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allcodecs.c File Reference
#include "config.h"
#include "libavutil/thread.h"
#include "avcodec.h"
#include "version.h"
#include "libavcodec/codec_list.c"

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static void av_codec_init_static (void)
const AVCodecav_codec_iterate (void **opaque)
 Iterate over all registered codecs. More...
static void av_codec_init_next (void)
av_cold void avcodec_register (AVCodec *codec)
 Register the codec codec and initialize libavcodec. More...
AVCodecav_codec_next (const AVCodec *c)
 If c is NULL, returns the first registered codec, if c is non-NULL, returns the next registered codec after c, or NULL if c is the last one. More...
void avcodec_register_all (void)
 Register all the codecs, parsers and bitstream filters which were enabled at configuration time. More...
static FF_ENABLE_DEPRECATION_WARNINGS enum AVCodecID remap_deprecated_codec_id (enum AVCodecID id)
static AVCodecfind_codec (enum AVCodecID id, int(*x)(const AVCodec *))
AVCodecavcodec_find_encoder (enum AVCodecID id)
 Find a registered encoder with a matching codec ID. More...
AVCodecavcodec_find_decoder (enum AVCodecID id)
 Find a registered decoder with a matching codec ID. More...
static AVCodecfind_codec_by_name (const char *name, int(*x)(const AVCodec *))
AVCodecavcodec_find_encoder_by_name (const char *name)
 Find a registered encoder with the specified name. More...
AVCodecavcodec_find_decoder_by_name (const char *name)
 Find a registered decoder with the specified name. More...


