[Libav-user] avfilter code that works on Linux fails on Windows

Gonzalo Garramuño ggarra13 at gmail.com
Fri May 13 14:50:21 CEST 2016

I have a strange problem.  I tried adding subtitles to my viewer using 
libav filters.  The code is extracted from filtering_video.c. It works 
fine on Linux, but on Windows, it barfs with a bunch of errors when 
parsing the filter graph.  Here are the errors:

        [avi] args 
     (passed to buffersrc_ctx )

        [avi] subtitles=f:/code/applications/mrViewer/sub.srt
     passed to avfilter_graph_parse_ptr.

ERROR: [ffmpeg] Unable to parse option value 
"/code/applications/mrViewer/sub.srt" as image size
ERROR: [ffmpeg] Unable to parse option value 
"/code/applications/mrViewer/sub.srt" as image size
ERROR: [ffmpeg] Error setting option original_size to value 
ERROR: [ffmpeg] Error applying options to the filter.
ERROR: [ffmpeg] Error initializing filter 'subtitles'
ERROR: [ffmpeg]  with args 'f:/code/applications/mrViewer/sub.srt'
ERROR: [ffmpeg]

It looks as if ffmpeg is confusing the : of the file with the colon of 
different arguments.  I tried backslashing (\) the : but that did not 
work.  If someone wants to take a look more deeply I can provide the 
source code.

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