[FFmpeg-devel] Need help in getting started

Mike Melanson mike
Tue Feb 17 17:08:11 CET 2009

Ratnadeep Debnath wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been a Fedora user for last one year. I am learning C, python,
> C++. Every time, I setup a system ( mine or other's) I remember doing
> a
> $yum install ffmpeg*
> I was said that I need this to play audio and video. Now I am
> interested in knowing how ffmpeg works, and how I can contribute
> towards its development.
> Where do I start and how?
> Please help.

Check out our list of small FFmpeg tasks:


It's a list of bite-sized (roughly) tasks that are perfect for helping a 
new developer come up to speed on basic FFmpeg development. Hint: the 
most fun tasks pertain to implementing playback systems for game formats 
(look at YOP, M95, BRP, HNM4).

Good luck...

     -Mike Melanson

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