[Libav-user] android_camera build breakage?

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Wed Oct 25 11:31:50 EEST 2023


libavdevice/android_camera.c:651:56: error: no member named 'side_data' in
'struct AVCodecParameters'
  651 |     side_data = av_packet_side_data_new(&st->codecpar->side_data,
      |                                          ~~~~~~~~~~~~  ^
libavdevice/android_camera.c:652:56: error: no member named 'nb_side_data'
in 'struct AVCodecParameters'
                                                  652 |
      |                                          ~~~~~~~~~~~~  ^
2 errors generated.
CC      libavdevice/xcbgrab.o


trying to build recent ffmpeg with this configure

./configure --enable-jni --enable-mediacodec --enable-neon
--target-os=android --disable-outdevs

on termux / aarch64 installation

configure autodetects android_camera:

Enabled indevs:
                        android_camera          lavfi
fbdev                   v4l2

but then fails like  above.

ffmpeg base


I was trying to see if camera can be accessed after I granted Termux
permissions  via installing termux-API from f-droid and inside termux
itself, so calling "termux-camera-photo 1.jpeg" resulted in permission pop
up, where I granted it.
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