Data Fields
VVCPH Struct Reference

#include <ps.h>

Data Fields

const H266RawPictureHeaderr
void * rref
 RefStruct reference, backing ph above. More...
uint32_t max_num_subblock_merge_cand
 MaxNumSubblockMergeCand. More...
int32_t poc
 PicOrderCntVal. More...
PredWeightTable pwt

Detailed Description

Definition at line 147 of file ps.h.

Field Documentation

◆ r

const H266RawPictureHeader* VVCPH::r

Definition at line 148 of file ps.h.

Referenced by derive_cb_prof_flag_lx(), derive_scale_m(), and sh_derive().

◆ rref

void* VVCPH::rref

RefStruct reference, backing ph above.

Definition at line 149 of file ps.h.

Referenced by ff_vvc_frame_ps_free().

◆ max_num_subblock_merge_cand

uint32_t VVCPH::max_num_subblock_merge_cand


Definition at line 152 of file ps.h.

◆ poc

int32_t VVCPH::poc


Definition at line 153 of file ps.h.

Referenced by derive_mmvd(), and ff_vvc_no_backward_pred_flag().

◆ pwt

PredWeightTable VVCPH::pwt

Definition at line 154 of file ps.h.

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