Build on Windows. I try to walk through the dev decoding_encoding.c from
sample. However, audio_encode_example function does not work. It returns:

Encode audio file test.mp2
[mp2 @ 00993a80] Specified sample format -1 is invalid or not supported
Could not open codec

When I try to change the sample format to AV_SAMPLE_FMT_S16P (googled) it

Encode audio file test.mp2
Encoder does not support sample format s16p
Process returned 1 (0x1)   execution time : 0.039 s
Press any key to continue.

Could I know how should I resolve this issue / what could be the cause of
this issue?
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