[Libav-user] Repeated call to avformat_find_stream_info() segfaults

Manfred Haertel, DB3HM Manfred.Haertel at rz-online.de
Sun Nov 3 10:15:16 CET 2013

I have written a program that calls avformat_find_stream_info() with a 
small max_analyze_duration in the AVFormatContext.

Sometimes, depending on the stream, the analyze duration is not 
sufficient to determine all informations I need. So I would like to call 
avformat_find_stream_info() again if needed.

But the second call to avformat_find_stream_info() always segfaults.

What am I doing wrong?

Manfred Härtel, DB3HM    mailto:Manfred.Haertel at rz-online.de

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