[FFmpeg-user] API documentation for FFmpeg 5.0

Andreas Unterweger dustsigns at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 09:08:18 EET 2022


I am trying to find the API documentation for FFmpeg 5.0. On the
FFmpeg Web site's documentation page [1], there exist links for trunk
[2] and for some releases up to 4.1 [3]. I am looking for
documentation on version 5.0 in particular. Is there a similar link
for the API documentation of this version?
Alternatively, if there is any easy way to build the documentation
myself, where can I find information on how to do build the
documentation for the whole API? As far as I have tried, calling the
"documentation" and "install-html" targets of the Makefile only seems
to build documentation for those components which I have enabled.
However, I would like to have the API documentation of *all*
components without installing every dependency of every component just
to build the documentation.
I would be grateful for any pointers to either a way to build the
whole API documentation or to a link to the documentation of version

Thank you in advance.
Best regards,

[1] https://ffmpeg.org/documentation.html
[2] https://ffmpeg.org/doxygen/trunk/index.html
[3] https://ffmpeg.org/doxygen/4.1/index.html

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