Data Fields
MJpegDecodeContext Struct Reference

#include <mjpegdec.h>

Data Fields

GetBitContext gb
int buf_size
int start_code
int buffer_size
uint8_t * buffer
uint16_t quant_matrixes [4][64]
VLC vlcs [3][4]
int qscale [4]
 quantizer scale calculated from quant_matrixes More...
int orig_height
int first_picture
int interlaced
int bottom_field
int lossless
int ls
int progressive
int bayer
int rgb
uint8_t upscale_h [4]
uint8_t upscale_v [4]
int rct
int pegasus_rct
int bits
int colr
int xfrm
int adobe_transform
int maxval
int near
 near lossless bound (si 0 for lossless) More...
int t1
int t2
int t3
int reset
 context halfing interval ?rename More...
int width
int height
int mb_width
int mb_height
int nb_components
int block_stride [MAX_COMPONENTS]
int component_id [MAX_COMPONENTS]
int h_count [MAX_COMPONENTS]
int v_count [MAX_COMPONENTS]
int comp_index [MAX_COMPONENTS]
int dc_index [MAX_COMPONENTS]
int ac_index [MAX_COMPONENTS]
int nb_blocks [MAX_COMPONENTS]
int h_scount [MAX_COMPONENTS]
int v_scount [MAX_COMPONENTS]
int quant_sindex [MAX_COMPONENTS]
int h_max
int v_max
int quant_index [4]
int last_dc [MAX_COMPONENTS]
int got_picture
 we found a SOF and picture is valid, too. More...
int linesize [MAX_COMPONENTS]
 linesize << interlaced More...
int8_t * qscale_table
int16_t block [64]
int16_t(*[MAX_COMPONENTSblocks )[64]
 intermediate sums (progressive mode) More...
uint8_t * last_nnz [MAX_COMPONENTS]
uint64_t coefs_finished [MAX_COMPONENTS]
 bitmask of which coefs have been completely decoded (progressive mode) More...
int palette_index
int force_pal8
uint8_t permutated_scantable [64]
BlockDSPContext bdsp
HpelDSPContext hdsp
IDCTDSPContext idsp
int restart_interval
int restart_count
int buggy_avid
int cs_itu601
int interlace_polarity
int multiscope
int mjpb_skiptosod
int cur_scan
int flipped
uint16_t(* ljpeg_buffer )[4]
unsigned int ljpeg_buffer_size
int extern_huff
const AVPixFmtDescriptorpix_desc
 !< stereoscopic information (cached, since it is read before frame allocation) More...
int iccnum
int iccread
int smv_frames_per_jpeg
int smv_next_frame
const uint8_t * raw_image_buffer
size_t raw_image_buffer_size
const uint8_t * raw_scan_buffer
size_t raw_scan_buffer_size
uint8_t raw_huffman_lengths [2][4][16]
uint8_t raw_huffman_values [2][4][256]
enum AVPixelFormat hwaccel_sw_pix_fmt
enum AVPixelFormat hwaccel_pix_fmt
void * hwaccel_picture_private
struct JLSStatejls_state

Detailed Description

Definition at line 54 of file mjpegdec.h.

Field Documentation

◆ class

AVClass* MJpegDecodeContext::class

Definition at line 55 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ avctx

AVCodecContext* MJpegDecodeContext::avctx

Definition at line 56 of file mjpegdec.h.

Referenced by mxpeg_check_dimensions().

◆ gb

GetBitContext MJpegDecodeContext::gb

Definition at line 57 of file mjpegdec.h.

Referenced by mxpeg_decode_frame().

◆ buf_size

int MJpegDecodeContext::buf_size

Definition at line 58 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ start_code

int MJpegDecodeContext::start_code

Definition at line 60 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ buffer_size

int MJpegDecodeContext::buffer_size

Definition at line 61 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ buffer

uint8_t* MJpegDecodeContext::buffer

Definition at line 62 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ quant_matrixes

uint16_t MJpegDecodeContext::quant_matrixes[4][64]

Definition at line 64 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ vlcs

VLC MJpegDecodeContext::vlcs[3][4]

Definition at line 65 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ qscale

int MJpegDecodeContext::qscale[4]

quantizer scale calculated from quant_matrixes

Definition at line 66 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ orig_height

int MJpegDecodeContext::orig_height

Definition at line 68 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ first_picture

int MJpegDecodeContext::first_picture

Definition at line 69 of file mjpegdec.h.

Referenced by mxpeg_decode_frame().

◆ interlaced

int MJpegDecodeContext::interlaced

Definition at line 70 of file mjpegdec.h.

