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libavfilter Directory Reference


directory  libmpcodecs
directory  x86


file  af_aconvert.c [code]
 sample format and channel layout conversion audio filter
file  af_afade.c [code]
 fade audio filter
file  af_aformat.c [code]
 format audio filter
file  af_amerge.c [code]
 Audio merging filter.
file  af_amix.c [code]
 Audio Mix Filter.
file  af_anull.c [code]
 null audio filter
file  af_apad.c [code]
 audio pad filter.
file  af_aresample.c [code]
 resampling audio filter
file  af_asetnsamples.c [code]
 Filter that changes number of samples on single output operation.
file  af_ashowinfo.c [code]
 filter for showing textual audio frame information
file  af_astreamsync.c [code]
 Stream (de)synchronization filter.
file  af_asyncts.c [code]
file  af_atempo.c [code]
 tempo scaling audio filter – an implementation of WSOLA algorithm
file  af_biquads.c [code]
file  af_channelmap.c [code]
 audio channel mapping filter
file  af_channelsplit.c [code]
 Channel split filter.
file  af_earwax.c [code]
 Stereo Widening Effect.
file  af_join.c [code]
 Audio join filter.
file  af_pan.c [code]
 Audio panning filter (channels mixing) Original code written by Anders Johansson for MPlayer, reimplemented for FFmpeg.
file  af_resample.c [code]
 sample format and channel layout conversion audio filter
file  af_silencedetect.c [code]
 Audio silence detector.
file  af_volume.c [code]
 audio volume filter
file  af_volume.h [code]
 audio volume filter
file  af_volumedetect.c [code]
file  all_channel_layouts.inc [code]
file  allfilters.c [code]
file  asink_anullsink.c [code]
file  asrc_abuffer.h [code]
 memory buffer source for audio
file  asrc_aevalsrc.c [code]
 eval audio source
file  asrc_anullsrc.c [code]
 null audio source
file  asrc_flite.c [code]
 flite voice synth source
file  audio.c [code]
file  audio.h [code]
file  avcodec.c [code]
 libavcodec/libavfilter gluing utilities
file  avcodec.h [code]
 libavcodec/libavfilter gluing utilities
file  avf_concat.c [code]
 concat audio-video filter
file  avf_showspectrum.c [code]
 audio to spectrum (video) transmedia filter, based on ffplay rdft showmode (by Michael Niedermayer) and lavfi/avf_showwaves (by Stefano Sabatini).
file  avf_showwaves.c [code]
 audio to video multimedia filter
file  avfilter.c [code]
file  avfilter.h [code]
 external API header
file  avfiltergraph.c [code]
file  avfiltergraph.h [code]
file  bbox.c [code]
file  bbox.h [code]
file  buffer.c [code]
file  bufferqueue.h [code]
file  buffersink.c [code]
 buffer sink
file  buffersink.h [code]
 memory buffer sink API for audio and video
file  buffersrc.c [code]
 memory buffer source filter
file  buffersrc.h [code]
 Memory buffer source API.
file  drawutils.c [code]
file  drawutils.h [code]
 misc drawing utilities
file  f_ebur128.c [code]
 EBU R.128 implementation.
file  f_select.c [code]
 filter for selecting which frame passes in the filterchain
file  f_sendcmd.c [code]
 send commands filter
file  f_setpts.c [code]
 video presentation timestamp (PTS) modification filter
file  f_settb.c [code]
 Set timebase for the output link.
file  fifo.c [code]
 FIFO buffering filter.
file  filtfmts.c [code]
file  formats.c [code]
file  formats.h [code]
file  gradfun.h [code]
file  graphdump.c [code]
file  graphparser.c [code]
file  internal.h [code]
 internal API functions
file  lavfutils.c [code]
file  lavfutils.h [code]
 Miscellaneous utilities which make use of the libavformat library.
file  lswsutils.c [code]
file  lswsutils.h [code]
 Miscellaneous utilities which make use of the libswscale library.
file  sink_buffer.c [code]
 buffer sink
file  split.c [code]
 audio and video splitter
file  src_buffer.c [code]
 memory buffer source filter
file  src_movie.c [code]
 movie video source
file  transform.c [code]
 transform input video
file  transform.h [code]
 transform input video
file  version.h [code]
 Libavfilter version macros.
file  vf_alphaextract.c [code]
 simple channel-swapping filter to get at the alpha component
file  vf_alphamerge.c [code]
 copy an alpha component from another video's luma
file  vf_aspect.c [code]
 aspect ratio modification video filters
file  vf_bbox.c [code]
 bounding box detection filter
file  vf_blackdetect.c [code]
 Video black detector, loosely based on blackframe with extended syntax and features.
file  vf_blackframe.c [code]
 Search for black frames to detect scene transitions.
file  vf_blend.c [code]
file  vf_boxblur.c [code]
 Apply a boxblur filter to the input video.
