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1 /*
2  * DCA compatible decoder
3  * Copyright (C) 2004 Gildas Bazin
4  * Copyright (C) 2004 Benjamin Zores
5  * Copyright (C) 2006 Benjamin Larsson
6  * Copyright (C) 2007 Konstantin Shishkov
7  *
8  * This file is part of FFmpeg.
9  *
10  * FFmpeg is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
11  * modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
12  * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
13  * version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
14  *
15  * FFmpeg is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
16  * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
18  * Lesser General Public License for more details.
19  *
20  * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
21  * License along with FFmpeg; if not, write to the Free Software
22  * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
23  */
25 #ifndef AVCODEC_DCA_H
26 #define AVCODEC_DCA_H
28 #include <stdint.h>
30 #include "libavutil/float_dsp.h"
31 #include "libavutil/internal.h"
33 #include "avcodec.h"
34 #include "dcadsp.h"
35 #include "fmtconvert.h"
36 #include "get_bits.h"
38 #define DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX (7)
39 #define DCA_ABITS_MAX (32) /* Should be 28 */
41 #define DCA_SUBFRAMES_MAX (16)
42 #define DCA_BLOCKS_MAX (16)
43 #define DCA_LFE_MAX (3)
44 #define DCA_CHSETS_MAX (4)
45 #define DCA_CHSET_CHANS_MAX (8)
47 #define DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX (7)
48 #define DCA_ABITS_MAX (32) /* Should be 28 */
50 #define DCA_SUBFRAMES_MAX (16)
51 #define DCA_BLOCKS_MAX (16)
52 #define DCA_LFE_MAX (3)
53 #define DCA_XLL_FBANDS_MAX (4)
54 #define DCA_XLL_SEGMENTS_MAX (16)
55 #define DCA_XLL_CHSETS_MAX (16)
56 #define DCA_XLL_CHANNELS_MAX (16)
57 #define DCA_XLL_AORDER_MAX (15)
59 /* Arbitrary limit; not sure what the maximum really is, but much larger. */
60 #define DCA_XLL_DMIX_NCOEFFS_MAX (18)
62 #define DCA_MAX_FRAME_SIZE 16384
63 #define DCA_MAX_EXSS_HEADER_SIZE 4096
68  DCA_EXT_CORE = 0x001, ///< core in core substream
69  DCA_EXT_XXCH = 0x002, ///< XXCh channels extension in core substream
70  DCA_EXT_X96 = 0x004, ///< 96/24 extension in core substream
71  DCA_EXT_XCH = 0x008, ///< XCh channel extension in core substream
72  DCA_EXT_EXSS_CORE = 0x010, ///< core in ExSS (extension substream)
73  DCA_EXT_EXSS_XBR = 0x020, ///< extended bitrate extension in ExSS
74  DCA_EXT_EXSS_XXCH = 0x040, ///< XXCh channels extension in ExSS
75  DCA_EXT_EXSS_X96 = 0x080, ///< 96/24 extension in ExSS
76  DCA_EXT_EXSS_LBR = 0x100, ///< low bitrate component in ExSS
77  DCA_EXT_EXSS_XLL = 0x200, ///< lossless extension in ExSS
78 };
80 typedef struct XllChSetSubHeader {
81  int channels; ///< number of channels in channel set, at most 16
82  int residual_encode; ///< residual channel encoding
83  int bit_resolution; ///< input sample bit-width
84  int bit_width; ///< original input sample bit-width
85  int sampling_frequency; ///< sampling frequency
86  int samp_freq_interp; ///< sampling frequency interpolation multiplier
87  int replacement_set; ///< replacement channel set group
88  int active_replace_set; ///< current channel set is active channel set
93  int hier_chset; ///< hierarchical channel set
97  int ch_mask;
101  /* m_nOrigChanOrder */
104  /* Coefficients for channel pairs (at most 8), m_anPWChPairsCoeffs */
106  /* m_nCurrHighestLPCOrder */
108  /* m_pnAdaptPredOrder */
110  /* m_pnFixedPredOrder */
112  /* m_pnLPCReflCoeffsQInd, unsigned version */
121 typedef struct XllNavi {
122  GetBitContext gb; // Context for parsing the data segments
126 } XllNavi;
128 typedef struct QMF64_table {
129  float dct4_coeff[32][32];
130  float dct2_coeff[32][32];
131  float rcos[32];
132  float rsin[32];
133 } QMF64_table;
135 typedef struct DCAContext {
136  const AVClass *class; ///< class for AVOptions
138  /* Frame header */
139  int frame_type; ///< type of the current frame