Referenced by mxpeg_decode_frame().

◆ bottom_field

int MJpegDecodeContext::bottom_field

Definition at line 71 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ lossless

int MJpegDecodeContext::lossless

Definition at line 72 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ ls

int MJpegDecodeContext::ls

Definition at line 73 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ progressive

int MJpegDecodeContext::progressive

Definition at line 74 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ bayer

int MJpegDecodeContext::bayer

Definition at line 75 of file mjpegdec.h.

Referenced by dng_decode_jpeg().

◆ rgb

int MJpegDecodeContext::rgb

Definition at line 76 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ upscale_h

uint8_t MJpegDecodeContext::upscale_h[4]

Definition at line 77 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ upscale_v

uint8_t MJpegDecodeContext::upscale_v[4]

Definition at line 78 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ rct

int MJpegDecodeContext::rct

Definition at line 79 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ pegasus_rct

int MJpegDecodeContext::pegasus_rct

Definition at line 80 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ bits

int MJpegDecodeContext::bits

Definition at line 81 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ colr

int MJpegDecodeContext::colr

Definition at line 82 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ xfrm

int MJpegDecodeContext::xfrm

Definition at line 83 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ adobe_transform

int MJpegDecodeContext::adobe_transform

Definition at line 84 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ maxval

int MJpegDecodeContext::maxval

Definition at line 86 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ near

int MJpegDecodeContext::near

near lossless bound (si 0 for lossless)

Definition at line 87 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ t1

int MJpegDecodeContext::t1

Definition at line 88 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ t2

int MJpegDecodeContext::t2

Definition at line 88 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ t3

int MJpegDecodeContext::t3

Definition at line 88 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ reset

int MJpegDecodeContext::reset

context halfing interval ?rename

Definition at line 89 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ width

int MJpegDecodeContext::width

Definition at line 91 of file mjpegdec.h.

Referenced by mxpeg_check_dimensions().

◆ height

int MJpegDecodeContext::height

Definition at line 91 of file mjpegdec.h.

Referenced by mxpeg_check_dimensions().

◆ mb_width

int MJpegDecodeContext::mb_width

Definition at line 92 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ mb_height

int MJpegDecodeContext::mb_height

Definition at line 92 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ nb_components

int MJpegDecodeContext::nb_components

Definition at line 93 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ block_stride

int MJpegDecodeContext::block_stride[MAX_COMPONENTS]

Definition at line 94 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ component_id

int MJpegDecodeContext::component_id[MAX_COMPONENTS]

Definition at line 95 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ h_count

int MJpegDecodeContext::h_count[MAX_COMPONENTS]

Definition at line 96 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ v_count

int MJpegDecodeContext::v_count[MAX_COMPONENTS]

Definition at line 97 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ comp_index

int MJpegDecodeContext::comp_index[MAX_COMPONENTS]

Definition at line 98 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ dc_index

int MJpegDecodeContext::dc_index[MAX_COMPONENTS]

Definition at line 99 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ ac_index

int MJpegDecodeContext::ac_index[MAX_COMPONENTS]

Definition at line 100 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ nb_blocks

int MJpegDecodeContext::nb_blocks[MAX_COMPONENTS]

Definition at line 101 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ h_scount

int MJpegDecodeContext::h_scount[MAX_COMPONENTS]

Definition at line 102 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ v_scount

int MJpegDecodeContext::v_scount[MAX_COMPONENTS]

Definition at line 103 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ quant_sindex

int MJpegDecodeContext::quant_sindex[MAX_COMPONENTS]

Definition at line 104 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ h_max

int MJpegDecodeContext::h_max

Definition at line 105 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ v_max

int MJpegDecodeContext::v_max

Definition at line 105 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ quant_index

int MJpegDecodeContext::quant_index[4]

Definition at line 106 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ last_dc

int MJpegDecodeContext::last_dc[MAX_COMPONENTS]

Definition at line 107 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ picture

AVFrame* MJpegDecodeContext::picture

Definition at line 108 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ picture_ptr

AVFrame* MJpegDecodeContext::picture_ptr

Definition at line 109 of file mjpegdec.h.

Referenced by mxpeg_check_dimensions(), mxpeg_decode_end(), and mxpeg_decode_frame().

◆ got_picture

int MJpegDecodeContext::got_picture

we found a SOF and picture is valid, too.

Definition at line 110 of file mjpegdec.h.

Referenced by mxpeg_decode_frame().

