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> Camera Man <i.like.privacy.too at ...> writes:
>> However, the license (LGPL) requires that you let
>> user upgrade the library without your help. That is
>> usually easy to achieve when you ship .dlls, but
>> not as easy when you do static linking. If you use
>> a GPL component (e.g. the x264 encoder), you will
>> need to make your project GPL as well
> You are of course right that it is (slightly) easier
> to fullfill the LGPL if you provide dynamic libraries
> instead of linking static libraries but we agree that
> in both cases it is possible to fullfill the
> requirements.

Kind of silly though to allow user to update the ffmpeg libraries. Every time I get new ffmpeg libraries I test it for quite a long 
time and not unusual to find something broken or something has changed that leads a break somewhere else. Don't know about you but 
things need to work for me and if user is just adhoc changing the libraries then that's a problem.

> But I wonder now if there is a reason that your next
> sentence speaks about the GPL: Don't you agree that it
> makes no difference if you link GPL'd libraries
> statically or dynamically?
> Carl Eugen
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