140  int samples_deficit; ///< deficit sample count
141  int crc_present; ///< crc is present in the bitstream
142  int sample_blocks; ///< number of PCM sample blocks
143  int frame_size; ///< primary frame byte size
144  int amode; ///< audio channels arrangement
145  int sample_rate; ///< audio sampling rate
146  int bit_rate; ///< transmission bit rate
147  int bit_rate_index; ///< transmission bit rate index
149  int dynrange; ///< embedded dynamic range flag
150  int timestamp; ///< embedded time stamp flag
151  int aux_data; ///< auxiliary data flag
152  int hdcd; ///< source material is mastered in HDCD
153  int ext_descr; ///< extension audio descriptor flag
154  int ext_coding; ///< extended coding flag
155  int aspf; ///< audio sync word insertion flag
156  int lfe; ///< low frequency effects flag
157  int predictor_history; ///< predictor history flag
158  int header_crc; ///< header crc check bytes
159  int multirate_inter; ///< multirate interpolator switch
160  int version; ///< encoder software revision
161  int copy_history; ///< copy history
162  int source_pcm_res; ///< source pcm resolution
163  int front_sum; ///< front sum/difference flag
164  int surround_sum; ///< surround sum/difference flag
165  int dialog_norm; ///< dialog normalisation parameter
167  /* Primary audio coding header */
168  int subframes; ///< number of subframes
169  int total_channels; ///< number of channels including extensions
170  int prim_channels; ///< number of primary audio channels
171  int subband_activity[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX]; ///< subband activity count
172  int vq_start_subband[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX]; ///< high frequency vq start subband
173  int joint_intensity[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX]; ///< joint intensity coding index
174  int transient_huffman[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX]; ///< transient mode code book
175  int scalefactor_huffman[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX]; ///< scale factor code book
176  int bitalloc_huffman[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX]; ///< bit allocation quantizer select
177  int quant_index_huffman[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX][DCA_ABITS_MAX]; ///< quantization index codebook select
178  float scalefactor_adj[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX][DCA_ABITS_MAX]; ///< scale factor adjustment
180  /* Primary audio coding side information */
181  int subsubframes[DCA_SUBFRAMES_MAX]; ///< number of subsubframes
182  int partial_samples[DCA_SUBFRAMES_MAX]; ///< partial subsubframe samples count
183  int prediction_mode[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX][DCA_SUBBANDS]; ///< prediction mode (ADPCM used or not)
184  int prediction_vq[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX][DCA_SUBBANDS]; ///< prediction VQ coefs
185  int bitalloc[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX][DCA_SUBBANDS]; ///< bit allocation index
186  int transition_mode[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX][DCA_SUBBANDS]; ///< transition mode (transients)
187  int32_t scale_factor[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX][DCA_SUBBANDS][2];///< scale factors (2 if transient)
188  int joint_huff[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX]; ///< joint subband scale factors codebook
189  int joint_scale_factor[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX][DCA_SUBBANDS]; ///< joint subband scale factors
190  float downmix_coef[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX + 1][2]; ///< stereo downmix coefficients
191  int dynrange_coef; ///< dynamic range coefficient
193  /* Core substream's embedded downmix coefficients (cf. ETSI TS 102 114 V1.4.1)
194  * Input: primary audio channels (incl. LFE if present)
195  * Output: downmix audio channels (up to 4, no LFE) */
