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Kevin Marois kmarois at axon.com
Tue Oct 24 20:52:30 EEST 2023

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask. If not could you please tell me where to ask?

My company is searching for a replacement for VKC Media Player. Can you tell me if your app meets the following requirements?

Used For
Supporting both IPv4 and IPv6
We need player to support cameras over both IPv4 and IPv6 network protocols
Integration to WPF
Player should be able to easily integrate into our current C# WPF/WinForms applications
Sixteen Cameras
We need to support displaying upto 16 cameras while keeping optimal performance
Taking Snapshots
We use the option to take snapshots while displaying Audio selection in Live Streaming
Support audio and video codecs
( H.264 / H.265 and AAC / MP3 )
Required for playing with live streaming and playback mode
RTSP and HLS Stream
Playing RTSP and HLS stream in Client and Live Streaming
Playing DVR Data
Playing for DVR data in Live Streaming, we should be able to jump back and forth with ease while watching

We also need accurate duration/time of the DVR data (which increases every X seconds while the live stream is ongoing)
Be able to start and stop playing the streams
Debug Logs
We have been relying on VLC logs for debugging issues from time to time
Custom Parameters
We change player options for controlling the behaviour of player such as changing Network caching which helps in reducing delay from camera to player
Custom Menu for player
We display custom right click menu on player
Set volume
We change volume level for players and mute audio as needed
Disable Keyboard/Mouse input
We disable the player for taking input from Keyboard and Mouse on player
Custom Menu for player
We display custom right click menu on player
Player Events
Click, DoubleClick, Mouse, Down
Mediaplayer Events
Opening, EncounteredError, Buffering, LengthChanged, TimeChanged, PositionChanged, EndReached
Track/Stream Info
Allow to get track/stream info to get details about track
Set Crop Rectangle
Used for digital zoom in live streaming
Select channel to play the audio
(e.g., Left vs Right)
Nice to have: Ability to select which channel for audio

Thank you,
Kevin Marois
kmarois at axon.com
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