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internal.h File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
#include "libavcodec/packet_internal.h"
#include "avformat.h"
#include "os_support.h"

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Data Structures

struct  AVCodecTag
struct  CodecMime
struct  FFFrac
 The exact value of the fractional number is: 'val + num / den'. More...
struct  FFFormatContext
struct  FFStream


#define MAX_URL_SIZE   4096
#define PROBE_BUF_MIN   2048
 size of probe buffer, for guessing file type from file contents More...
#define PROBE_BUF_MAX   (1 << 20)
#define hex_dump_debug(class, buf, size)   do { if (0) av_hex_dump_log(class, AV_LOG_DEBUG, buf, size); } while(0)
#define FF_FMT_INIT_CLEANUP   (1 << 0)
 For an AVInputFormat with this flag set read_close() needs to be called by the caller upon read_header() failure. More...
#define AVOID_NEGATIVE_TS_ENABLED(status)   ((status) >= 0)
#define MAX_REORDER_DELAY   16
#define dynarray_add(tab, nb_ptr, elem)
#define NTP_OFFSET   2208988800ULL
#define NTP_OFFSET_US   (NTP_OFFSET * 1000000ULL)
#define SPACE_CHARS   " \t\r\n"


typedef void(* ff_parse_key_val_cb) (void *context, const char *key, int key_len, char **dest, int *dest_len)
 Callback function type for ff_parse_key_value. More...


static av_always_inline FFFormatContextffformatcontext (AVFormatContext *s)
static av_always_inline FFStreamffstream (AVStream *st)
static const av_always_inline FFStreamcffstream (const AVStream *st)
void ff_flush_packet_queue (AVFormatContext *s)
int ff_mkdir_p (const char *path)
 Automatically create sub-directories. More...
char * ff_data_to_hex (char *buf, const uint8_t *src, int size, int lowercase)
 Write hexadecimal string corresponding to given binary data. More...
int ff_hex_to_data (uint8_t *data, const char *p)
 Parse a string of hexadecimal strings. More...
uint64_t ff_ntp_time (void)
 Get the current time since NTP epoch in microseconds. More...
uint64_t ff_get_formatted_ntp_time (uint64_t ntp_time_us)
 Get the NTP time stamp formatted as per the RFC-5905. More...
uint64_t ff_parse_ntp_time (uint64_t ntp_ts)
 Parse the NTP time in micro seconds (since NTP epoch). More...
int ff_sdp_write_media (char *buff, int size, const AVStream *st, int idx, const char *dest_addr, const char *dest_type, int port, int ttl, AVFormatContext *fmt)
 Append the media-specific SDP fragment for the media stream c to the buffer buff. More...
int ff_get_line (AVIOContext *s, char *buf, int maxlen)
 Read a whole line of text from AVIOContext. More...
int ff_get_chomp_line (AVIOContext *s, char *buf, int maxlen)
 Same as ff_get_line but strip the white-space characters in the text tail. More...
void ff_parse_key_value (const char *str, ff_parse_key_val_cb callback_get_buf, void *context)
 Parse a string with comma-separated key=value pairs. More...
enum AVCodecID ff_guess_image2_codec (const char *filename)
const AVCodecff_find_decoder (AVFormatContext *s, const AVStream *st, enum AVCodecID codec_id)
void avpriv_set_pts_info (AVStream *st, int pts_wrap_bits, unsigned int pts_num, unsigned int pts_den)
 Set the time base and wrapping info for a given stream. More...
int ff_framehash_write_header (AVFormatContext *s)
 Set the timebase for each stream from the corresponding codec timebase and print it. More...
void ff_free_stream (AVStream **st)
 Frees a stream without modifying the corresponding AVFormatContext. More...
void ff_remove_stream (AVFormatContext *s, AVStream *st)
 Remove a stream from its AVFormatContext and free it. More...
unsigned int ff_codec_get_tag (const AVCodecTag *tags, enum AVCodecID id)
enum AVCodecID ff_codec_get_id (const AVCodecTag *tags, unsigned int tag)
int ff_is_intra_only (enum AVCodecID id)
enum AVCodecID ff_get_pcm_codec_id (int bps, int flt, int be, int sflags)
 Select a PCM codec based on the given parameters. More...
int ff_stream_side_data_copy (AVStream *dst, const AVStream *src)
 Copy side data from source to destination stream. More...
AVStreamff_stream_clone (AVFormatContext *dst_ctx, const AVStream *src)
 Create a new stream and copy to it all parameters from a source stream, with the exception of the index field, which is set when the new stream is created. More...
int ff_rename (const char *url_src, const char *url_dst, void *logctx)
 Wrap ffurl_move() and log if error happens. More...
int ff_alloc_extradata (AVCodecParameters *par, int size)
 Allocate extradata with additional AV_INPUT_BUFFER_PADDING_SIZE at end which is always set to 0. More...
int ff_copy_whiteblacklists (AVFormatContext *dst, const AVFormatContext *src)
 Copies the whilelists from one context to the other. More...
int ff_format_io_close (AVFormatContext *s, AVIOContext **pb)
void ff_format_io_close_default (AVFormatContext *s, AVIOContext *pb)
int ff_is_http_proto (const char *filename)
 Utility function to check if the file uses http or https protocol. More...
int ff_bprint_to_codecpar_extradata (AVCodecParameters *par, struct AVBPrint *buf)
 Finalize buf into extradata and set its size appropriately. More...
int ff_lock_avformat (void)
int ff_unlock_avformat (void)
void ff_format_set_url (AVFormatContext *s, char *url)
 Set AVFormatContext url field to the provided pointer. More...
void avpriv_register_devices (const struct FFOutputFormat *const o[], const AVInputFormat *const i[])