196  uint8_t core_downmix; ///< embedded downmix coefficients available
197  uint8_t core_downmix_amode; ///< audio channel arrangement of embedded downmix
198  uint16_t core_downmix_codes[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX + 1][4]; ///< embedded downmix coefficients (9-bit codes)
200  int32_t high_freq_vq[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX][DCA_SUBBANDS]; ///< VQ encoded high frequency subbands
202  float lfe_data[2 * DCA_LFE_MAX * (DCA_BLOCKS_MAX + 4)]; ///< Low frequency effect data
205  /* Subband samples history (for ADPCM) */
207  /* Half size is sufficient for core decoding, but for 96 kHz data
208  * we need QMF with 64 subbands and 1024 samples. */
212  DECLARE_ALIGNED(32, float, raXin)[32];
214  int output; ///< type of output
223  int dca_buffer_size; ///< how much data is in the dca_buffer
225  const int8_t *channel_order_tab; ///< channel reordering table, lfe and non lfe
227  /* Current position in DCA frame */
231  int core_ext_mask; ///< present extensions in the core substream
232  int exss_ext_mask; ///< Non-core extensions
234  /* XCh extension information */
235  int xch_present; ///< XCh extension present and valid
236  int xch_base_channel; ///< index of first (only) channel containing XCH data
237  int xch_disable; ///< whether the XCh extension should be decoded or not
239  /* XXCH extension information */
243  uint32_t xxch_spk_masks[4]; /* speaker masks, last element is core mask */
247  uint32_t xxch_dmix_embedded; /* lower layer has mix pre-embedded, per chset */
248  float xxch_dmix_coeff[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX][32]; /* worst case sizing */
250  int8_t xxch_order_tab[32];
251  int8_t lfe_index;
253  /* XLL extension information */
255  int xll_nch_sets; ///< number of channel sets per frame
256  int xll_channels; ///< total number of channels (in all channel sets)
257  int xll_residual_channels; ///< number of residual channels
258  int xll_segments; ///< number of segments per frame
259  int xll_log_smpl_in_seg; ///< supposedly this is "nBits4SamplLoci"
260  int xll_smpl_in_seg; ///< samples in segment per one frequency band for the first channel set
261  int xll_bits4seg_size; ///< number of bits used to read segment size
262  int xll_banddata_crc; ///< presence of CRC16 within each frequency band
264  int xll_bits4ch_mask; ///< channel position mask
269  unsigned int xll_sample_buf_size;
271  /* ExSS header parser */
272  int static_fields; ///< static fields present
273  int mix_metadata; ///< mixing metadata present
274  int num_mix_configs; ///< number of mix out configurations
275  int mix_config_num_ch[4]; ///< number of channels in each mix out configuration
277  int profile;
280  int debug_flag; ///< used for suppressing repeated error messages output
287 } DCAContext;
289 extern av_export const uint32_t avpriv_dca_sample_rates[16];
291 /**
292  * Convert bitstream to one representation based on sync marker
293  */
294 int avpriv_dca_convert_bitstream(const uint8_t *src, int src_size, uint8_t *dst,
295  int max_size);
303 int ff_dca_xll_decode_navi(DCAContext *s, int asset_end);
306 #endif /* AVCODEC_DCA_H */
Definition: dca.h:109
uint8_t adapt_order_max[DCA_XLL_FBANDS_MAX]
Definition: dca.h:107
int ext_descr
extension audio descriptor flag
Definition: dca.h:153
int samp_freq_interp
sampling frequency interpolation multiplier
Definition: dca.h:86
int downmix_coeff_code_embedded
Definition: dca.h:90
const char * s
Definition: avisynth_c.h:631
int quant_index_huffman[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX][DCA_ABITS_MAX]
quantization index codebook select
Definition: dca.h:177
int bitalloc_huffman[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX]
bit allocation quantizer select
Definition: dca.h:176
int ff_dca_xll_decode_header(DCAContext *s)
Definition: dca_xll.c:77
int crc_present
crc is present in the bitstream
Definition: dca.h:141
This structure describes decoded (raw) audio or video data.
