Data Fields
AVDRMObjectDescriptor Struct Reference

DRM object descriptor. More...

#include <hwcontext_drm.h>

Data Fields

int fd
 DRM PRIME fd for the object. More...
size_t size
 Total size of the object. More...
uint64_t format_modifier
 Format modifier applied to the object (DRM_FORMAT_MOD_*). More...

Detailed Description

DRM object descriptor.

Describes a single DRM object, addressing it as a PRIME file descriptor.

Definition at line 48 of file hwcontext_drm.h.

Field Documentation

int AVDRMObjectDescriptor::fd
size_t AVDRMObjectDescriptor::size

Total size of the object.

(This includes any parts not which do not contain image data.)

Definition at line 58 of file hwcontext_drm.h.

Referenced by drm_map_frame(), kmsgrab_get_fb(), vaapi_map_to_memory(), vulkan_map_frame_to_mem(), and vulkan_map_to().

uint64_t AVDRMObjectDescriptor::format_modifier

Format modifier applied to the object (DRM_FORMAT_MOD_*).

If the format modifier is unknown then this should be set to DRM_FORMAT_MOD_INVALID.

Definition at line 65 of file hwcontext_drm.h.

Referenced by vaapi_map_to_memory(), vulkan_map_frame_to_mem(), and vulkan_map_to().

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