Macro Definition Documentation


#define MAX_URL_SIZE   4096

Definition at line 31 of file internal.h.


#define PROBE_BUF_MIN   2048

size of probe buffer, for guessing file type from file contents

Definition at line 34 of file internal.h.


#define PROBE_BUF_MAX   (1 << 20)

Definition at line 35 of file internal.h.

◆ hex_dump_debug

#define hex_dump_debug (   class,
)    do { if (0) av_hex_dump_log(class, AV_LOG_DEBUG, buf, size); } while(0)

Definition at line 40 of file internal.h.


#define FF_FMT_INIT_CLEANUP   (1 << 0)

For an AVInputFormat with this flag set read_close() needs to be called by the caller upon read_header() failure.

Definition at line 47 of file internal.h.


#define AVOID_NEGATIVE_TS_ENABLED (   status)    ((status) >= 0)

Definition at line 92 of file internal.h.


#define MAX_REORDER_DELAY   16

Definition at line 341 of file internal.h.

◆ dynarray_add

#define dynarray_add (   tab,
do {\
__typeof__(tab) _tab = (tab);\
__typeof__(elem) _elem = (elem);\
(void)sizeof(**_tab == _elem); /* check that types are compatible */\
av_dynarray_add(_tab, nb_ptr, _elem);\
} while(0)

Definition at line 424 of file internal.h.


#define NTP_OFFSET   2208988800ULL

Definition at line 472 of file internal.h.


#define NTP_OFFSET_US   (NTP_OFFSET * 1000000ULL)

Definition at line 473 of file internal.h.


#define SPACE_CHARS   " \t\r\n"

Definition at line 540 of file internal.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ ff_parse_key_val_cb

typedef void(* ff_parse_key_val_cb) (void *context, const char *key, int key_len, char **dest, int *dest_len)

Callback function type for ff_parse_key_value.

keya pointer to the key
key_lenthe number of bytes that belong to the key, including the '=' char
destreturn the destination pointer for the value in *dest, may be null to ignore the value
dest_lenthe length of the *dest buffer

Definition at line 552 of file internal.h.

Function Documentation

◆ ffformatcontext()

static av_always_inline FFFormatContext* ffformatcontext ( AVFormatContext s)

Definition at line 191 of file internal.h.