Definition: frame.h:171
int one2one_map_chtospkr
Definition: dca.h:278
int timestamp
embedded time stamp flag
Definition: dca.h:150
int amode
audio channels arrangement
Definition: dca.h:144
lossless extension in ExSS
Definition: dca.h:77
int hier_chset
hierarchical channel set
Definition: dca.h:93
int transient_huffman[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX]
transient mode code book
Definition: dca.h:174
int mix_config_num_ch[4]
number of channels in each mix out configuration
Definition: dca.h:275
FmtConvertContext fmt_conv
Definition: dca.h:286
float dct2_coeff[32][32]
Definition: dca.h:130
int xll_fixed_lsb_width
Definition: dca.h:265
int vq_start_subband[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX]
high frequency vq start subband
Definition: dca.h:172
int hist_index[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX]
Definition: dca.h:211
int samples_deficit
deficit sample count
Definition: dca.h:140
#define DECLARE_ALIGNED(n, t, v)
Definition: mem.h:53
uint8_t core_downmix
embedded downmix coefficients available
Definition: dca.h:196
Definition: dca.h:62
int dynrange
embedded dynamic range flag
Definition: dca.h:149
int8_t bit_width_adj_per_ch[DCA_XLL_FBANDS_MAX][DCA_XLL_CHANNELS_MAX]
Definition: dca.h:118
int joint_scale_factor[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX][DCA_SUBBANDS]
joint subband scale factors
Definition: dca.h:189
int version
encoder software revision
Definition: dca.h:160
int ch_mask
Definition: dca.h:97
int xll_bits4ch_mask
channel position mask
Definition: dca.h:264
int primary_ch_set
Definition: dca.h:89
int ch_mask_enabled
Definition: dca.h:96
SynthFilterContext synth
Definition: dca.h:283
int mapping_coeffs_present
Definition: dca.h:98
Definition: dca.h:60
float xxch_dmix_coeff[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX][32]
Definition: dca.h:248
float * extra_channels[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX+1]
Definition: dca.h:218
int xll_channels
total number of channels (in all channel sets)
Definition: dca.h:256
Definition: dca.h:63
Definition: dca.h:44
int scalefactor_huffman[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX]
scale factor code book
Definition: dca.h:175
AVFloatDSPContext * fdsp
Definition: dca.h:281
int xll_nch_sets
number of channel sets per frame
Definition: dca.h:255
Definition: dca.h:51
uint32_t xxch_core_spkmask
Definition: dca.h:242
int8_t lfe_index
Definition: dca.h:251
XllNavi xll_navi
Definition: dca.h:267
int xch_base_channel
index of first (only) channel containing XCH data
Definition: dca.h:236
float subband_samples_hist[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX][DCA_SUBBANDS][4]
Definition: dca.h:206
Definition: dca.h:48
int xll_residual_channels
number of residual channels
Definition: dca.h:257
unsigned int xll_sample_buf_size
Definition: dca.h:269
int dca_buffer_size
how much data is in the dca_buffer
Definition: dca.h:223
96/24 extension in core substream
Definition: dca.h:70
int8_t xxch_order_tab[32]
Definition: dca.h:250
int header_crc
header crc check bytes
Definition: dca.h:158
transition mode (transients)
Definition: dca.h:186
static AVFrame * frame
int8_t pw_ch_pairs_coeffs[DCA_XLL_FBANDS_MAX][DCA_XLL_CHANNELS_MAX/2]
Definition: dca.h:105
XllChSetSubHeader xll_chsets[DCA_XLL_CHSETS_MAX]
Definition: dca.h:266
int sample_rate
audio sampling rate
Definition: dca.h:145
bitstream reader API header.
uint32_t xxch_spk_masks[4]
Definition: dca.h:243
int avpriv_dca_convert_bitstream(const uint8_t *src, int src_size, uint8_t *dst, int max_size)
Convert bitstream to one representation based on sync marker.
