Data Fields
FramepackContext Struct Reference

Data Fields

const AVClassclass
const AVPixFmtDescriptorpix_desc
 agreed pixel format More...
enum AVStereo3DType format
 frame pack type output More...
AVFrameinput_views [2]
 input frames More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file vf_framepack.c.

Field Documentation

const AVClass* FramepackContext::class

Definition at line 45 of file vf_framepack.c.

const AVPixFmtDescriptor* FramepackContext::pix_desc

agreed pixel format

Definition at line 47 of file vf_framepack.c.

Referenced by config_output(), horizontal_frame_pack(), and vertical_frame_pack().

enum AVStereo3DType FramepackContext::format

frame pack type output

Definition at line 49 of file vf_framepack.c.

Referenced by config_output(), spatial_frame_pack(), and try_push_frame().

AVFrame* FramepackContext::input_views[2]

input frames

Definition at line 51 of file vf_framepack.c.

Referenced by activate(), framepack_uninit(), horizontal_frame_pack(), try_push_frame(), and vertical_frame_pack().

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