AVCodec ff_a64multi_encoder
AVCodec ff_a64multi5_encoder
AVCodec ff_aasc_decoder
AVCodec ff_aic_decoder
AVCodec ff_alias_pix_encoder
AVCodec ff_alias_pix_decoder
AVCodec ff_agm_decoder
AVCodec ff_amv_encoder
AVCodec ff_amv_decoder
AVCodec ff_anm_decoder
AVCodec ff_ansi_decoder
AVCodec ff_apng_encoder
AVCodec ff_apng_decoder
AVCodec ff_arbc_decoder
AVCodec ff_asv1_encoder
AVCodec ff_asv1_decoder
AVCodec ff_asv2_encoder
AVCodec ff_asv2_decoder
AVCodec ff_aura_decoder
AVCodec ff_aura2_decoder
AVCodec ff_avrp_encoder
AVCodec ff_avrp_decoder
AVCodec ff_avrn_decoder
AVCodec ff_avs_decoder
AVCodec ff_avui_encoder
AVCodec ff_avui_decoder
AVCodec ff_ayuv_encoder
AVCodec ff_ayuv_decoder
AVCodec ff_bethsoftvid_decoder
AVCodec ff_bfi_decoder
AVCodec ff_bink_decoder
AVCodec ff_bitpacked_decoder
AVCodec ff_bmp_encoder
AVCodec ff_bmp_decoder
AVCodec ff_bmv_video_decoder
AVCodec ff_brender_pix_decoder
AVCodec ff_c93_decoder
AVCodec ff_cavs_decoder
AVCodec ff_cdgraphics_decoder
AVCodec ff_cdxl_decoder
AVCodec ff_cfhd_decoder
AVCodec ff_cinepak_encoder
AVCodec ff_cinepak_decoder
AVCodec ff_clearvideo_decoder
AVCodec ff_cljr_encoder
AVCodec ff_cljr_decoder
AVCodec ff_cllc_decoder
AVCodec ff_comfortnoise_encoder
AVCodec ff_comfortnoise_decoder
AVCodec ff_cpia_decoder
AVCodec ff_cscd_decoder
AVCodec ff_cyuv_decoder
AVCodec ff_dds_decoder
AVCodec ff_dfa_decoder
AVCodec ff_dirac_decoder
AVCodec ff_dnxhd_encoder
AVCodec ff_dnxhd_decoder
AVCodec ff_dpx_encoder
AVCodec ff_dpx_decoder
AVCodec ff_dsicinvideo_decoder
AVCodec ff_dvaudio_decoder
AVCodec ff_dvvideo_encoder
AVCodec ff_dvvideo_decoder
AVCodec ff_dxa_decoder
AVCodec ff_dxtory_decoder
AVCodec ff_dxv_decoder
AVCodec ff_eacmv_decoder
AVCodec ff_eamad_decoder
AVCodec ff_eatgq_decoder
AVCodec ff_eatgv_decoder
AVCodec ff_eatqi_decoder
AVCodec ff_eightbps_decoder
AVCodec ff_eightsvx_exp_decoder
AVCodec ff_eightsvx_fib_decoder
AVCodec ff_escape124_decoder
AVCodec ff_escape130_decoder
AVCodec ff_exr_decoder
AVCodec ff_ffv1_encoder
AVCodec ff_ffv1_decoder
AVCodec ff_ffvhuff_encoder
AVCodec ff_ffvhuff_decoder
AVCodec ff_fic_decoder
AVCodec ff_fits_encoder
AVCodec ff_fits_decoder
AVCodec ff_flashsv_encoder
AVCodec ff_flashsv_decoder
AVCodec ff_flashsv2_encoder
AVCodec ff_flashsv2_decoder
AVCodec ff_flic_decoder
AVCodec ff_flv_encoder
AVCodec ff_flv_decoder
AVCodec ff_fmvc_decoder
AVCodec ff_fourxm_decoder
AVCodec ff_fraps_decoder
AVCodec ff_frwu_decoder
AVCodec ff_g2m_decoder
AVCodec ff_gdv_decoder
AVCodec ff_gif_encoder
AVCodec ff_gif_decoder
AVCodec ff_h261_encoder
AVCodec ff_h261_decoder
AVCodec ff_h263_encoder
AVCodec ff_h263_decoder
AVCodec ff_h263i_decoder
AVCodec ff_h263p_encoder
AVCodec ff_h263p_decoder
AVCodec ff_h263_v4l2m2m_decoder
AVCodec ff_h264_decoder
AVCodec ff_h264_crystalhd_decoder
AVCodec ff_h264_v4l2m2m_decoder
AVCodec ff_h264_mediacodec_decoder
AVCodec ff_h264_mmal_decoder
AVCodec ff_h264_qsv_decoder
AVCodec ff_h264_rkmpp_decoder
AVCodec ff_hap_encoder
AVCodec ff_hap_decoder
AVCodec ff_hevc_decoder
AVCodec ff_hevc_qsv_decoder
AVCodec ff_hevc_rkmpp_decoder
AVCodec ff_hevc_v4l2m2m_decoder
AVCodec ff_hnm4_video_decoder
AVCodec ff_hq_hqa_decoder
AVCodec ff_hqx_decoder
AVCodec ff_huffyuv_encoder
AVCodec ff_huffyuv_decoder
AVCodec ff_hymt_decoder
AVCodec ff_idcin_decoder
AVCodec ff_iff_ilbm_decoder
AVCodec ff_imm4_decoder
AVCodec ff_indeo2_decoder
AVCodec ff_indeo3_decoder
AVCodec ff_indeo4_decoder
AVCodec ff_indeo5_decoder
AVCodec ff_interplay_video_decoder
AVCodec ff_jpeg2000_encoder
AVCodec ff_jpeg2000_decoder
AVCodec ff_jpegls_encoder
AVCodec ff_jpegls_decoder
AVCodec ff_jv_decoder
AVCodec ff_kgv1_decoder
AVCodec ff_kmvc_decoder
AVCodec ff_lagarith_decoder
AVCodec ff_ljpeg_encoder
AVCodec ff_loco_decoder
AVCodec ff_lscr_decoder
AVCodec ff_m101_decoder
AVCodec ff_magicyuv_encoder
AVCodec ff_magicyuv_decoder
AVCodec ff_mdec_decoder
AVCodec ff_mimic_decoder
AVCodec ff_mjpeg_encoder
AVCodec ff_mjpeg_decoder
AVCodec ff_mjpegb_decoder
AVCodec ff_mmvideo_decoder
AVCodec ff_motionpixels_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg1video_encoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg1video_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg2video_encoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg2video_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg4_encoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg4_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg4_crystalhd_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg4_v4l2m2m_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg4_mmal_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpegvideo_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg1_v4l2m2m_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg2_mmal_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg2_crystalhd_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg2_v4l2m2m_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg2_qsv_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg2_mediacodec_decoder
AVCodec ff_msa1_decoder
AVCodec ff_mscc_decoder
AVCodec ff_msmpeg4v1_decoder
AVCodec ff_msmpeg4v2_encoder
AVCodec ff_msmpeg4v2_decoder
AVCodec ff_msmpeg4v3_encoder
AVCodec ff_msmpeg4v3_decoder
AVCodec ff_msmpeg4_crystalhd_decoder
AVCodec ff_msrle_decoder
AVCodec ff_mss1_decoder
AVCodec ff_mss2_decoder
AVCodec ff_msvideo1_encoder
AVCodec ff_msvideo1_decoder
AVCodec ff_mszh_decoder
AVCodec ff_mts2_decoder
AVCodec ff_mvc1_decoder
AVCodec ff_mvc2_decoder
AVCodec ff_mwsc_decoder
AVCodec ff_mxpeg_decoder
AVCodec ff_nuv_decoder
AVCodec ff_paf_video_decoder
AVCodec ff_pam_encoder
AVCodec ff_pam_decoder
AVCodec ff_pbm_encoder
AVCodec ff_pbm_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcx_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcx_decoder
AVCodec ff_pgm_encoder
AVCodec ff_pgm_decoder
AVCodec ff_pgmyuv_encoder
AVCodec ff_pgmyuv_decoder
AVCodec ff_pictor_decoder
AVCodec ff_pixlet_decoder
AVCodec ff_png_encoder
AVCodec ff_png_decoder
AVCodec ff_ppm_encoder
AVCodec ff_ppm_decoder
AVCodec ff_prores_encoder
AVCodec ff_prores_decoder
AVCodec ff_prores_aw_encoder
AVCodec ff_prores_ks_encoder
AVCodec ff_prosumer_decoder
AVCodec ff_psd_decoder
AVCodec ff_ptx_decoder
AVCodec ff_qdraw_decoder
AVCodec ff_qpeg_decoder
AVCodec ff_qtrle_encoder
AVCodec ff_qtrle_decoder
AVCodec ff_r10k_encoder
AVCodec ff_r10k_decoder
AVCodec ff_r210_encoder
AVCodec ff_r210_decoder
AVCodec ff_rasc_decoder
AVCodec ff_rawvideo_encoder
AVCodec ff_rawvideo_decoder
AVCodec ff_rl2_decoder
AVCodec ff_roq_encoder
AVCodec ff_roq_decoder
AVCodec ff_rpza_decoder
AVCodec ff_rscc_decoder
AVCodec ff_rv10_encoder
AVCodec ff_rv10_decoder
AVCodec ff_rv20_encoder
AVCodec ff_rv20_decoder
AVCodec ff_rv30_decoder
AVCodec ff_rv40_decoder
AVCodec ff_s302m_encoder
AVCodec ff_s302m_decoder
AVCodec ff_sanm_decoder
AVCodec ff_scpr_decoder
AVCodec ff_screenpresso_decoder
AVCodec ff_sdx2_dpcm_decoder
AVCodec ff_sgi_encoder
AVCodec ff_sgi_decoder
AVCodec ff_sgirle_decoder
AVCodec ff_sheervideo_decoder
AVCodec ff_smacker_decoder
AVCodec ff_smc_decoder
AVCodec ff_smvjpeg_decoder
AVCodec ff_snow_encoder
AVCodec ff_snow_decoder
AVCodec ff_sp5x_decoder
AVCodec ff_speedhq_decoder
AVCodec ff_srgc_decoder
AVCodec ff_sunrast_encoder
AVCodec ff_sunrast_decoder
AVCodec ff_svq1_encoder
AVCodec ff_svq1_decoder
AVCodec ff_svq3_decoder
AVCodec ff_targa_encoder
AVCodec ff_targa_decoder
AVCodec ff_targa_y216_decoder
AVCodec ff_tdsc_decoder
AVCodec ff_theora_decoder
AVCodec ff_thp_decoder
AVCodec ff_tiertexseqvideo_decoder
AVCodec ff_tiff_encoder
AVCodec ff_tiff_decoder
AVCodec ff_tmv_decoder
AVCodec ff_truemotion1_decoder
AVCodec ff_truemotion2_decoder
AVCodec ff_truemotion2rt_decoder
AVCodec ff_tscc_decoder
AVCodec ff_tscc2_decoder
AVCodec ff_txd_decoder
AVCodec ff_ulti_decoder
AVCodec ff_utvideo_encoder
AVCodec ff_utvideo_decoder
AVCodec ff_v210_encoder
AVCodec ff_v210_decoder
AVCodec ff_v210x_decoder
AVCodec ff_v308_encoder
AVCodec ff_v308_decoder
AVCodec ff_v408_encoder
AVCodec ff_v408_decoder
AVCodec ff_v410_encoder
AVCodec ff_v410_decoder
AVCodec ff_vb_decoder
AVCodec ff_vble_decoder
AVCodec ff_vc1_decoder
AVCodec ff_vc1_crystalhd_decoder
AVCodec ff_vc1image_decoder
AVCodec ff_vc1_mmal_decoder
AVCodec ff_vc1_qsv_decoder
AVCodec ff_vc1_v4l2m2m_decoder
AVCodec ff_vc2_encoder
AVCodec ff_vcr1_decoder
AVCodec ff_vmdvideo_decoder
