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Data Fields
FFMContext Struct Reference

#include <ffm.h>

Data Fields

const AVClassclass
int64_t write_index
int64_t file_size
int read_state
uint8_t header [FRAME_HEADER_SIZE+4]
int first_packet
int packet_size
int frame_offset
int64_t dts
uint8_t packet [FFM_PACKET_SIZE]
int64_t start_time
int server_attached

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file ffm.h.

Field Documentation

const AVClass* FFMContext::class

Definition at line 45 of file ffm.h.

int64_t FFMContext::write_index
int64_t FFMContext::file_size
int FFMContext::read_state

Definition at line 48 of file ffm.h.

Referenced by ffm2_read_header(), ffm_read_header(), ffm_read_packet(), and ffm_seek().

uint8_t FFMContext::header[FRAME_HEADER_SIZE+4]

Definition at line 49 of file ffm.h.

Referenced by ffm_read_packet().

int FFMContext::first_packet
int FFMContext::packet_size
int FFMContext::frame_offset
int64_t FFMContext::dts
uint8_t* FFMContext::packet_ptr
uint8_t * FFMContext::packet_end
uint8_t FFMContext::packet[FFM_PACKET_SIZE]
int64_t FFMContext::start_time

Definition at line 58 of file ffm.h.

Referenced by ffm_write_header(), and ffm_write_packet().

int FFMContext::server_attached

Definition at line 59 of file ffm.h.

Referenced by ffm_is_avail_data(), and ffm_read_data().

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