Referenced by amv_init(), asf_build_simple_index(), asf_read_header(), asf_read_pts(), asf_read_seek(), av_format_inject_global_side_data(), av_interleaved_write_frame(), av_read_frame(), av_write_frame(), av_write_trailer(), avformat_find_stream_info(), avformat_free_context(), avformat_init_output(), avformat_new_stream(), avformat_open_input(), avformat_queue_attached_pictures(), avformat_write_header(), avi_write_header(), avpriv_new_chapter(), codec2_read_header(), compute_muxer_pkt_fields(), compute_pkt_fields(), deinit_muxer(), dsf_read_packet(), estimate_timings_from_bit_rate(), estimate_timings_from_pts(), ff_flush_packet_queue(), ff_gen_search(), ff_interleave_add_packet(), ff_interleave_packet_per_dts(), ff_interleaved_peek(), ff_pcm_read_seek(), ff_read_frame_flush(), ff_read_packet(), flac_queue_flush(), flac_read_timestamp(), fsb_read_header(), get_next_pkt(), init_muxer(), init_pts(), interleaved_write_packet(), ipmovie_read_header(), mkv_init(), mkv_write_track(), mov_init(), mp3_queue_flush(), mp3_read_header(), mp3_seek(), mpegts_init(), mpegts_read_header(), mtv_read_packet(), mxf_interleave_get_packet(), nut_read_header(), ogg_get_length(), ogg_packet(), ogg_reset(), parse_packet(), probe_codec(), r3d_read_header(), read_frame_internal(), read_header(), seek_frame_byte(), seek_frame_generic(), ser_read_packet(), smacker_read_seek(), tee_write_packet(), tta_queue_flush(), update_initial_durations(), update_initial_timestamps(), vqf_read_seek(), webm_chunk_init(), webp_init(), write_muxed_file(), write_packet(), write_uncoded_frame_internal(), yop_read_seek(), yuv4_read_header(), yuv4_read_packet(), and yuv4_read_seek().

◆ ffstream()

static av_always_inline FFStream* ffstream ( AVStream st)

Definition at line 413 of file internal.h.

Referenced by aa_read_header(), acm_read_header(), add_dstream(), add_index_entry(), add_keyframes_index(), adts_aac_read_header(), ape_read_seek(), asf_read_seek(), asf_read_stream_properties(), asfrtp_parse_sdp_line(), av1_read_header(), av_add_index_entry(), av_find_best_stream(), av_format_inject_global_side_data(), av_guess_frame_rate(), av_index_search_timestamp(), av_write_trailer(), avformat_find_stream_info(), avformat_index_get_entry(), avformat_index_get_entry_from_timestamp(), avformat_transfer_internal_stream_timing_info(), avi_read_header(), avi_read_idx1(), avi_read_packet(), avi_read_seek(), avi_sync(), avpriv_set_pts_info(), avpriv_stream_set_need_parsing(), avpriv_update_cur_dts(), calculate_bitrate(), can_seek_to_key_sample(), check_stream_max_drift(), cine_read_packet(), clean_index(), clear_index_entries(), compute_frame_duration(), compute_muxer_pkt_fields(), compute_pkt_fields(), concat_read_packet(), create_new_audio_stream(), dash_check_bitstream(), decode_frame(), dhav_read_seek(), dtshd_read_header(), estimate_timings_from_pts(), extract_extradata(), extract_extradata_init(), ff_configure_buffers_for_index(), ff_free_stream(), ff_get_muxer_ts_offset(), ff_img_read_header(), ff_img_read_packet(), ff_interleave_add_packet(), ff_interleave_packet_per_dts(), ff_parse_mpeg2_descriptor(), ff_pcm_read_seek(), ff_raw_audio_read_header(), ff_raw_video_read_header(), ff_read_frame_flush(), ff_read_packet(), ff_reduce_index(), ff_rfps_add_frame(), ff_rfps_calculate(), ff_rm_read_mdpr_codecdata(), ff_seek_frame_binary(), ff_spdif_read_packet(), ff_stream_add_bitstream_filter(), fifo_thread_write_header(), film_read_header(), film_read_seek(), find_prev_closest_index(), fix_index_entry_timestamps(), flac_header(), flac_read_header(), flac_read_timestamp(), flac_seek(), flv_get_extradata(), flv_set_audio_codec(), flv_set_video_codec(), get_codec_data(), get_sindex(), guess_ni_flag(), gxf_seek(), handle_avoid_negative_ts(), has_decode_delay_been_guessed(), hds_write_packet(), ifv_read_packet(), img_read_seek(), init_muxer(), init_pts(), init_video_stream(), ipu_read_header(), ism_write_packet(), lmlm4_read_header(), loas_read_header(), lxf_read_header(), m4sl_cb(), mkv_write_track(), mov_build_index(), mov_estimate_video_delay(), mov_finalize_stsd_codec(), mov_find_next_sample(), mov_fix_index(), mov_get_skip_samples(), mov_parse_stsd_audio(), mov_read_ares(), mov_read_chapters(), mov_read_header(), mov_read_packet(), mov_read_rtmd_track(), mov_read_seek(), mov_read_stss(), mov_read_timecode_track(), mov_read_trak(), mov_read_trun(), mov_seek_stream(), mp3_parse_info_tag(), mp3_read_header(), mp3_seek(), mpc8_read_seek(), mpc_read_seek(), mpegps_read_packet(), mpegts_find_stream_type(), mpegts_push_data(), mpegts_set_stream_info(), msf_read_header(), mtv_read_header(), mv_read_packet(), mxf_interleave_get_packet(), mxf_parse_structural_metadata(), mxf_read_packet(), nc_read_header(), new_stream(), ni_prepare_read(), nsv_parse_NSVs_header(), nsv_read_chunk(), nsv_read_seek(), nut_write_packet(), ogm_header(), oma_read_header(), parse_packet(), prepare_input_packet(), probe_codec(), pva_read_header(), rdt_parse_sdp_line(), read_frame_internal(), read_header(), read_packet(), read_seek(), reset_index_position(), rka_read_packet(), rka_read_seek(), rl2_read_packet(), rl2_read_seek(), rm_read_audio_stream_info(), rpl_read_packet(), s337m_read_packet(), sbg_read_header(), sbg_read_packet(), sbg_read_seek2(), scan_file(), scd_read_track(), sdr2_read_header(), seek_frame_generic(), seg_check_bitstream(), select_from_pts_buffer(), set_codec_from_probe_data(), set_stream_info_from_input_stream(), smacker_read_seek(), swf_read_packet(), tak_read_header(), tb_unreliable(), tedcaptions_read_header(), theora_header(), try_decode_frame(), tta_read_packet(), tta_read_seek(), ty_read_header(), update_dts_from_pts(), update_initial_durations(), update_initial_timestamps(), update_stream_avctx(), update_wrap_reference(), voc_read_seek(), vp8_header(), vqf_read_seek(), webm_chunk_write_header(), write_packet(), write_packets_common(), write_packets_from_bsfs(), xvag_read_header(), and xwma_read_header().