AVCodec ff_vmnc_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp3_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp4_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp5_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp6_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp6a_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp6f_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp7_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp8_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp8_rkmpp_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp8_v4l2m2m_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp9_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp9_rkmpp_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp9_v4l2m2m_decoder
AVCodec ff_vqa_decoder
AVCodec ff_webp_decoder
AVCodec ff_wcmv_decoder
AVCodec ff_wrapped_avframe_encoder
AVCodec ff_wrapped_avframe_decoder
AVCodec ff_wmv1_encoder
AVCodec ff_wmv1_decoder
AVCodec ff_wmv2_encoder
AVCodec ff_wmv2_decoder
AVCodec ff_wmv3_decoder
AVCodec ff_wmv3_crystalhd_decoder
AVCodec ff_wmv3image_decoder
AVCodec ff_wnv1_decoder
AVCodec ff_xan_wc3_decoder
AVCodec ff_xan_wc4_decoder
AVCodec ff_xbm_encoder
AVCodec ff_xbm_decoder
AVCodec ff_xface_encoder
AVCodec ff_xface_decoder
AVCodec ff_xl_decoder
AVCodec ff_xpm_decoder
AVCodec ff_xwd_encoder
AVCodec ff_xwd_decoder
AVCodec ff_y41p_encoder
AVCodec ff_y41p_decoder
AVCodec ff_ylc_decoder
AVCodec ff_yop_decoder
AVCodec ff_yuv4_encoder
AVCodec ff_yuv4_decoder
AVCodec ff_zero12v_decoder
AVCodec ff_zerocodec_decoder
AVCodec ff_zlib_encoder
AVCodec ff_zlib_decoder
AVCodec ff_zmbv_encoder
AVCodec ff_zmbv_decoder
AVCodec ff_aac_encoder
AVCodec ff_aac_decoder
AVCodec ff_aac_fixed_decoder
AVCodec ff_aac_latm_decoder
AVCodec ff_ac3_encoder
AVCodec ff_ac3_decoder
AVCodec ff_ac3_fixed_encoder
AVCodec ff_ac3_fixed_decoder
AVCodec ff_alac_encoder
AVCodec ff_alac_decoder
AVCodec ff_als_decoder
AVCodec ff_amrnb_decoder
AVCodec ff_amrwb_decoder
AVCodec ff_ape_decoder
AVCodec ff_aptx_encoder
AVCodec ff_aptx_decoder
AVCodec ff_aptx_hd_encoder
AVCodec ff_aptx_hd_decoder
AVCodec ff_atrac1_decoder
AVCodec ff_atrac3_decoder
AVCodec ff_atrac3al_decoder
AVCodec ff_atrac3p_decoder
AVCodec ff_atrac3pal_decoder
AVCodec ff_atrac9_decoder
AVCodec ff_binkaudio_dct_decoder
AVCodec ff_binkaudio_rdft_decoder
AVCodec ff_bmv_audio_decoder
AVCodec ff_cook_decoder
AVCodec ff_dca_encoder
AVCodec ff_dca_decoder
AVCodec ff_dolby_e_decoder
AVCodec ff_dsd_lsbf_decoder
AVCodec ff_dsd_msbf_decoder
AVCodec ff_dsd_lsbf_planar_decoder
AVCodec ff_dsd_msbf_planar_decoder
AVCodec ff_dsicinaudio_decoder
AVCodec ff_dss_sp_decoder
AVCodec ff_dst_decoder
AVCodec ff_eac3_encoder
AVCodec ff_eac3_decoder
AVCodec ff_evrc_decoder
AVCodec ff_ffwavesynth_decoder
AVCodec ff_flac_encoder
AVCodec ff_flac_decoder
AVCodec ff_g723_1_encoder
AVCodec ff_g723_1_decoder
AVCodec ff_g729_decoder
AVCodec ff_gsm_decoder
AVCodec ff_gsm_ms_decoder
AVCodec ff_hcom_decoder
AVCodec ff_iac_decoder
AVCodec ff_ilbc_decoder
AVCodec ff_imc_decoder
AVCodec ff_interplay_acm_decoder
AVCodec ff_mace3_decoder
AVCodec ff_mace6_decoder
AVCodec ff_metasound_decoder
AVCodec ff_mlp_encoder
AVCodec ff_mlp_decoder
AVCodec ff_mp1_decoder
AVCodec ff_mp1float_decoder
AVCodec ff_mp2_encoder
AVCodec ff_mp2_decoder
AVCodec ff_mp2float_decoder
AVCodec ff_mp2fixed_encoder
AVCodec ff_mp3float_decoder
AVCodec ff_mp3_decoder
AVCodec ff_mp3adufloat_decoder
AVCodec ff_mp3adu_decoder
AVCodec ff_mp3on4float_decoder
AVCodec ff_mp3on4_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpc7_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpc8_decoder
AVCodec ff_nellymoser_encoder
AVCodec ff_nellymoser_decoder
AVCodec ff_on2avc_decoder
AVCodec ff_opus_encoder
AVCodec ff_opus_decoder
AVCodec ff_paf_audio_decoder
AVCodec ff_qcelp_decoder
AVCodec ff_qdm2_decoder
AVCodec ff_qdmc_decoder
AVCodec ff_ra_144_encoder
AVCodec ff_ra_144_decoder
AVCodec ff_ra_288_decoder
AVCodec ff_ralf_decoder
AVCodec ff_sbc_encoder
AVCodec ff_sbc_decoder
AVCodec ff_shorten_decoder
AVCodec ff_sipr_decoder
AVCodec ff_smackaud_decoder
AVCodec ff_sonic_encoder
AVCodec ff_sonic_decoder
AVCodec ff_sonic_ls_encoder
AVCodec ff_tak_decoder
AVCodec ff_truehd_encoder
AVCodec ff_truehd_decoder
AVCodec ff_truespeech_decoder
AVCodec ff_tta_encoder
AVCodec ff_tta_decoder
AVCodec ff_twinvq_decoder
AVCodec ff_vmdaudio_decoder
AVCodec ff_vorbis_encoder
AVCodec ff_vorbis_decoder
AVCodec ff_wavpack_encoder
AVCodec ff_wavpack_decoder
AVCodec ff_wmalossless_decoder
AVCodec ff_wmapro_decoder
 wmapro decoder More...
AVCodec ff_wmav1_encoder
AVCodec ff_wmav1_decoder
AVCodec ff_wmav2_encoder
AVCodec ff_wmav2_decoder
AVCodec ff_wmavoice_decoder
AVCodec ff_ws_snd1_decoder
AVCodec ff_xma1_decoder
AVCodec ff_xma2_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_alaw_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_alaw_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_bluray_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_dvd_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_dvd_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_f16le_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_f24le_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_f32be_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_f32be_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_f32le_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_f32le_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_f64be_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_f64be_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_f64le_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_f64le_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_lxf_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_mulaw_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_mulaw_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s8_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s8_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s8_planar_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s8_planar_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s16be_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s16be_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s16be_planar_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s16be_planar_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s16le_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s16le_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s16le_planar_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s16le_planar_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s24be_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s24be_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s24daud_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s24daud_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s24le_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s24le_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s24le_planar_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s24le_planar_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s32be_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s32be_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s32le_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s32le_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s32le_planar_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s32le_planar_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s64be_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s64be_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s64le_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s64le_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_u8_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_u8_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_u16be_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_u16be_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_u16le_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_u16le_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_u24be_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_u24be_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_u24le_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_u24le_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_u32be_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_u32be_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_u32le_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_u32le_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_vidc_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_vidc_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_zork_decoder
