[Ffmpeg-devel] about mingw compiling problem (and possible solution)

angustia at arrozcru.no-ip.org angustia
Wed Oct 4 16:42:29 CEST 2006

>> The standard mingw bash (2.04) *is* broken.  You need to install 2.05
>> or later.

How about adding this short and simple answer to the faq?

> GNU bash, version 2.04.0(1)-release-(i686-pc-msys)
> works fine too, but bash 3.1 snapshot solves the problem
> with configure.
> So please put some info somewhere for mingw build
> to download the 3.1 snapshop to avoid problems.

In <http://ffmpeg.mplayerhq.hu/documentation.html>, there's a link to  
<http://arrozcru.no-ip.org/ffmpeg/>, which points out most windows  
related problems. It already says to use bash version => 2.05b.

Feel free to alter the wiki for solutions to any other problems you  
may find...

Ramiro Polla
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