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stereo3d.c File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "common.h"
#include "mem.h"
#include "stereo3d.h"

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AVStereo3Dav_stereo3d_alloc (void)
 Allocate an AVStereo3D structure and set its fields to default values. More...
AVStereo3Dav_stereo3d_create_side_data (AVFrame *frame)
 Allocate a complete AVFrameSideData and add it to the frame. More...
const char * av_stereo3d_type_name (unsigned int type)
 Provide a human-readable name of a given stereo3d type. More...
int av_stereo3d_from_name (const char *name)
 Get the AVStereo3DType form a human-readable name. More...


static const char *const stereo3d_type_names []

Variable Documentation

const char* const stereo3d_type_names[]
Initial value:
= {
[AV_STEREO3D_2D] = "2D",
[AV_STEREO3D_SIDEBYSIDE] = "side by side",
[AV_STEREO3D_TOPBOTTOM] = "top and bottom",
[AV_STEREO3D_FRAMESEQUENCE] = "frame alternate",
[AV_STEREO3D_CHECKERBOARD] = "checkerboard",
[AV_STEREO3D_SIDEBYSIDE_QUINCUNX] = "side by side (quincunx subsampling)",
[AV_STEREO3D_LINES] = "interleaved lines",
[AV_STEREO3D_COLUMNS] = "interleaved columns",
Views are next to each other, but when upscaling apply a checkerboard pattern.
Definition: stereo3d.h:117
Views are next to each other.
Definition: stereo3d.h:67
Video is not stereoscopic (and metadata has to be there).
Definition: stereo3d.h:55
Views are packed per line, as if interlaced.
Definition: stereo3d.h:129
Views are alternated temporally.
Definition: stereo3d.h:92
Views are packed in a checkerboard-like structure per pixel.
Definition: stereo3d.h:104
Views are on top of each other.
Definition: stereo3d.h:79
Views are packed per column.
Definition: stereo3d.h:141

Definition at line 46 of file stereo3d.c.

Referenced by av_stereo3d_from_name(), and av_stereo3d_type_name().