◆ cffstream()

static const av_always_inline FFStream* cffstream ( const AVStream st)

◆ ff_flush_packet_queue()

void ff_flush_packet_queue ( AVFormatContext s)

◆ ff_mkdir_p()

int ff_mkdir_p ( const char *  path)

Automatically create sub-directories.

pathwill create sub-directories by path
0, or < 0 on error

Definition at line 420 of file utils.c.

Referenced by format_name(), and hls_start().

◆ ff_data_to_hex()

char* ff_data_to_hex ( char *  buf,
const uint8_t *  src,
int  size,
int  lowercase 

Write hexadecimal string corresponding to given binary data.

The string is zero-terminated.

bufthe output string is written here; needs to be at least 2 * size + 1 bytes long.
srcthe input data to be transformed.
sizethe size (in byte) of src.
lowercasedetermines whether to use the range [0-9a-f] or [0-9A-F].

Definition at line 454 of file utils.c.

Referenced by aa_read_header(), do_encrypt(), do_llnw_auth(), ff_rdt_calc_response_and_checksum(), hex_log(), hls_encryption_start(), hls_read_header(), make_digest_auth(), md5_close(), mov_read_adrm(), mxf_umid_to_str(), open_input(), param_write_hex(), and tak_read_header().

◆ ff_hex_to_data()

int ff_hex_to_data ( uint8_t *  data,
const char *  p 

Parse a string of hexadecimal strings.

Any space between the hexadecimal digits is ignored.

dataif non-null, the parsed data is written to this pointer
pthe string to parse
the number of bytes written (or to be written, if data is null)

Definition at line 475 of file utils.c.

Referenced by concat_parse_script(), parse_fmtp_config(), and parse_playlist().

◆ ff_ntp_time()

uint64_t ff_ntp_time ( void  )

Get the current time since NTP epoch in microseconds.

Definition at line 258 of file utils.c.

Referenced by mov_write_prft_tag(), rtp_write_header(), rtp_write_packet(), and rtp_write_trailer().

◆ ff_get_formatted_ntp_time()

uint64_t ff_get_formatted_ntp_time ( uint64_t  ntp_time_us)

Get the NTP time stamp formatted as per the RFC-5905.

ntp_timeNTP time in micro seconds (since NTP epoch)
the formatted NTP time stamp

Definition at line 263 of file utils.c.

Referenced by mov_write_prft_tag().

◆ ff_parse_ntp_time()

uint64_t ff_parse_ntp_time ( uint64_t  ntp_ts)

Parse the NTP time in micro seconds (since NTP epoch).

ntp_tsNTP time stamp formatted as per the RFC-5905.
the time in micro seconds (since NTP epoch)

Definition at line 285 of file utils.c.