◆ linesize

int MJpegDecodeContext::linesize[MAX_COMPONENTS]

linesize << interlaced

Definition at line 111 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ qscale_table

int8_t* MJpegDecodeContext::qscale_table

Definition at line 112 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ block

int16_t MJpegDecodeContext::block[64]

Definition at line 113 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ blocks

int16_t(*[MAX_COMPONENTS] MJpegDecodeContext::blocks)[64]

intermediate sums (progressive mode)

Definition at line 114 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ last_nnz

uint8_t* MJpegDecodeContext::last_nnz[MAX_COMPONENTS]

Definition at line 115 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ coefs_finished

uint64_t MJpegDecodeContext::coefs_finished[MAX_COMPONENTS]

bitmask of which coefs have been completely decoded (progressive mode)

Definition at line 116 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ palette_index

int MJpegDecodeContext::palette_index

Definition at line 117 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ force_pal8

int MJpegDecodeContext::force_pal8

Definition at line 118 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ permutated_scantable

uint8_t MJpegDecodeContext::permutated_scantable[64]

Definition at line 119 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ bdsp

BlockDSPContext MJpegDecodeContext::bdsp

Definition at line 120 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ hdsp

HpelDSPContext MJpegDecodeContext::hdsp

Definition at line 121 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ idsp

IDCTDSPContext MJpegDecodeContext::idsp

Definition at line 122 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ restart_interval

int MJpegDecodeContext::restart_interval

Definition at line 124 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ restart_count

int MJpegDecodeContext::restart_count

Definition at line 125 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ buggy_avid

int MJpegDecodeContext::buggy_avid

Definition at line 127 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ cs_itu601

int MJpegDecodeContext::cs_itu601

Definition at line 128 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ interlace_polarity

int MJpegDecodeContext::interlace_polarity

Definition at line 129 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ multiscope

int MJpegDecodeContext::multiscope

Definition at line 130 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ mjpb_skiptosod

int MJpegDecodeContext::mjpb_skiptosod

Definition at line 132 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ cur_scan

int MJpegDecodeContext::cur_scan

Definition at line 134 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ flipped

int MJpegDecodeContext::flipped

Definition at line 135 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ ljpeg_buffer

uint16_t(* MJpegDecodeContext::ljpeg_buffer)[4]

Definition at line 137 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ ljpeg_buffer_size

unsigned int MJpegDecodeContext::ljpeg_buffer_size

Definition at line 138 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ extern_huff

int MJpegDecodeContext::extern_huff

Definition at line 140 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ exif_metadata

AVDictionary* MJpegDecodeContext::exif_metadata

Definition at line 141 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ stereo3d

AVStereo3D* MJpegDecodeContext::stereo3d

Definition at line 143 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ pix_desc

const AVPixFmtDescriptor* MJpegDecodeContext::pix_desc

!< stereoscopic information (cached, since it is read before frame allocation)

Definition at line 145 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ iccentries

ICCEntry* MJpegDecodeContext::iccentries

Definition at line 147 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ iccnum

int MJpegDecodeContext::iccnum

Definition at line 148 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ iccread

int MJpegDecodeContext::iccread

Definition at line 149 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ smv_frame

AVFrame* MJpegDecodeContext::smv_frame

Definition at line 151 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ smv_frames_per_jpeg

int MJpegDecodeContext::smv_frames_per_jpeg

Definition at line 152 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ smv_next_frame

int MJpegDecodeContext::smv_next_frame

Definition at line 153 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ raw_image_buffer

const uint8_t* MJpegDecodeContext::raw_image_buffer

Definition at line 156 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ raw_image_buffer_size

size_t MJpegDecodeContext::raw_image_buffer_size

Definition at line 157 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ raw_scan_buffer

const uint8_t* MJpegDecodeContext::raw_scan_buffer

Definition at line 158 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ raw_scan_buffer_size

size_t MJpegDecodeContext::raw_scan_buffer_size

Definition at line 159 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ raw_huffman_lengths

uint8_t MJpegDecodeContext::raw_huffman_lengths[2][4][16]

Definition at line 161 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ raw_huffman_values

uint8_t MJpegDecodeContext::raw_huffman_values[2][4][256]

Definition at line 162 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ hwaccel_sw_pix_fmt

enum AVPixelFormat MJpegDecodeContext::hwaccel_sw_pix_fmt

Definition at line 164 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ hwaccel_pix_fmt

enum AVPixelFormat MJpegDecodeContext::hwaccel_pix_fmt

Definition at line 165 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ hwaccel_picture_private

void* MJpegDecodeContext::hwaccel_picture_private

Definition at line 166 of file mjpegdec.h.

◆ jls_state

struct JLSState* MJpegDecodeContext::jls_state

Definition at line 167 of file mjpegdec.h.

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