AVCodec ff_gremlin_dpcm_decoder
AVCodec ff_interplay_dpcm_decoder
AVCodec ff_roq_dpcm_encoder
AVCodec ff_roq_dpcm_decoder
AVCodec ff_sol_dpcm_decoder
AVCodec ff_xan_dpcm_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_4xm_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_adx_encoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_adx_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_afc_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_agm_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_aica_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ct_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_dtk_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ea_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ea_maxis_xa_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ea_r1_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ea_r2_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ea_r3_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ea_xas_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_g722_encoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_g722_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_g726_encoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_g726_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_g726le_encoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_g726le_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_amv_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_apc_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_dat4_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_dk3_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_dk4_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_ea_eacs_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_ea_sead_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_iss_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_oki_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_qt_encoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_qt_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_rad_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_smjpeg_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_wav_encoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_wav_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_ws_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ms_encoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ms_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_mtaf_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_psx_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_sbpro_2_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_sbpro_3_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_sbpro_4_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_swf_encoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_swf_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_thp_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_thp_le_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_vima_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_xa_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_yamaha_encoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_yamaha_decoder
AVCodec ff_ssa_encoder
AVCodec ff_ssa_decoder
AVCodec ff_ass_encoder
AVCodec ff_ass_decoder
AVCodec ff_ccaption_decoder
AVCodec ff_dvbsub_encoder
AVCodec ff_dvbsub_decoder
AVCodec ff_dvdsub_encoder
AVCodec ff_dvdsub_decoder
AVCodec ff_jacosub_decoder
AVCodec ff_microdvd_decoder
AVCodec ff_movtext_encoder
AVCodec ff_movtext_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpl2_decoder
AVCodec ff_pgssub_decoder
AVCodec ff_pjs_decoder
AVCodec ff_realtext_decoder
AVCodec ff_sami_decoder
AVCodec ff_srt_encoder
AVCodec ff_srt_decoder
AVCodec ff_stl_decoder
AVCodec ff_subrip_encoder
AVCodec ff_subrip_decoder
AVCodec ff_subviewer_decoder
AVCodec ff_subviewer1_decoder
AVCodec ff_text_encoder
AVCodec ff_text_decoder
AVCodec ff_vplayer_decoder
AVCodec ff_webvtt_encoder
AVCodec ff_webvtt_decoder
AVCodec ff_xsub_encoder
AVCodec ff_xsub_decoder
AVCodec ff_aac_at_encoder
AVCodec ff_aac_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_ac3_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_qt_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_alac_at_encoder
AVCodec ff_alac_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_amr_nb_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_eac3_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_gsm_ms_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_ilbc_at_encoder
AVCodec ff_ilbc_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_mp1_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_mp2_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_mp3_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_alaw_at_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_alaw_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_mulaw_at_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_mulaw_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_qdmc_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_qdm2_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_libaom_av1_decoder
AVCodec ff_libaom_av1_encoder
AVCodec ff_libaribb24_decoder
AVCodec ff_libcelt_decoder
AVCodec ff_libcodec2_encoder
AVCodec ff_libcodec2_decoder
AVCodec ff_libdav1d_decoder
AVCodec ff_libdavs2_decoder
AVCodec ff_libfdk_aac_encoder
AVCodec ff_libfdk_aac_decoder
AVCodec ff_libgsm_encoder
AVCodec ff_libgsm_decoder
AVCodec ff_libgsm_ms_encoder
AVCodec ff_libgsm_ms_decoder
AVCodec ff_libilbc_encoder
AVCodec ff_libilbc_decoder
AVCodec ff_libmp3lame_encoder
AVCodec ff_libopencore_amrnb_encoder
AVCodec ff_libopencore_amrnb_decoder
AVCodec ff_libopencore_amrwb_decoder
AVCodec ff_libopenjpeg_encoder
AVCodec ff_libopenjpeg_decoder
AVCodec ff_libopus_encoder
AVCodec ff_libopus_decoder
AVCodec ff_librsvg_decoder
AVCodec ff_libshine_encoder
AVCodec ff_libspeex_encoder
AVCodec ff_libspeex_decoder
AVCodec ff_libtheora_encoder
 AVCodec struct exposed to libavcodec. More...
AVCodec ff_libtwolame_encoder
AVCodec ff_libvo_amrwbenc_encoder
AVCodec ff_libvorbis_encoder
AVCodec ff_libvorbis_decoder
AVCodec ff_libvpx_vp8_encoder
AVCodec ff_libvpx_vp8_decoder
AVCodec ff_libvpx_vp9_encoder
AVCodec ff_libvpx_vp9_decoder
AVCodec ff_libwavpack_encoder
AVCodec ff_libwebp_anim_encoder
AVCodec ff_libwebp_encoder
AVCodec ff_libx262_encoder
AVCodec ff_libx264_encoder
AVCodec ff_libx264rgb_encoder
AVCodec ff_libx265_encoder
AVCodec ff_libxavs_encoder
AVCodec ff_libxavs2_encoder
AVCodec ff_libxvid_encoder
AVCodec ff_libzvbi_teletext_decoder
AVCodec ff_bintext_decoder
AVCodec ff_xbin_decoder
AVCodec ff_idf_decoder
AVCodec ff_h263_v4l2m2m_encoder
AVCodec ff_libopenh264_encoder
AVCodec ff_libopenh264_decoder
AVCodec ff_h264_amf_encoder
AVCodec ff_h264_cuvid_decoder
AVCodec ff_h264_nvenc_encoder
AVCodec ff_h264_omx_encoder
AVCodec ff_h264_qsv_encoder
AVCodec ff_h264_v4l2m2m_encoder
AVCodec ff_h264_vaapi_encoder
AVCodec ff_h264_videotoolbox_encoder
AVCodec ff_nvenc_encoder
AVCodec ff_nvenc_h264_encoder
AVCodec ff_nvenc_hevc_encoder
AVCodec ff_hevc_amf_encoder
AVCodec ff_hevc_cuvid_decoder
AVCodec ff_hevc_mediacodec_decoder
AVCodec ff_hevc_nvenc_encoder
AVCodec ff_hevc_qsv_encoder
AVCodec ff_hevc_v4l2m2m_encoder
AVCodec ff_hevc_vaapi_encoder
AVCodec ff_hevc_videotoolbox_encoder
AVCodec ff_libkvazaar_encoder
AVCodec ff_mjpeg_cuvid_decoder
AVCodec ff_mjpeg_qsv_encoder
AVCodec ff_mjpeg_vaapi_encoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg1_cuvid_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg2_cuvid_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg2_qsv_encoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg2_vaapi_encoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg4_cuvid_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg4_mediacodec_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg4_v4l2m2m_encoder
AVCodec ff_vc1_cuvid_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp8_cuvid_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp8_mediacodec_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp8_qsv_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp8_v4l2m2m_encoder
AVCodec ff_vp8_vaapi_encoder
AVCodec ff_vp9_cuvid_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp9_mediacodec_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp9_vaapi_encoder
static AVOnce av_codec_static_init = AV_ONCE_INIT