Referenced by rtp_set_prft().

◆ ff_sdp_write_media()

int ff_sdp_write_media ( char *  buff,
int  size,
const AVStream st,
int  idx,
const char *  dest_addr,
const char *  dest_type,
int  port,
int  ttl,
AVFormatContext fmt 

Append the media-specific SDP fragment for the media stream c to the buffer buff.

Note, the buffer needs to be initialized, since it is appended to existing content.

buffthe buffer to append the SDP fragment to
sizethe size of the buff buffer
stthe AVStream of the media to describe
idxthe global stream index
dest_addrthe destination address of the media stream, may be NULL
dest_typethe destination address type, may be NULL
portthe destination port of the media stream, 0 if unknown
ttlthe time to live of the stream, 0 if not multicast
fmtthe AVFormatContext, which might contain options modifying the generated SDP
0 on success, a negative error code on failure

Definition at line 916 of file sdp.c.

Referenced by mov_write_udta_sdp().

◆ ff_get_line()

int ff_get_line ( AVIOContext s,
char *  buf,
int  maxlen 

Read a whole line of text from AVIOContext.

Stop reading after reaching either a \n, a \0 or EOF. The returned string is always \0-terminated, and may be truncated if the buffer is too small.

sthe read-only AVIOContext
bufbuffer to store the read line
maxlensize of the buffer
the length of the string written in the buffer, not including the final \0

Definition at line 790 of file aviobuf.c.

Referenced by aqt_read_header(), ff_get_chomp_line(), get_line(), hls_encryption_start(), jacosub_read_header(), microdvd_read_header(), mpl2_read_header(), mpsub_read_header(), nist_read_header(), pjs_read_header(), pvf_read_header(), stl_read_header(), subviewer1_read_header(), subviewer_read_header(), and vplayer_read_header().

◆ ff_get_chomp_line()

int ff_get_chomp_line ( AVIOContext s,
char *  buf,
int  maxlen 

Same as ff_get_line but strip the white-space characters in the text tail.

sthe read-only AVIOContext
bufbuffer to store the read line
maxlensize of the buffer
the length of the string written in the buffer

Definition at line 807 of file aviobuf.c.

Referenced by parse_playlist().

◆ ff_parse_key_value()

void ff_parse_key_value ( const char *  str,
ff_parse_key_val_cb  callback_get_buf,
void *  context 

Parse a string with comma-separated key=value pairs.

The value strings may be quoted and may contain escaped characters within quoted strings.

strthe string to parse
callback_get_buffunction that returns where to store the unescaped value string.
contextthe opaque context pointer to pass to callback_get_buf

Definition at line 503 of file utils.c.

Referenced by ff_http_auth_handle_header(), and parse_playlist().

◆ ff_guess_image2_codec()

enum AVCodecID ff_guess_image2_codec ( const char *  filename)

◆ ff_find_decoder()

const AVCodec* ff_find_decoder ( AVFormatContext s,
const AVStream st,
enum AVCodecID  codec_id 

Definition at line 797 of file avformat.c.

Referenced by av_find_best_stream(), and find_probe_decoder().

◆ avpriv_set_pts_info()

void avpriv_set_pts_info ( AVStream st,
int  pts_wrap_bits,
unsigned int  pts_num,
unsigned int  pts_den 

Set the time base and wrapping info for a given stream.

This will be used to interpret the stream's timestamps. If the new time base is invalid (numerator or denominator are non-positive), it leaves the stream unchanged.

pts_wrap_bitsnumber of bits effectively used by the pts (used for wrap control)
pts_numtime base numerator
pts_dentime base denominator

Definition at line 771 of file avformat.c.

