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oggdec.h File Reference
#include "avformat.h"
#include "metadata.h"

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Data Structures

struct  ogg_codec
 Copyright (C) 2005 Michael Ahlberg, Måns Rullgård. More...
struct  ogg_stream
struct  ogg_state
struct  ogg


#define OGG_FLAG_CONT   1
#define OGG_FLAG_BOS   2
#define OGG_FLAG_EOS   4
#define OGG_NOGRANULE_VALUE   (-1ull)


int ff_vorbis_comment (AVFormatContext *ms, AVDictionary **m, const uint8_t *buf, int size, int parse_picture)
int ff_vorbis_stream_comment (AVFormatContext *as, AVStream *st, const uint8_t *buf, int size)
static int ogg_find_stream (struct ogg *ogg, int serial)
static uint64_t ogg_gptopts (AVFormatContext *s, int i, uint64_t gp, int64_t *dts)


const struct ogg_codec ff_celt_codec
const struct ogg_codec ff_daala_codec
const struct ogg_codec ff_dirac_codec
const struct ogg_codec ff_flac_codec
const struct ogg_codec ff_ogm_audio_codec
const struct ogg_codec ff_ogm_old_codec
const struct ogg_codec ff_ogm_text_codec
const struct ogg_codec ff_ogm_video_codec
const struct ogg_codec ff_old_dirac_codec
const struct ogg_codec ff_old_flac_codec
const struct ogg_codec ff_opus_codec
const struct ogg_codec ff_skeleton_codec
const struct ogg_codec ff_speex_codec
const struct ogg_codec ff_theora_codec
const struct ogg_codec ff_vorbis_codec
const struct ogg_codec ff_vp8_codec

Macro Definition Documentation

#define OGG_FLAG_CONT   1

Definition at line 110 of file oggdec.h.

Referenced by ogg_read_page().

#define OGG_FLAG_BOS   2

Definition at line 111 of file oggdec.h.

Referenced by ogg_read_page(), ogg_read_timestamp(), and opus_header().

#define OGG_FLAG_EOS   4
#define OGG_NOGRANULE_VALUE   (-1ull)

Definition at line 114 of file oggdec.h.

Referenced by ogg_new_stream(), ogg_read_header(), and skeleton_header().

Function Documentation

int ff_vorbis_comment ( AVFormatContext ms,
AVDictionary **  m,
const uint8_t buf,
int  size,
int  parse_picture 
int ff_vorbis_stream_comment ( AVFormatContext as,
AVStream st,
const uint8_t buf,
int  size 
static int ogg_find_stream ( struct ogg ogg,
int  serial 

Definition at line 140 of file oggdec.h.

Referenced by ogg_read_page(), and skeleton_header().

static uint64_t ogg_gptopts ( AVFormatContext s,
int  i,
uint64_t  gp,
int64_t *  dts 

Definition at line 152 of file oggdec.h.

Referenced by ogg_calc_pts(), ogg_get_length(), and ogg_read_header().

Variable Documentation

const struct ogg_codec ff_celt_codec

Definition at line 90 of file oggparsecelt.c.

Referenced by celt_header().

const struct ogg_codec ff_daala_codec

Definition at line 252 of file oggparsedaala.c.

Referenced by daala_header().

const struct ogg_codec ff_dirac_codec

Definition at line 116 of file oggparsedirac.c.

const struct ogg_codec ff_flac_codec

Definition at line 128 of file oggparseflac.c.

const struct ogg_codec ff_ogm_audio_codec

Definition at line 200 of file oggparseogm.c.

const struct ogg_codec ff_ogm_old_codec

Definition at line 218 of file oggparseogm.c.

const struct ogg_codec ff_ogm_text_codec

Definition at line 209 of file oggparseogm.c.

const struct ogg_codec ff_ogm_video_codec

Definition at line 191 of file oggparseogm.c.

Referenced by ogg_read_timestamp().

const struct ogg_codec ff_old_dirac_codec

Definition at line 125 of file oggparsedirac.c.

const struct ogg_codec ff_old_flac_codec

Definition at line 135 of file oggparseflac.c.

const struct ogg_codec ff_opus_codec

Definition at line 180 of file oggparseopus.c.

const struct ogg_codec ff_skeleton_codec

Definition at line 96 of file oggparseskeleton.c.

const struct ogg_codec ff_speex_codec

Definition at line 147 of file oggparsespeex.c.

const struct ogg_codec ff_theora_codec

Definition at line 211 of file oggparsetheora.c.

const struct ogg_codec ff_vorbis_codec

Definition at line 500 of file oggparsevorbis.c.

const struct ogg_codec ff_vp8_codec

Definition at line 139 of file oggparsevp8.c.