[Libav-user] ffplay of a live encoded hls causes encoder errors

Alvaro Gil zevarito at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 17:37:26 EEST 2018


I'll do my best to describe the scenario and also make a couple of
questions to understand how things work underline.

I am live encoding a hls stream from rtp packets in a cpp app, it works
fine, but strange to me, if I simultaneusly reproduce the stream with
ffplay I am start seeing logs like: Input picture width (640) is greater
than stride (320) and no new segments are encoded.

I first thought it might happen if ffplay is accesing segments while the
app is still being writing them, but after addition of hls_flags temp_file
that doesn't make sense.

Does the h264 encoder needs previously written segments to build frames of
another segment in the future?

Once hls muxer adds a segment to m3u8 playlist it is completly finished?

Since the input are rtp packets that doesn't have a fixed resolution I
would like to know if there is possible for h264 encoder to accept input
frames of diferent resolutions or if it needs some special flag to handle


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