[Libav-user] reduce dll size

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Mon Mar 10 18:39:42 CET 2014

Camera Man <i.like.privacy.too at ...> writes:

> However, the license (LGPL) requires that you let 
> user upgrade the library without your help. That is
> usually easy to achieve when you ship .dlls, but 
> not as easy when you do static linking. If you use 
> a GPL component (e.g. the x264 encoder), you will 
> need to make your project GPL as well

You are of course right that it is (slightly) easier 
to fullfill the LGPL if you provide dynamic libraries 
instead of linking static libraries but we agree that 
in both cases it is possible to fullfill the 
But I wonder now if there is a reason that your next 
sentence speaks about the GPL: Don't you agree that it 
makes no difference if you link GPL'd libraries 
statically or dynamically?

Carl Eugen

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