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cpu.h File Reference
#include "config.h"
#include "libavutil/cpu.h"

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#define have_armv5te(flags)   (HAVE_ARMV5TE && ((flags) & AV_CPU_FLAG_ARMV5TE))
#define have_armv6(flags)   (HAVE_ARMV6 && ((flags) & AV_CPU_FLAG_ARMV6))
#define have_armv6t2(flags)   (HAVE_ARMV6T2 && ((flags) & AV_CPU_FLAG_ARMV6T2))
#define have_vfp(flags)   (HAVE_VFP && ((flags) & AV_CPU_FLAG_VFP))
#define have_vfpv3(flags)   (HAVE_VFPV3 && ((flags) & AV_CPU_FLAG_VFPV3))
#define have_neon(flags)   (HAVE_NEON && ((flags) & AV_CPU_FLAG_NEON))

Macro Definition Documentation

#define have_armv5te (   flags)    (HAVE_ARMV5TE && ((flags) & AV_CPU_FLAG_ARMV5TE))

Definition at line 25 of file cpu.h.

Referenced by ff_dsputil_init_arm(), ff_MPV_common_init_arm(), and ff_videodsp_init_arm().

#define have_armv6 (   flags)    (HAVE_ARMV6 && ((flags) & AV_CPU_FLAG_ARMV6))
#define have_armv6t2 (   flags)    (HAVE_ARMV6T2 && ((flags) & AV_CPU_FLAG_ARMV6T2))

Definition at line 27 of file cpu.h.

#define have_vfp (   flags)    (HAVE_VFP && ((flags) & AV_CPU_FLAG_VFP))

Definition at line 28 of file cpu.h.

Referenced by ff_float_dsp_init_arm(), and ff_fmt_convert_init_arm().

#define have_vfpv3 (   flags)    (HAVE_VFPV3 && ((flags) & AV_CPU_FLAG_VFPV3))

Definition at line 29 of file cpu.h.

Referenced by ff_float_dsp_init_vfp().

#define have_neon (   flags)    (HAVE_NEON && ((flags) & AV_CPU_FLAG_NEON))