Referenced by aa_read_header(), aax_read_header(), ace_read_header(), acm_read_header(), add_video_stream(), adp_read_header(), ads_read_header(), adts_aac_read_header(), adx_read_header(), afc_read_header(), aiff_read_header(), aiff_write_header(), aix_read_header(), apac_read_header(), ape_read_header(), apng_read_header(), aqt_read_header(), argo_brp_read_header(), asf_read_stream_properties(), asf_write_header1(), asfrtp_parse_sdp_line(), ass_read_header(), ast_read_header(), audio_read_header(), audio_write_header(), av1_read_header(), avformat_new_stream(), avi_read_header(), avi_write_header(), avisynth_create_stream_audio(), avisynth_create_stream_video(), avr_read_header(), bfi_read_header(), binka_read_header(), bmv_read_header(), bonk_read_header(), cdata_read_header(), cdxl_read_packet(), celt_header(), cin_read_header(), cine_read_header(), codec2_read_header_common(), copy_stream_props(), create_audio_stream(), create_new_audio_stream(), create_stream(), dat_read_packet(), dc1394_read_common(), dcstr_read_header(), decklink_setup_audio(), decklink_setup_video(), decode_stream_header(), derf_read_header(), dfa_read_header(), dfpwm_read_header(), dhav_read_packet(), dirac_header(), dsf_read_header(), dshow_add_device(), dss_read_header(), dtshd_read_header(), dxa_read_header(), ea_read_header(), epaf_read_header(), fbdev_read_header(), ff_argo_asf_fill_stream(), ff_decklink_read_header(), ff_img_read_header(), ff_raw_video_read_header(), ff_rm_read_mdpr_codecdata(), ff_voc_get_packet(), film_read_header(), fits_read_header(), flac_header(), flac_read_header(), flv_init(), fsb_read_header(), fwse_read_header(), g722_read_header(), g723_1_init(), g729_read_header(), gdigrab_read_header(), gdv_read_header(), genh_read_header(), get_audio_config(), get_packet_header(), get_video_config(), gif_read_header(), gif_write_header(), grab_read_header(), gsm_read_header(), gxf_header(), gxf_write_header(), hca_read_header(), hcom_read_header(), hls_write_header(), hnm_read_header(), idcin_read_header(), iff_read_header(), ifv_read_header(), ilbc_read_header(), init_audio(), init_muxer(), init_stream(), init_video_stream(), ipmovie_read_header(), ipu_read_header(), ircam_read_header(), iss_read_header(), jacosub_read_header(), kmsgrab_read_header(), laf_read_header(), lavfi_read_header(), lmlm4_read_header(), loas_read_header(), lrc_read_header(), lrc_write_header(), lvf_read_header(), lxf_read_header(), mcc_read_header(), microdvd_read_header(), microdvd_write_header(), mkv_init(), mlp_read_header(), mmf_read_header(), modplug_read_header(), mods_read_header(), moflex_read_sync(), mov_init(), mov_read_trak(), mp3_read_header(), mpc8_read_header(), mpc_read_header(), mpeg_mux_init(), mpegts_init(), mpegts_read_header(), mpegts_set_stream_info(), mpjpeg_read_header(), mpl2_read_header(), mpsub_read_header(), msf_read_header(), msnwc_tcp_read_header(), mtaf_read_header(), mtv_read_header(), musx_read_header(), mv_read_header(), mxf_init(), mxf_parse_structural_metadata(), mxg_read_header(), nc_read_header(), new_stream(), nist_read_header(), nsv_parse_NSVs_header(), nut_write_header(), nuv_header(), ogg_build_vp8_headers(), ogg_init(), ogg_new_stream(), ogm_dshow_header(), ogm_header(), old_dirac_header(), old_flac_header(), oma_read_header(), open_demux_for_component(), opus_header(), parse_audio_var(), parse_strk(), parse_video_var(), parse_vtrk(), pcm_read_header(), pjs_read_header(), pmp_header(), pp_bnk_read_header(), pulse_read_header(), pulse_write_header(), pva_read_header(), pvf_read_header(), qt_rtp_parse_packet(), r3d_read_red1(), r3d_read_reda(), rawvideo_read_header(), read_frame(), read_gab2_sub(), read_header(), read_header_gme(), read_header_openmpt(), read_header_vs(), read_sl_header(), realtext_read_header(), redspark_read_header(), rka_read_header(), rl2_read_header(), roq_read_packet(), rpl_read_header(), rsd_read_header(), rso_read_header(), rtp_write_header(), sami_read_header(), sbg_read_header(), scc_read_header(), scc_write_header(), scd_read_track(), sdns_read_header(), sdr2_read_header(), sds_read_header(), seg_init(), seq_read_header(), ser_read_header(), set_context_streams_from_tracks(), set_stream_info_from_input_stream(), sga_audio_packet(), sga_video_packet(), siff_parse_vbv1(), simbiosis_imx_read_header(), skeleton_header(), smacker_read_header(), smjpeg_read_header(), smjpeg_write_header(), smush_read_header(), sol_read_header(), sox_read_header(), speex_header(), srt_read_header(), srt_write_header(), stl_read_header(), str_read_packet(), subviewer1_read_header(), subviewer_read_header(), sup_read_header(), sup_write_header(), svag_read_header(), svs_read_header(), swf_read_packet(), tak_read_header(), tedcaptions_read_header(), theora_header(), thp_read_header(), threedostr_read_header(), tmv_read_header(), track_header(), tta_init(), tta_read_header(), ttml_write_header(), txd_read_header(), ty_read_header(), v4l2_read_header(), vag_read_header(), vc1t_read_header(), vc1test_write_header(), vfw_read_header(), vid_read_packet(), vivo_read_header(), vmd_read_header(), vorbis_header(), vp8_header(), vpk_read_header(), vplayer_read_header(), vqf_read_header(), wady_read_header(), wavarc_read_header(), wc3_read_header(), webm_chunk_init(), webp_init(), webvtt_read_header(), webvtt_write_header(), write_header(), write_stream_data(), wsaud_read_header(), wsvqa_read_header(), wsvqa_read_packet(), wv_read_header(), wve_read_header(), xa_read_header(), xmd_read_header(), xmv_process_packet_header(), xvag_read_header(), xwma_read_header(), yop_read_header(), and yuv4_read_header().

