Data Fields
OMXCodecContext Struct Reference

Data Fields

const AVClassclass
char * libname
char * libprefix
char component_name [OMX_MAX_STRINGNAME_SIZE]
int in_port
int out_port
int stride
int plane_size
int num_in_buffers
int num_out_buffers
OMX_BUFFERHEADERTYPE ** in_buffer_headers
OMX_BUFFERHEADERTYPE ** out_buffer_headers
int num_free_in_buffers
OMX_BUFFERHEADERTYPE ** free_in_buffers
int num_done_out_buffers
OMX_BUFFERHEADERTYPE ** done_out_buffers
pthread_mutex_t input_mutex
pthread_cond_t input_cond
pthread_mutex_t output_mutex
pthread_cond_t output_cond
pthread_mutex_t state_mutex
pthread_cond_t state_cond
unsigned mutex_cond_inited_cnt
int eos_sent
int got_eos
uint8_t * output_buf
int output_buf_size
int input_zerocopy
int profile

Detailed Description

Definition at line 190 of file omx.c.

Field Documentation

◆ class

const AVClass* OMXCodecContext::class

Definition at line 191 of file omx.c.

◆ libname

char* OMXCodecContext::libname

Definition at line 192 of file omx.c.

◆ libprefix

char* OMXCodecContext::libprefix

Definition at line 193 of file omx.c.

◆ omx_context

OMXContext* OMXCodecContext::omx_context

Definition at line 194 of file omx.c.

◆ avctx

AVCodecContext* OMXCodecContext::avctx

Definition at line 196 of file omx.c.

◆ component_name

char OMXCodecContext::component_name[OMX_MAX_STRINGNAME_SIZE]

Definition at line 198 of file omx.c.

◆ version

OMX_VERSIONTYPE OMXCodecContext::version

Definition at line 199 of file omx.c.

◆ handle

OMX_HANDLETYPE OMXCodecContext::handle

Definition at line 200 of file omx.c.

◆ in_port

int OMXCodecContext::in_port

Definition at line 201 of file omx.c.

◆ out_port

int OMXCodecContext::out_port

Definition at line 201 of file omx.c.

◆ color_format

OMX_COLOR_FORMATTYPE OMXCodecContext::color_format

Definition at line 202 of file omx.c.

◆ stride

int OMXCodecContext::stride

Definition at line 203 of file omx.c.

◆ plane_size

int OMXCodecContext::plane_size

Definition at line 203 of file omx.c.

◆ num_in_buffers

int OMXCodecContext::num_in_buffers

Definition at line 205 of file omx.c.

◆ num_out_buffers

int OMXCodecContext::num_out_buffers

Definition at line 205 of file omx.c.

◆ in_buffer_headers

OMX_BUFFERHEADERTYPE** OMXCodecContext::in_buffer_headers

Definition at line 206 of file omx.c.

◆ out_buffer_headers

OMX_BUFFERHEADERTYPE** OMXCodecContext::out_buffer_headers

Definition at line 207 of file omx.c.

◆ num_free_in_buffers

int OMXCodecContext::num_free_in_buffers

Definition at line 208 of file omx.c.

◆ free_in_buffers

OMX_BUFFERHEADERTYPE** OMXCodecContext::free_in_buffers

Definition at line 209 of file omx.c.

◆ num_done_out_buffers

int OMXCodecContext::num_done_out_buffers

Definition at line 210 of file omx.c.

◆ done_out_buffers

OMX_BUFFERHEADERTYPE** OMXCodecContext::done_out_buffers

Definition at line 211 of file omx.c.

◆ input_mutex

pthread_mutex_t OMXCodecContext::input_mutex

Definition at line 212 of file omx.c.

◆ input_cond

pthread_cond_t OMXCodecContext::input_cond

Definition at line 213 of file omx.c.

◆ output_mutex

pthread_mutex_t OMXCodecContext::output_mutex

Definition at line 214 of file omx.c.

◆ output_cond

pthread_cond_t OMXCodecContext::output_cond

Definition at line 215 of file omx.c.

◆ state_mutex

pthread_mutex_t OMXCodecContext::state_mutex

Definition at line 217 of file omx.c.

◆ state_cond

pthread_cond_t OMXCodecContext::state_cond

Definition at line 218 of file omx.c.

◆ state

OMX_STATETYPE OMXCodecContext::state

Definition at line 219 of file omx.c.

◆ error

OMX_ERRORTYPE OMXCodecContext::error

Definition at line 220 of file omx.c.

◆ mutex_cond_inited_cnt

unsigned OMXCodecContext::mutex_cond_inited_cnt

Definition at line 222 of file omx.c.

◆ eos_sent

int OMXCodecContext::eos_sent

Definition at line 224 of file omx.c.

◆ got_eos

int OMXCodecContext::got_eos

Definition at line 224 of file omx.c.

◆ output_buf

uint8_t* OMXCodecContext::output_buf

Definition at line 226 of file omx.c.

◆ output_buf_size

int OMXCodecContext::output_buf_size

Definition at line 227 of file omx.c.

◆ input_zerocopy

int OMXCodecContext::input_zerocopy

Definition at line 229 of file omx.c.

◆ profile

int OMXCodecContext::profile

Definition at line 230 of file omx.c.

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