[Libav-user] How can i encode s16/s16p to acc

He Lei helei0908 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 23 13:53:26 EET 2016

FFMpeg codes is clone from git, that is version 3.0
I cross Compile to the win32 platform;

And  enabled these encoders/decoders:

Enabled muxers/demuxers:

None of the other.

But, I found aac encoder only support fltp;

My src:
       m_pCodec = avcodec_find_encoder(AV_CODEC_ID_AAC); //only fltp in m_pCodec->sample_fmts
       m_pCodecCtx = avcodec_alloc_context3(m_pCodec);
       avcodec_get_context_defaults3(m_pCodecCtx, m_pCodec);
       m_pCodecCtx->bit_rate = 6400;
       m_pCodecCtx->sample_fmt = AV_SAMPLE_FMT_S16S
       m_pCodecCtx->sample_rate = 44100;
       m_pCodecCtx->channel_layout = AV_CH_LAYOUT_STEREO;
       m_pCodecCtx->channels = av_get_channel_layout_nb_channels(m_pCodecCtx->channel_layout);
       iRet = avcodec_open2(m_pCodecCtx, m_pCodec, NULL); //return -22!!

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