Definition: dca.c:39
AVCodecContext * avctx
Definition: dca.h:137
int lfe
low frequency effects flag
Definition: dca.h:156
uint8_t orig_chan_order[DCA_XLL_FBANDS_MAX][DCA_XLL_CHANNELS_MAX]
Definition: dca.h:102
int xll_disable
Definition: dca.h:254
int predictor_history
predictor history flag
Definition: dca.h:157
unsigned band_size[DCA_XLL_FBANDS_MAX]
Definition: dca.h:123
int dynrange_coef
dynamic range coefficient
Definition: dca.h:191
int joint_huff[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX]
joint subband scale factors codebook
Definition: dca.h:188
uint8_t orig_chan_order_inv[DCA_XLL_FBANDS_MAX][DCA_XLL_CHANNELS_MAX]
Definition: dca.h:103
Definition: dca.h:56
uint16_t core_downmix_codes[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX+1][4]
embedded downmix coefficients (9-bit codes)
Definition: dca.h:198
FFTContext imdct
Definition: dca.h:282
float raXin[32]
Definition: dca.h:212
int downmix_embedded
Definition: dca.h:91
Definition: dca.h:216
int current_subsubframe
Definition: dca.h:229
int hdcd
source material is mastered in HDCD
Definition: dca.h:152
int xll_log_smpl_in_seg
supposedly this is "nBits4SamplLoci"
Definition: dca.h:259
Definition: dca.h:53
int mix_metadata
mixing metadata present
Definition: dca.h:273
Definition: dca.h:55
int channels
number of channels in channel set, at most 16
Definition: dca.h:81
int downmix_type
Definition: dca.h:92
core in ExSS (extension substream)
Definition: dca.h:72
bit allocation index
Definition: dca.h:185
Definition: dca.h:117
int debug_flag
used for suppressing repeated error messages output
Definition: dca.h:280
Libavcodec external API header.
float rcos[32]
Definition: dca.h:131
Definition: dca.h:65
Definition: dca.h:54
int ff_dca_xbr_parse_frame(DCAContext *s)
Definition: dcadec.c:1218
int replacement_set
replacement channel set group
Definition: dca.h:87
const int8_t * channel_order_tab
channel reordering table, lfe and non lfe
Definition: dca.h:225
float lfe_data[2 *DCA_LFE_MAX *(DCA_BLOCKS_MAX+4)]
Low frequency effect data.
Definition: dca.h:202
common internal API header
int front_sum
front sum/difference flag
Definition: dca.h:163
int xch_disable
whether the XCh extension should be decoded or not
Definition: dca.h:237
int source_pcm_res
source pcm resolution
Definition: dca.h:162
low bitrate component in ExSS
Definition: dca.h:76
int * xll_sample_buf
Definition: dca.h:268
Definition: fft.h:88
XXCh channels extension in ExSS.
Definition: dca.h:74
#define DCA_LFE_MAX
Definition: dca.h:52
av_export const uint32_t avpriv_dca_sample_rates[16]
Definition: dca.c:34
96/24 extension in ExSS
Definition: dca.h:75
int surround_sum
surround sum/difference flag
Definition: dca.h:164
Definition: dca.h:222
int joint_intensity[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX]
joint intensity coding index
Definition: dca.h:173
int multirate_inter
multirate interpolator switch
Definition: dca.h:159
Definition: dca.h:125
uint8_t core_downmix_amode
audio channel arrangement of embedded downmix
Definition: dca.h:197
int ff_dca_xll_decode_navi(DCAContext *s, int asset_end)
Definition: dca_xll.c:291
int bit_rate
transmission bit rate
Definition: dca.h:146
Definition: dca.h:111
int xch_present
XCh extension present and valid.
Definition: dca.h:235
int core_ext_mask
present extensions in the core substream
Definition: dca.h:231
int ff_dca_xll_decode_audio(DCAContext *s, AVFrame *frame)
Definition: dca_xll.c:409
int lfe_scale_factor
Definition: dca.h:203
#define av_export
Definition: internal.h:64
AVS_Value src
Definition: avisynth_c.h:482
float dct4_coeff[32][32]
Definition: dca.h:129
int aux_data
auxiliary data flag
Definition: dca.h:151
int ext_coding
extended coding flag
Definition: dca.h:154
int32_t scale_factor[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX][DCA_SUBBANDS][2]
scale factors (2 if transient)
Definition: dca.h:187
int xxch_chset_nch[4]
Definition: dca.h:244
int subband_activity[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX]
subband activity count
Definition: dca.h:171
main external API structure.
Definition: avcodec.h:1241
GetBitContext gb
Definition: dca.h:122
float scalefactor_adj[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX][DCA_ABITS_MAX]
scale factor adjustment
Definition: dca.h:178
int copy_history
copy history
Definition: dca.h:161
int xll_bits4seg_size
number of bits used to read segment size
Definition: dca.h:261
Describe the class of an AVClass context structure.
