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oASS styles
oASS functions
oend of Dialogue Event
olibavcodecEncoding/Decoding Library
||\Frame parsing
||oNative Codecs
||oExternal library wrappers
||\Hardware Accelerators bridge
|osend/receive encoding and decoding API overviewThe avcodec_send_packet()/avcodec_receive_frame()/avcodec_send_frame()/ avcodec_receive_packet() functions provide an encode/decode API, which decouples input and output
|oCore functions/structures.Basic definitions, functions for querying libavcodec capabilities, allocating core structures, etc
||oAVPacketTypes and functions for working with AVPacket
||\AVPictureFunctions for working with AVPicture
|\Utility functionsMiscellaneous utility functions related to both encoding and decoding (or neither)
| oPixel formatsFunctions for working with pixel formats
| \FFT functions
olibavdeviceSpecial devices muxing/demuxing library
olibavfilterGraph-based frame editing library
|oBuffer sink API
||\Buffer sink accessorsGet the properties of the stream
|\Buffer source API
olibavformatI/O and Muxing/Demuxing Library
|oDemuxingDemuxers read a media file and split it into chunks of data (packets)
|oMuxingMuxers take encoded data in the form of AVPackets and write it into files or other output bytestreams in the specified container format
|oI/O Read/Write
||oNative Demuxers
||\External library wrappers
|oI/O Protocols
|oPublic Metadata APIThe metadata API allows libavformat to export metadata tags to a client application when demuxing
|oCore functionsFunctions for querying libavformat capabilities, allocating core structures, etc
|\Utility functionsMiscellaneous utility functions related to both muxing and demuxing (or neither)
| \RIFF FourCCsGet the tables mapping RIFF FourCCs to libavcodec AVCodecIDs
olibavresampleLibavresample (lavr) is a library that handles audio resampling, sample format conversion and mixing
olibavutilCommon code shared across all FFmpeg libraries
|oCrypto and Hashing
||oHash FunctionsHash functions useful in multimedia
|oMathematicsMathematical utilities for working with timestamp and time base
||\AVRationalRational number calculation
|oString Manipulation
|oMemory ManagementUtilities for manipulating memory
||oAlignment MacrosHelper macros for declaring aligned variables
||oFunction AttributesFunction attributes applicable to memory handling functions
||oHeap ManagementFunctions responsible for allocating, freeing, and copying memory
||oDynamic ArrayUtilities to make an array grow when needed
||\Miscellaneous FunctionsOther functions related to memory allocation
|oData Structures
||oAVBufferAVBuffer is an API for reference-counted data buffers
||oAVBufferPoolAVBufferPool is an API for a lock-free thread-safe pool of AVBuffers
||oAVFrameAVFrame is an abstraction for reference-counted raw multimedia data
||oAVOptionsAVOptions provide a generic system to declare options on arbitrary structs ("objects")
||oAVDictionarySimple key:value store
||\AVTreeLow-complexity tree container
|oVideo related
||oDisplay transformation matrix functionsThe display transformation matrix specifies an affine transformation that should be applied to video frames for correct presentation
||oSpherical video mappingA spherical video file contains surfaces that need to be mapped onto a sphere
||\Stereo3D types and functionsA stereoscopic video file consists in multiple views embedded in a single frame, usually describing two views of a scene
|oAudio related
||oAudio FIFO Buffer
||oAudio channel masksA channel layout is a 64-bits integer with a bit set for every channel
||oAudio channel layouts
||oAudio downmix metadata
||oAudio sample formatsAudio sample format enumeration and related convenience functions
||\Samples manipulationFunctions that manipulate audio samples
|oError Codes
|oLogging Facility
||\Logging Constants
| oPreprocessor String MacrosString manipulation macros
| oLibrary Version MacrosUseful to check and match library version in order to maintain backward compatibility
| oConstants
| oImage relatedAVPicture types, pixel formats and basic image planes manipulation
| oVersion and Build diagnosticsMacros and function useful to check at compiletime and at runtime which version of libavutil is in use
| \Media TypeMedia Type
olibpostprocVideo postprocessing library
olibswresampleAudio resampling, sample format conversion and mixing library
olibswscaleColor conversion and scaling library