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normalize Namespace Reference


list ifile = sys.argv[1]
list encopt = sys.argv[2:-1]
list ofile = sys.argv[-1]
string analysis_cmd = 'ffprobe -v error -of compact=p=0:nk=1 '
tuple probe_out = subprocess.check_output(analysis_cmd, shell=True)
int loudness = -23
tuple sline = line.rstrip()
tuple adjust = ref-float(loudness)
list norm_cmd = ['ffmpeg', '-i', ifile, '-af', 'volume=%fdB' % adjust]

Variable Documentation

list normalize.ifile = sys.argv[1]

Definition at line 6 of file normalize.py.

Referenced by probe_file(), process_input(), and transcode_init().

list normalize.encopt = sys.argv[2:-1]

Definition at line 7 of file normalize.py.

list normalize.ofile = sys.argv[-1]

Definition at line 8 of file normalize.py.

string normalize.analysis_cmd = 'ffprobe -v error -of compact=p=0:nk=1 '

Definition at line 13 of file normalize.py.

tuple normalize.probe_out = subprocess.check_output(analysis_cmd, shell=True)

Definition at line 17 of file normalize.py.

normalize.loudness = -23

Definition at line 20 of file normalize.py.

Referenced by ff_sbc_calculate_bits(), and get_histogram().

tuple normalize.sline = line.rstrip()

Definition at line 22 of file normalize.py.

tuple normalize.adjust = ref-float(loudness)
list normalize.norm_cmd = ['ffmpeg', '-i', ifile, '-af', 'volume=%fdB' % adjust]

Definition at line 30 of file normalize.py.