Definition: log.h:67
int exss_ext_mask
Non-core extensions.
Definition: dca.h:232
core in core substream
Definition: dca.h:68
extended bitrate extension in ExSS
Definition: dca.h:73
VQ encoded high frequency subbands.
Definition: dca.h:200
int sampling_frequency
sampling frequency
Definition: dca.h:85
int sample_blocks
number of PCM sample blocks
Definition: dca.h:142
int residual_encode
residual channel encoding
Definition: dca.h:82
Definition: dca.h:50
int xll_segments
number of segments per frame
Definition: dca.h:258
GetBitContext gb
Definition: dca.h:226
int current_subframe
Definition: dca.h:228
int num_freq_bands
Definition: dca.h:99
int ff_dca_xxch_decode_frame(DCAContext *s)
Definition: dcadec.c:1396
float subband_fir_noidea[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX][64]
Definition: dca.h:210
prediction mode (ADPCM used or not)
Definition: dca.h:183
int num_mix_configs
number of mix out configurations
Definition: dca.h:274
int xxch_chset
Definition: dca.h:240
int xll_banddata_crc
presence of CRC16 within each frequency band
Definition: dca.h:262
DCADSPContext dcadsp
Definition: dca.h:284
uint8_t * extra_channels_buffer
Definition: dca.h:219
int total_channels
number of channels including extensions
Definition: dca.h:169
Definition: dca.h:67
prediction VQ coefs
Definition: dca.h:184
int dialog_norm
dialog normalisation parameter
Definition: dca.h:165
int xll_smpl_in_seg
samples in segment per one frequency band for the first channel set
Definition: dca.h:260
float subband_fir_hist[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX][1024]
Definition: dca.h:209
Definition: dcadsp.h:25
int bit_rate_index
transmission bit rate index
Definition: dca.h:147
void ff_dca_exss_parse_header(DCAContext *s)
Parse extension substream header (HD)
Definition: dca_exss.c:245
Definition: dca.h:124
int xll_scalable_lsb
Definition: dca.h:263
float * samples_chanptr[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX+1]
Definition: dca.h:217
int subsubframes[DCA_SUBFRAMES_MAX]
number of subsubframes
Definition: dca.h:181
QMF64_table * qmf64_table
Definition: dca.h:285
XCh channel extension in core substream.
Definition: dca.h:71
int frame_size
primary frame byte size
Definition: dca.h:143
float xxch_dmix_sf[DCA_CHSETS_MAX]
Definition: dca.h:245
int aspf
audio sync word insertion flag
Definition: dca.h:155
int prim_channels
number of primary audio channels
Definition: dca.h:170
int bit_width
original input sample bit-width
Definition: dca.h:84
int bit_resolution
input sample bit-width
Definition: dca.h:83
float downmix_coef[DCA_PRIM_CHANNELS_MAX+1][2]
stereo downmix coefficients
Definition: dca.h:190
int downmix_ncoeffs
Definition: dca.h:94
Definition: dca.h:121
int output
type of output
Definition: dca.h:214
int active_replace_set
current channel set is active channel set
Definition: dca.h:88
Definition: dca.h:57
int xxch_nbits_spk_mask
Definition: dca.h:241
Definition: dca.h:114
int partial_samples[DCA_SUBFRAMES_MAX]
partial subsubframe samples count
Definition: dca.h:182
float rsin[32]
Definition: dca.h:132
uint32_t xxch_dmix_embedded
Definition: dca.h:247
int lsb_fsize[DCA_XLL_FBANDS_MAX]
Definition: dca.h:116
int subframes
number of subframes
Definition: dca.h:168
int downmix_coeffs[DCA_XLL_DMIX_NCOEFFS_MAX]
Definition: dca.h:95
unsigned int extra_channels_buffer_size
Definition: dca.h:220
Definition: dca.h:47
int static_fields
static fields present
Definition: dca.h:272
int frame_type
type of the current frame
Definition: dca.h:139
XXCh channels extension in core substream.
Definition: dca.h:69
int profile
Definition: dca.h:277