[Libav-user] FFMpeg compile for hardware decoding

Ахмед Анам ahmedanam at mail.ru
Fri Jul 26 13:37:48 EEST 2019


It seems you used wrong options. See the official instruction from NVIDIA: https://developer.nvidia.com/ffmpeg

>Среда, 24 июля 2019, 16:21 +03:00 от Gitanshu Mehndiratta <gitanshu39 at gmail.com>:
>I am trying to compile ffmpeg with enabling hardware decoding for h264 stream.
>I have included following options in configure script.
>1) --enable-hwaccel=h264_vaapi
>2) --enable-hwaccels
>But when in configure logs when i see "Enabled hwaccels" , nothing is enabled.
>and when i use  avcodec_get_hw_config function it always returns probably because ffmpeg is not enabled for that.
>I have compiled ffmpeg for pnacl.
>Can somebody help me if anything i am missing?
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