[Libav-user] Modifying it to [JAVA] for using [ALLOWED / NOT]

Diljeet Kumawat djthediljeet at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 09:45:26 EET 2016

Hello i want to modify/convert certain code/classes from C to JAVA for
using them in my paid app.

Am i allowed to do that.
I will share/distribute all JAVA classes with the ffmpeg sources.

Please help me in understanding if i am allowed to do that.

For example, i want to use *af_flanger.c* class for sound, so i
made/converted a *flanger.java* class from it and used it in my android
app, so am i permitted to do that(i am willing to share the flanger.java
class with everyone)

Please notify me about it, if i am not permitted to create a java class
based on ffmpeg code, then do i have permission to create modified c
classes from that code?

Thanks in advance
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