Data Fields
IntraX8Context Struct Reference

#include <intrax8.h>

Data Fields

const VLCElemj_ac_vlc_table [4]
const VLCElemj_orient_vlc_table
const VLCElemj_dc_vlc_table [3]
int use_quant_matrix
uint8_t * prediction_table
uint8_t permutated_scantable [3][64]
WMV2DSPContext wdsp
uint8_t idct_permutation [64]
 last nonzero coefficient in block More...
int16_t(* block )[64]
IntraX8DSPContext dsp
BlockDSPContext bdsp
int quant
int dquant
int qsum
int loopfilter
int quant_dc_chroma
int divide_quant_dc_luma
int divide_quant_dc_chroma
uint8_t * dest [3]
uint8_t scratchpad [42]
int edges
int flat_dc
int predicted_dc
int raw_orient
int chroma_orient
int orient
int est_run
int mb_x
int mb_y
int mb_width
int mb_height

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file intrax8.h.

Field Documentation

◆ j_ac_vlc_table

const VLCElem* IntraX8Context::j_ac_vlc_table[4]

Definition at line 29 of file intrax8.h.

◆ j_orient_vlc_table

const VLCElem* IntraX8Context::j_orient_vlc_table

Definition at line 30 of file intrax8.h.

◆ j_dc_vlc_table

const VLCElem* IntraX8Context::j_dc_vlc_table[3]

Definition at line 31 of file intrax8.h.

◆ use_quant_matrix

int IntraX8Context::use_quant_matrix

Definition at line 33 of file intrax8.h.

◆ prediction_table

uint8_t* IntraX8Context::prediction_table

Definition at line 36 of file intrax8.h.

◆ permutated_scantable

uint8_t IntraX8Context::permutated_scantable[3][64]

Definition at line 37 of file intrax8.h.

◆ wdsp

WMV2DSPContext IntraX8Context::wdsp

Definition at line 38 of file intrax8.h.

◆ idct_permutation

uint8_t IntraX8Context::idct_permutation[64]

Definition at line 39 of file intrax8.h.

◆ avctx

AVCodecContext* IntraX8Context::avctx

Definition at line 40 of file intrax8.h.

◆ block_last_index

int* IntraX8Context::block_last_index

last nonzero coefficient in block

Definition at line 41 of file intrax8.h.

◆ block

int16_t(* IntraX8Context::block)[64]

Definition at line 42 of file intrax8.h.

◆ dsp

IntraX8DSPContext IntraX8Context::dsp

Definition at line 45 of file intrax8.h.

◆ bdsp

BlockDSPContext IntraX8Context::bdsp

Definition at line 46 of file intrax8.h.

◆ quant

int IntraX8Context::quant

Definition at line 47 of file intrax8.h.

◆ dquant

int IntraX8Context::dquant

Definition at line 48 of file intrax8.h.

◆ qsum

int IntraX8Context::qsum

Definition at line 49 of file intrax8.h.

◆ loopfilter

int IntraX8Context::loopfilter

Definition at line 50 of file intrax8.h.

◆ frame

AVFrame* IntraX8Context::frame

Definition at line 51 of file intrax8.h.

◆ gb

GetBitContext* IntraX8Context::gb

Definition at line 52 of file intrax8.h.

◆ quant_dc_chroma

int IntraX8Context::quant_dc_chroma

Definition at line 55 of file intrax8.h.

◆ divide_quant_dc_luma

int IntraX8Context::divide_quant_dc_luma

Definition at line 56 of file intrax8.h.

◆ divide_quant_dc_chroma

int IntraX8Context::divide_quant_dc_chroma

Definition at line 57 of file intrax8.h.

◆ dest

uint8_t* IntraX8Context::dest[3]

Definition at line 58 of file intrax8.h.

◆ scratchpad

uint8_t IntraX8Context::scratchpad[42]

Definition at line 59 of file intrax8.h.

◆ edges

int IntraX8Context::edges

◆ flat_dc

int IntraX8Context::flat_dc

Definition at line 63 of file intrax8.h.

◆ predicted_dc

int IntraX8Context::predicted_dc

Definition at line 64 of file intrax8.h.

◆ raw_orient

int IntraX8Context::raw_orient

Definition at line 65 of file intrax8.h.

◆ chroma_orient

int IntraX8Context::chroma_orient

Definition at line 66 of file intrax8.h.

◆ orient

int IntraX8Context::orient

Definition at line 67 of file intrax8.h.

◆ est_run

int IntraX8Context::est_run

Definition at line 68 of file intrax8.h.

◆ mb_x

int IntraX8Context::mb_x

Definition at line 71 of file intrax8.h.

◆ mb_y

int IntraX8Context::mb_y

Definition at line 71 of file intrax8.h.

◆ mb_width

int IntraX8Context::mb_width

Definition at line 72 of file intrax8.h.

◆ mb_height

int IntraX8Context::mb_height

Definition at line 72 of file intrax8.h.

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