file  vf_colormatrix.c [code]
 ColorMatrix 2.0 is based on the original ColorMatrix filter by Wilbert Dijkhof.
file  vf_copy.c [code]
 copy video filter
file  vf_crop.c [code]
 video crop filter
file  vf_cropdetect.c [code]
 border detection filter Ported from MPlayer libmpcodecs/vf_cropdetect.c.
file  vf_decimate.c [code]
file  vf_delogo.c [code]
 A very simple tv station logo remover Ported from MPlayer libmpcodecs/vf_delogo.c.
file  vf_deshake.c [code]
 fast deshake / depan video filter
file  vf_drawbox.c [code]
 Box drawing filter.
file  vf_drawtext.c [code]
 drawtext filter, based on the original vhook/drawtext.c filter by Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
file  vf_edgedetect.c [code]
 Edge detection filter.
file  vf_fade.c [code]
 video fade filter based heavily on vf_negate.c by Bobby Bingham
file  vf_field.c [code]
 field filter, based on libmpcodecs/vf_field.c by Rich Felker
file  vf_fieldorder.c [code]
 video field order filter, heavily influenced by vf_pad.c
file  vf_format.c [code]
 format and noformat video filters
file  vf_fps.c [code]
 a filter enforcing given constant framerate
file  vf_framestep.c [code]
file  vf_frei0r.c [code]
 frei0r wrapper
file  vf_geq.c [code]
 Generic equation change filter Originally written by Michael Niedermayer for the MPlayer project, and ported by Clément Bœsch for FFmpeg.
file  vf_gradfun.c [code]
 gradfun debanding filter, ported from MPlayer libmpcodecs/vf_gradfun.c
file  vf_hflip.c [code]
 horizontal flip filter
file  vf_histeq.c [code]
 Histogram equalization filter, based on the VirtualDub filter by Donald A.
file  vf_histogram.c [code]
file  vf_hqdn3d.c [code]
 high quality 3d video denoiser, ported from MPlayer libmpcodecs/vf_hqdn3d.c.
file  vf_hqdn3d.h [code]
file  vf_hue.c [code]
 Apply a hue/saturation filter to the input video Ported from MPlayer libmpcodecs/vf_hue.c.
file  vf_idet.c [code]
file  vf_il.c [code]
 (de)interleave fields filter
file  vf_kerndeint.c [code]
 Kernel Deinterlacer Ported from MPlayer libmpcodecs/vf_kerndeint.c.
file  vf_libopencv.c [code]
 libopencv wrapper functions
file  vf_lut.c [code]
 Compute a look-up table for binding the input value to the output value, and apply it to input video.
file  vf_mp.c [code]
file  vf_noise.c [code]
 noise generator
file  vf_null.c [code]
 null video filter
file  vf_overlay.c [code]
 overlay one video on top of another
file  vf_pad.c [code]
 video padding filter
file  vf_pixdesctest.c [code]
 pixdesc test filter
file  vf_pp.c [code]
 libpostproc filter, ported from MPlayer.
file  vf_removelogo.c [code]
 Advanced blur-based logo removing filter.
file  vf_scale.c [code]
 scale video filter
file  vf_setfield.c [code]
 set field order
file  vf_showinfo.c [code]
 filter for showing textual video frame information
file  vf_smartblur.c [code]
 Apply a smartblur filter to the input video Ported from MPlayer libmpcodecs/vf_smartblur.c by Michael Niedermayer.
file  vf_stereo3d.c [code]
file  vf_subtitles.c [code]
 Libass subtitles burning filter.
file  vf_super2xsai.c [code]
 Super 2xSaI video filter Ported from MPlayer libmpcodecs/vf_2xsai.c.
file  vf_swapuv.c [code]
 swap UV filter
file  vf_thumbnail.c [code]
 Potential thumbnail lookup filter to reduce the risk of an inappropriate selection (such as a black frame) we could get with an absolute seek.
file  vf_tile.c [code]
 tile video filter
file  vf_tinterlace.c [code]
 temporal field interlace filter, ported from MPlayer/libmpcodecs
file  vf_transpose.c [code]
 transposition filter Based on MPlayer libmpcodecs/vf_rotate.c.
file  vf_unsharp.c [code]
 blur / sharpen filter, ported to FFmpeg from MPlayer libmpcodecs/unsharp.c.
file  vf_vflip.c [code]
 video vertical flip filter
file  vf_yadif.c [code]
file  video.c [code]
file  video.h [code]
file  vsink_nullsink.c [code]
file  vsrc_cellauto.c [code]
 cellular automaton video source, based on Stephen Wolfram "experimentus crucis"
file  vsrc_life.c [code]
 life video source, based on John Conways' Life Game
file  vsrc_mandelbrot.c [code]
 Mandelbrot fraktal renderer.
file  vsrc_mptestsrc.c [code]
 MP test source, ported from MPlayer libmpcodecs/vf_test.c.
file  vsrc_testsrc.c [code]
 Misc test sources.
file  yadif.h [code]