Detailed Description

Provide registration of all codecs, parsers and bitstream filters for libavcodec.

Definition in file allcodecs.c.

Function Documentation

◆ av_codec_init_static()

static void av_codec_init_static ( void  )

Definition at line 795 of file allcodecs.c.

Referenced by av_codec_iterate().

◆ av_codec_init_next()

static void av_codec_init_next ( void  )

Definition at line 820 of file allcodecs.c.

Referenced by av_codec_next(), avcodec_register(), and avcodec_register_all().

◆ remap_deprecated_codec_id()

static FF_ENABLE_DEPRECATION_WARNINGS enum AVCodecID remap_deprecated_codec_id ( enum AVCodecID  id)

Definition at line 855 of file allcodecs.c.

Referenced by find_codec().

◆ find_codec()

static AVCodec* find_codec ( enum AVCodecID  id,
int(*)(const AVCodec *)  x 

Definition at line 864 of file allcodecs.c.

Referenced by avcodec_find_decoder(), and avcodec_find_encoder().

◆ find_codec_by_name()

static AVCodec* find_codec_by_name ( const char *  name,
int(*)(const AVCodec *)  x 

Definition at line 895 of file allcodecs.c.

Referenced by avcodec_find_decoder_by_name(), and avcodec_find_encoder_by_name().

Variable Documentation

◆ ff_a64multi_encoder

AVCodec ff_a64multi_encoder

◆ ff_a64multi5_encoder

AVCodec ff_a64multi5_encoder

◆ ff_aasc_decoder

AVCodec ff_aasc_decoder

Definition at line 152 of file aasc.c.

◆ ff_aic_decoder

AVCodec ff_aic_decoder

Definition at line 497 of file aic.c.

◆ ff_alias_pix_encoder

AVCodec ff_alias_pix_encoder

Definition at line 113 of file aliaspixenc.c.

◆ ff_alias_pix_decoder

AVCodec ff_alias_pix_decoder

Definition at line 124 of file aliaspixdec.c.

◆ ff_agm_decoder

AVCodec ff_agm_decoder

Definition at line 1286 of file agm.c.

