[Ffmpeg-devel] Real-time mpegts encoding and streaming

Luca Abeni lucabe72
Thu Mar 1 17:15:52 CET 2007

Hi all,

Fredrik Kling wrote:
> Anyway, the following is flawed (as not very good, even though it might be
> in line with spec.):
> - PES payload size is fixed
I seem to remember I saw fixed PES size (for the video) in some digital 
tv channels, so I assume this is acceptable... But I might be wrong

> - SDT packets are sent way to often (causing up to 64% overhead on the
> stream)
> - MPEG1 Video uses same stream type ID as MPEG2 video
I suspect you forgot the biggest problem: DTSs are never set... At 
least, last time I checked the PES header was filled with PTSs only. I 
do not think this was ok for a lot of clients. I'll double check tomorrow.


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