◆ ff_framehash_write_header()

int ff_framehash_write_header ( AVFormatContext s)

Set the timebase for each stream from the corresponding codec timebase and print it.

Definition at line 25 of file framehash.c.

Referenced by framecrc_write_header(), and write_header().

◆ ff_free_stream()

void ff_free_stream ( AVStream **  st)

Frees a stream without modifying the corresponding AVFormatContext.

Must only be called if the latter doesn't matter or if the stream is not yet attached to an AVFormatContext.

Definition at line 41 of file avformat.c.

Referenced by avformat_free_context(), avformat_new_stream(), and ff_remove_stream().

◆ ff_remove_stream()

void ff_remove_stream ( AVFormatContext s,
AVStream st 

Remove a stream from its AVFormatContext and free it.

The stream must be the last stream of the AVFormatContext.

Definition at line 77 of file avformat.c.

Referenced by avi_read_header(), ff_add_attached_pic(), ff_rm_read_mdpr_codecdata(), and ff_stream_clone().

◆ ff_codec_get_tag()

unsigned int ff_codec_get_tag ( const AVCodecTag tags,
enum AVCodecID  id 

◆ ff_codec_get_id()

enum AVCodecID ff_codec_get_id ( const AVCodecTag tags,
unsigned int  tag 

◆ ff_is_intra_only()

int ff_is_intra_only ( enum AVCodecID  id)

Definition at line 835 of file avformat.c.

Referenced by compute_pkt_fields(), and init_muxer().

◆ ff_get_pcm_codec_id()

enum AVCodecID ff_get_pcm_codec_id ( int  bps,
int  flt,
int  be,
int  sflags 

Select a PCM codec based on the given parameters.

sflagssigned flags. each bit corresponds to one byte of bit depth. e.g. the 1st bit indicates if 8-bit should be signed or unsigned, the 2nd bit indicates if 16-bit should be signed or unsigned, etc... This is useful for formats such as WAVE where only 8-bit is unsigned and all other bit depths are signed.
a PCM codec id or AV_CODEC_ID_NONE

Definition at line 155 of file utils.c.

Referenced by avr_read_header(), ff_mov_get_lpcm_codec_id(), ff_wav_codec_get_id(), get_codec_data(), nist_read_header(), and pvf_read_header().

◆ ff_stream_side_data_copy()

int ff_stream_side_data_copy ( AVStream dst,
const AVStream src 

Copy side data from source to destination stream.

dstpointer to destination AVStream
srcpointer to source AVStream
>=0 on success, AVERROR code on error

Definition at line 209 of file avformat.c.

Referenced by copy_stream_props(), and stream_params_copy().

◆ ff_stream_clone()

AVStream* ff_stream_clone ( AVFormatContext dst_ctx,
const AVStream src 

Create a new stream and copy to it all parameters from a source stream, with the exception of the index field, which is set when the new stream is created.

dst_ctxpointer to the context in which the new stream is created
srcpointer to source AVStream
pointer to the new stream or NULL on error

Definition at line 287 of file avformat.c.

Referenced by fifo_mux_init(), open_slave(), segment_mux_init(), set_context_streams_from_tracks(), and webm_chunk_init().