◆ ff_amv_encoder

AVCodec ff_amv_encoder

◆ ff_amv_decoder

AVCodec ff_amv_decoder

◆ ff_anm_decoder

AVCodec ff_anm_decoder

Definition at line 195 of file anm.c.

◆ ff_ansi_decoder

AVCodec ff_ansi_decoder

Definition at line 482 of file ansi.c.

◆ ff_apng_encoder

AVCodec ff_apng_encoder

Definition at line 1161 of file pngenc.c.

◆ ff_apng_decoder

AVCodec ff_apng_decoder

◆ ff_arbc_decoder

AVCodec ff_arbc_decoder

Definition at line 215 of file arbc.c.

◆ ff_asv1_encoder

AVCodec ff_asv1_encoder

◆ ff_asv1_decoder

AVCodec ff_asv1_decoder

◆ ff_asv2_encoder

AVCodec ff_asv2_encoder

◆ ff_asv2_decoder

AVCodec ff_asv2_decoder

◆ ff_aura_decoder

AVCodec ff_aura_decoder

◆ ff_aura2_decoder

AVCodec ff_aura2_decoder

Definition at line 100 of file aura.c.

◆ ff_avrp_encoder

AVCodec ff_avrp_encoder

◆ ff_avrp_decoder

AVCodec ff_avrp_decoder

◆ ff_avrn_decoder

AVCodec ff_avrn_decoder

Definition at line 162 of file avrndec.c.

◆ ff_avs_decoder

AVCodec ff_avs_decoder

Definition at line 179 of file avs.c.

◆ ff_avui_encoder

AVCodec ff_avui_encoder

Definition at line 94 of file avuienc.c.

◆ ff_avui_decoder

AVCodec ff_avui_decoder

Definition at line 122 of file avuidec.c.

◆ ff_ayuv_encoder

AVCodec ff_ayuv_encoder

◆ ff_ayuv_decoder

AVCodec ff_ayuv_decoder

◆ ff_bethsoftvid_decoder

AVCodec ff_bethsoftvid_decoder

Definition at line 161 of file bethsoftvideo.c.

◆ ff_bfi_decoder

AVCodec ff_bfi_decoder

Definition at line 178 of file bfi.c.

◆ ff_bink_decoder

AVCodec ff_bink_decoder

Definition at line 1382 of file bink.c.

◆ ff_bitpacked_decoder

AVCodec ff_bitpacked_decoder

Definition at line 140 of file bitpacked.c.

◆ ff_bmp_encoder

AVCodec ff_bmp_encoder

Definition at line 166 of file bmpenc.c.

◆ ff_bmp_decoder

AVCodec ff_bmp_decoder

Definition at line 368 of file bmp.c.

◆ ff_bmv_video_decoder

AVCodec ff_bmv_video_decoder

Definition at line 288 of file bmvvideo.c.

◆ ff_brender_pix_decoder

AVCodec ff_brender_pix_decoder

Definition at line 288 of file brenderpix.c.

◆ ff_c93_decoder

AVCodec ff_c93_decoder

Definition at line 262 of file c93.c.

◆ ff_cavs_decoder

AVCodec ff_cavs_decoder

Definition at line 1292 of file cavsdec.c.

◆ ff_cdgraphics_decoder

AVCodec ff_cdgraphics_decoder

Definition at line 377 of file cdgraphics.c.

◆ ff_cdxl_decoder

AVCodec ff_cdxl_decoder

Definition at line 327 of file cdxl.c.

◆ ff_cfhd_decoder

AVCodec ff_cfhd_decoder

Definition at line 961 of file cfhd.c.

◆ ff_cinepak_encoder

AVCodec ff_cinepak_encoder

Definition at line 1198 of file cinepakenc.c.

◆ ff_cinepak_decoder

AVCodec ff_cinepak_decoder

Definition at line 515 of file cinepak.c.

◆ ff_clearvideo_decoder

AVCodec ff_clearvideo_decoder

Definition at line 906 of file clearvideo.c.

◆ ff_cljr_encoder

AVCodec ff_cljr_encoder

Definition at line 112 of file cljrenc.c.

◆ ff_cljr_decoder

AVCodec ff_cljr_decoder

Definition at line 85 of file cljrdec.c.

◆ ff_cllc_decoder

AVCodec ff_cllc_decoder

Definition at line 522 of file cllc.c.

◆ ff_comfortnoise_encoder

AVCodec ff_comfortnoise_encoder

Definition at line 105 of file cngenc.c.

◆ ff_comfortnoise_decoder

AVCodec ff_comfortnoise_decoder

Definition at line 164 of file cngdec.c.

◆ ff_cpia_decoder

AVCodec ff_cpia_decoder

Definition at line 224 of file cpia.c.

◆ ff_cscd_decoder

AVCodec ff_cscd_decoder

Definition at line 169 of file cscd.c.

◆ ff_cyuv_decoder

AVCodec ff_cyuv_decoder

◆ ff_dds_decoder

AVCodec ff_dds_decoder

Definition at line 751 of file dds.c.

◆ ff_dfa_decoder

AVCodec ff_dfa_decoder

Definition at line 417 of file dfa.c.

◆ ff_dirac_decoder

AVCodec ff_dirac_decoder

Definition at line 2361 of file diracdec.c.

◆ ff_dnxhd_encoder

AVCodec ff_dnxhd_encoder

Definition at line 1390 of file dnxhdenc.c.

◆ ff_dnxhd_decoder

AVCodec ff_dnxhd_decoder

Definition at line 736 of file dnxhddec.c.

◆ ff_dpx_encoder

AVCodec ff_dpx_encoder

Definition at line 279 of file dpxenc.c.

◆ ff_dpx_decoder

AVCodec ff_dpx_decoder

Definition at line 502 of file dpx.c.

◆ ff_dsicinvideo_decoder

AVCodec ff_dsicinvideo_decoder

Definition at line 325 of file dsicinvideo.c.

◆ ff_dvaudio_decoder

AVCodec ff_dvaudio_decoder

Definition at line 124 of file dvaudiodec.c.

◆ ff_dvvideo_encoder

AVCodec ff_dvvideo_encoder

Definition at line 770 of file dvenc.c.

