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Common code shared across all FFmpeg libraries. More...


 Crypto and Hashing
 Mathematical utilities for working with timestamp and time base.
 String Manipulation
 Memory Management
 Utilities for manipulating memory.
 Data Structures
 Video related
 Audio related
 Error Codes
 Logging Facility


file  avutil.h
 Convenience header that includes libavutil's core.
file  macros.h
 Utility Preprocessor macros.
file  version.h
 Libavutil version macros.

Detailed Description

Common code shared across all FFmpeg libraries.

libavutil is designed to be modular. In most cases, in order to use the functions provided by one component of libavutil you must explicitly include the specific header containing that feature. If you are only using media-related components, you could simply include libavutil/avutil.h, which brings in most of the "core" components.