[Ffmpeg-devel] Real-time mpegts encoding and streaming

Fredrik Kling kling.fredrik
Thu Mar 1 17:07:08 CET 2007

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> > The MPEG2 TS muxer/encoder in ffmpeg is flawed, I would not use it..
> dont top post
> there is no such thing as a mpeg-ts encoder, and yes the ts muxer does
> not follow all details of the mpeg-ts spec still its following all the
> syntax so the mpeg ts streams should work fine in most situatoons,
> patches to improve mpeg-ts compliance are welcome

Well, compliance is one thing, good implementation is another...
But anyway, I'll check whatever I can submit any patches in the flavour
appreciated by the project..

If there was no such thing as an encoder I would assume the file not named "

Anyway, the following is flawed (as not very good, even though it might be
in line with spec.):
- PES payload size is fixed
- SDT packets are sent way to often (causing up to 64% overhead on the
- MPEG1 Video uses same stream type ID as MPEG2 video

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> such trash is unaccpetable on this mailinglist, please dont post such
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Sorry for not controlling the corp. SMTP servers (tend to forget about such
I have changed the mail-account..

Fredrik Kling

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