Data Fields
TimeFilter Struct Reference

Opaque type representing a time filter state. More...

Data Fields

double cycle_time
double feedback2_factor
double feedback3_factor
double clock_period
int count

Detailed Description

Opaque type representing a time filter state.

The purpose of this filter is to provide a way to compute accurate time stamps that can be compared to wall clock time, especially when dealing with two clocks: the system clock and a hardware device clock, such as a soundcard.

Definition at line 34 of file timefilter.c.

Field Documentation

◆ cycle_time

double TimeFilter::cycle_time

Definition at line 37 of file timefilter.c.

◆ feedback2_factor

double TimeFilter::feedback2_factor

Definition at line 38 of file timefilter.c.

◆ feedback3_factor

double TimeFilter::feedback3_factor

Definition at line 39 of file timefilter.c.

◆ clock_period

double TimeFilter::clock_period

Definition at line 40 of file timefilter.c.

◆ count

int TimeFilter::count

Definition at line 41 of file timefilter.c.

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