◆ ff_rename()

int ff_rename ( const char *  url_src,
const char *  url_dst,
void *  logctx 

Wrap ffurl_move() and log if error happens.

url_srcsource path
url_dstdestination path
0 or AVERROR on failure

Definition at line 671 of file avio.c.

Referenced by create_master_playlist(), dash_flush(), hds_flush(), hls_rename_temp_file(), hls_window(), ism_flush(), segment_end(), sls_flag_file_rename(), write_abst(), write_hls_media_playlist(), write_manifest(), and write_packet().

◆ ff_alloc_extradata()

int ff_alloc_extradata ( AVCodecParameters par,
int  size 

Allocate extradata with additional AV_INPUT_BUFFER_PADDING_SIZE at end which is always set to 0.

Previously allocated extradata in par will be freed.

sizesize of extradata
0 if OK, AVERROR_xxx on error

Definition at line 238 of file utils.c.

Referenced by ace_read_header(), adts_write_packet(), afc_read_header(), ape_read_header(), apng_read_header(), celt_header(), codec2_read_header(), codec2raw_read_header(), concat_parse_script(), copy_stream_props(), dfa_read_header(), encode_intervals(), ff_generate_avci_extradata(), ff_get_extradata(), ff_parse_mpeg2_descriptor(), flac_header(), flv_set_video_codec(), flv_write_packet(), fsb_read_header(), genh_read_header(), hca_read_header(), hcom_read_header(), hevc_parse_sdp_line(), hnm_read_header(), iff_read_header(), latm_write_packet(), microdvd_read_header(), mkv_update_codecprivate(), mov_create_chapter_track(), mov_read_dops(), mov_rewrite_dvd_sub_extradata(), msf_read_header(), mxf_parse_structural_metadata(), nist_read_header(), nsv_parse_NSVs_header(), ogm_header(), oma_read_header(), opus_header(), opus_write_extradata(), parse_fmtp_config(), parse_packed_headers(), qdm2_parse_config(), read_header(), read_kuki_chunk(), redspark_read_header(), rsd_read_header(), sdns_read_header(), seg_write_packet(), smacker_read_header(), smush_read_header(), speex_header(), svq3_parse_packet(), track_header(), tta_read_header(), update_stream_extradata(), vmd_read_header(), vqf_read_header(), wavarc_read_header(), wsvqa_read_packet(), wv_read_header(), xmv_process_packet_header(), and xwma_read_header().

◆ ff_copy_whiteblacklists()

int ff_copy_whiteblacklists ( AVFormatContext dst,
const AVFormatContext src 

◆ ff_format_io_close()

int ff_format_io_close ( AVFormatContext s,
AVIOContext **  pb 

◆ ff_format_io_close_default()

void ff_format_io_close_default ( AVFormatContext s,
AVIOContext pb 

◆ ff_is_http_proto()

int ff_is_http_proto ( const char *  filename)

Utility function to check if the file uses http or https protocol.

filenameURL or file name to open for writing

Definition at line 578 of file utils.c.

Referenced by dashenc_delete_file(), dashenc_io_close(), dashenc_io_open(), hls_init(), hlsenc_io_close(), hlsenc_io_open(), and set_http_options().

◆ ff_bprint_to_codecpar_extradata()

int ff_bprint_to_codecpar_extradata ( AVCodecParameters par,
struct AVBPrint *  buf 

Finalize buf into extradata and set its size appropriately.

Definition at line 583 of file utils.c.

Referenced by ass_read_header(), jacosub_read_header(), sami_read_header(), and subviewer_read_header().

◆ ff_lock_avformat()

int ff_lock_avformat ( void  )

◆ ff_unlock_avformat()

int ff_unlock_avformat ( void  )

◆ ff_format_set_url()

void ff_format_set_url ( AVFormatContext s,
char *  url 

Set AVFormatContext url field to the provided pointer.

The pointer must point to a valid string. The existing url field is freed if necessary. Also set the legacy filename field to the same string which was provided in url.

Definition at line 846 of file avformat.c.

Referenced by hls_start(), parse_playlist(), sap_write_header(), set_segment_filename(), sls_flag_use_localtime_filename(), sls_flags_filename_process(), and webm_chunk_init().

◆ avpriv_register_devices()

void avpriv_register_devices ( const struct FFOutputFormat *const  o[],
const AVInputFormat *const  i[] 
static const uint8_t tab[16]
Definition: rka.c:668