◆ ff_dvvideo_decoder

AVCodec ff_dvvideo_decoder

Definition at line 565 of file dvdec.c.

◆ ff_dxa_decoder

AVCodec ff_dxa_decoder

Definition at line 364 of file dxa.c.

◆ ff_dxtory_decoder

AVCodec ff_dxtory_decoder

Definition at line 630 of file dxtory.c.

◆ ff_dxv_decoder

AVCodec ff_dxv_decoder

Definition at line 1265 of file dxv.c.

◆ ff_eacmv_decoder

AVCodec ff_eacmv_decoder

Definition at line 236 of file eacmv.c.

◆ ff_eamad_decoder

AVCodec ff_eamad_decoder

Definition at line 342 of file eamad.c.

◆ ff_eatgq_decoder

AVCodec ff_eatgq_decoder

Definition at line 247 of file eatgq.c.

◆ ff_eatgv_decoder

AVCodec ff_eatgv_decoder

Definition at line 362 of file eatgv.c.

◆ ff_eatqi_decoder

AVCodec ff_eatqi_decoder

Definition at line 182 of file eatqi.c.

◆ ff_eightbps_decoder

AVCodec ff_eightbps_decoder

Definition at line 184 of file 8bps.c.

◆ ff_eightsvx_exp_decoder

AVCodec ff_eightsvx_exp_decoder

◆ ff_eightsvx_fib_decoder

AVCodec ff_eightsvx_fib_decoder

◆ ff_escape124_decoder

AVCodec ff_escape124_decoder

Definition at line 379 of file escape124.c.

◆ ff_escape130_decoder

AVCodec ff_escape130_decoder

Definition at line 351 of file escape130.c.

◆ ff_exr_decoder

AVCodec ff_exr_decoder

Definition at line 1973 of file exr.c.

◆ ff_ffv1_encoder

AVCodec ff_ffv1_encoder

Definition at line 1314 of file ffv1enc.c.

◆ ff_ffv1_decoder

AVCodec ff_ffv1_decoder

Definition at line 1089 of file ffv1dec.c.

◆ ff_ffvhuff_encoder

AVCodec ff_ffvhuff_encoder

◆ ff_ffvhuff_decoder

AVCodec ff_ffvhuff_decoder

◆ ff_fic_decoder

AVCodec ff_fic_decoder

Definition at line 485 of file fic.c.

◆ ff_fits_encoder

AVCodec ff_fits_encoder

Definition at line 116 of file fitsenc.c.

◆ ff_fits_decoder

AVCodec ff_fits_decoder

Definition at line 323 of file fitsdec.c.

◆ ff_flashsv_encoder

AVCodec ff_flashsv_encoder

Definition at line 281 of file flashsvenc.c.

◆ ff_flashsv_decoder

AVCodec ff_flashsv_decoder

◆ ff_flashsv2_encoder

AVCodec ff_flashsv2_encoder

Definition at line 912 of file flashsv2enc.c.

◆ ff_flashsv2_decoder

AVCodec ff_flashsv2_decoder

◆ ff_flic_decoder

AVCodec ff_flic_decoder

Definition at line 1107 of file flicvideo.c.

◆ ff_flv_encoder

AVCodec ff_flv_encoder

Definition at line 101 of file flvenc.c.

◆ ff_flv_decoder

AVCodec ff_flv_decoder

Definition at line 116 of file flvdec.c.

◆ ff_fmvc_decoder

AVCodec ff_fmvc_decoder

Definition at line 627 of file fmvc.c.

◆ ff_fourxm_decoder

AVCodec ff_fourxm_decoder

Definition at line 1027 of file 4xm.c.

◆ ff_fraps_decoder

AVCodec ff_fraps_decoder

Definition at line 341 of file fraps.c.

◆ ff_frwu_decoder

AVCodec ff_frwu_decoder

Definition at line 118 of file frwu.c.

◆ ff_g2m_decoder

AVCodec ff_g2m_decoder

Definition at line 1645 of file g2meet.c.

◆ ff_gdv_decoder

AVCodec ff_gdv_decoder

Definition at line 564 of file gdv.c.

◆ ff_gif_encoder

AVCodec ff_gif_encoder

Definition at line 486 of file gif.c.

◆ ff_gif_decoder

AVCodec ff_gif_decoder

Definition at line 562 of file gifdec.c.

◆ ff_h261_encoder

AVCodec ff_h261_encoder

Definition at line 388 of file h261enc.c.

◆ ff_h261_decoder

AVCodec ff_h261_decoder

Definition at line 679 of file h261dec.c.

◆ ff_h263_encoder

AVCodec ff_h263_encoder

Definition at line 4810 of file mpegvideo_enc.c.

◆ ff_h263_decoder

AVCodec ff_h263_decoder

Definition at line 762 of file h263dec.c.

◆ ff_h263i_decoder

AVCodec ff_h263i_decoder

Definition at line 131 of file intelh263dec.c.

◆ ff_h263p_encoder

AVCodec ff_h263p_encoder

Definition at line 4838 of file mpegvideo_enc.c.

◆ ff_h263p_decoder

AVCodec ff_h263p_decoder

Definition at line 780 of file h263dec.c.

◆ ff_h263_v4l2m2m_decoder

AVCodec ff_h263_v4l2m2m_decoder

◆ ff_h264_decoder

AVCodec ff_h264_decoder

Definition at line 1050 of file h264dec.c.

◆ ff_h264_crystalhd_decoder

AVCodec ff_h264_crystalhd_decoder

◆ ff_h264_v4l2m2m_decoder

AVCodec ff_h264_v4l2m2m_decoder

◆ ff_h264_mediacodec_decoder

AVCodec ff_h264_mediacodec_decoder

◆ ff_h264_mmal_decoder

AVCodec ff_h264_mmal_decoder

◆ ff_h264_qsv_decoder

AVCodec ff_h264_qsv_decoder

◆ ff_h264_rkmpp_decoder

AVCodec ff_h264_rkmpp_decoder

◆ ff_hap_encoder

AVCodec ff_hap_encoder

Definition at line 352 of file hapenc.c.

◆ ff_hap_decoder

AVCodec ff_hap_decoder

Definition at line 481 of file hapdec.c.

