[Libav-user] Full memory release after file processing is completed.

Anton Kolhidov Landgraf132 at yandex.ru
Thu Jul 25 16:34:33 EEST 2019

Hi everyone,
I am writing an application that handles many video files. I limit the
addition of new video files by the amount of consumed RAM. I'm having a
problem related to that after processing the video libav does not release
all using memory. I know that this is done to increase performance and then
this busy memory is used again. But when I process large files, RAM is busy
at 90% and this value doesn't decrease.

I reproduced this in the following example:

I tried using Ā«Adress sanitizerĀ» and valgrind. Adress sanitizer did not find
any errors. Valgrind showed   ~ 3 GB of still reachable memory after the
application was shut down.

How can I reset / clear this buffer in libav?

I processed the same file several times. Here is a graph of memory

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