◆ ff_hevc_decoder

AVCodec ff_hevc_decoder

Definition at line 3562 of file hevcdec.c.

◆ ff_hevc_qsv_decoder

AVCodec ff_hevc_qsv_decoder

◆ ff_hevc_rkmpp_decoder

AVCodec ff_hevc_rkmpp_decoder

◆ ff_hevc_v4l2m2m_decoder

AVCodec ff_hevc_v4l2m2m_decoder

◆ ff_hnm4_video_decoder

AVCodec ff_hnm4_video_decoder

Definition at line 512 of file hnm4video.c.

◆ ff_hq_hqa_decoder

AVCodec ff_hq_hqa_decoder

Definition at line 384 of file hq_hqa.c.

◆ ff_hqx_decoder

AVCodec ff_hqx_decoder

Definition at line 535 of file hqx.c.

◆ ff_huffyuv_encoder

AVCodec ff_huffyuv_encoder

Definition at line 1085 of file huffyuvenc.c.

◆ ff_huffyuv_decoder

AVCodec ff_huffyuv_decoder

Definition at line 1302 of file huffyuvdec.c.

◆ ff_hymt_decoder

AVCodec ff_hymt_decoder

◆ ff_idcin_decoder

AVCodec ff_idcin_decoder

Definition at line 251 of file idcinvideo.c.

◆ ff_iff_ilbm_decoder

AVCodec ff_iff_ilbm_decoder

◆ ff_imm4_decoder

AVCodec ff_imm4_decoder

Definition at line 544 of file imm4.c.

◆ ff_indeo2_decoder

AVCodec ff_indeo2_decoder

Definition at line 269 of file indeo2.c.

◆ ff_indeo3_decoder

AVCodec ff_indeo3_decoder

Definition at line 1136 of file indeo3.c.

◆ ff_indeo4_decoder

AVCodec ff_indeo4_decoder

Definition at line 706 of file indeo4.c.

◆ ff_indeo5_decoder

AVCodec ff_indeo5_decoder

Definition at line 685 of file indeo5.c.

◆ ff_interplay_video_decoder

AVCodec ff_interplay_video_decoder

Definition at line 1377 of file interplayvideo.c.

◆ ff_jpeg2000_encoder

AVCodec ff_jpeg2000_encoder

Definition at line 1244 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ ff_jpeg2000_decoder

AVCodec ff_jpeg2000_decoder

Definition at line 2281 of file jpeg2000dec.c.

◆ ff_jpegls_encoder

AVCodec ff_jpegls_encoder

Definition at line 466 of file jpeglsenc.c.

◆ ff_jpegls_decoder

AVCodec ff_jpegls_decoder

Definition at line 535 of file jpeglsdec.c.

◆ ff_jv_decoder

AVCodec ff_jv_decoder

Definition at line 236 of file jvdec.c.

◆ ff_kgv1_decoder

AVCodec ff_kgv1_decoder

Definition at line 179 of file kgv1dec.c.

◆ ff_kmvc_decoder

AVCodec ff_kmvc_decoder

Definition at line 419 of file kmvc.c.

◆ ff_lagarith_decoder

AVCodec ff_lagarith_decoder

Definition at line 725 of file lagarith.c.

◆ ff_ljpeg_encoder

AVCodec ff_ljpeg_encoder

Definition at line 353 of file ljpegenc.c.

◆ ff_loco_decoder

AVCodec ff_loco_decoder

Definition at line 340 of file loco.c.

◆ ff_lscr_decoder

AVCodec ff_lscr_decoder

◆ ff_m101_decoder

AVCodec ff_m101_decoder

Definition at line 108 of file m101.c.

◆ ff_magicyuv_encoder

AVCodec ff_magicyuv_encoder

Definition at line 574 of file magicyuvenc.c.

◆ ff_magicyuv_decoder

AVCodec ff_magicyuv_decoder

Definition at line 809 of file magicyuv.c.

◆ ff_mdec_decoder

AVCodec ff_mdec_decoder

Definition at line 264 of file mdec.c.

◆ ff_mimic_decoder

AVCodec ff_mimic_decoder

Definition at line 472 of file mimic.c.

◆ ff_mjpeg_encoder

AVCodec ff_mjpeg_encoder

◆ ff_mjpeg_decoder

AVCodec ff_mjpeg_decoder

◆ ff_mjpegb_decoder

AVCodec ff_mjpegb_decoder

Definition at line 158 of file mjpegbdec.c.

◆ ff_mmvideo_decoder

AVCodec ff_mmvideo_decoder

Definition at line 241 of file mmvideo.c.

◆ ff_motionpixels_decoder

AVCodec ff_motionpixels_decoder

Definition at line 347 of file motionpixels.c.

◆ ff_mpeg1video_encoder

AVCodec ff_mpeg1video_encoder

◆ ff_mpeg1video_decoder

AVCodec ff_mpeg1video_decoder

Definition at line 2868 of file mpeg12dec.c.

◆ ff_mpeg2video_encoder

AVCodec ff_mpeg2video_encoder

Definition at line 1199 of file mpeg12enc.c.

◆ ff_mpeg2video_decoder

AVCodec ff_mpeg2video_decoder

Definition at line 2901 of file mpeg12dec.c.

◆ ff_mpeg4_encoder

AVCodec ff_mpeg4_encoder

Definition at line 1391 of file mpeg4videoenc.c.

◆ ff_mpeg4_decoder

AVCodec ff_mpeg4_decoder

Definition at line 3570 of file mpeg4videodec.c.

◆ ff_mpeg4_crystalhd_decoder

AVCodec ff_mpeg4_crystalhd_decoder

◆ ff_mpeg4_v4l2m2m_decoder

AVCodec ff_mpeg4_v4l2m2m_decoder

◆ ff_mpeg4_mmal_decoder

AVCodec ff_mpeg4_mmal_decoder

◆ ff_mpegvideo_decoder

AVCodec ff_mpegvideo_decoder

Definition at line 2947 of file mpeg12dec.c.

◆ ff_mpeg1_v4l2m2m_decoder

AVCodec ff_mpeg1_v4l2m2m_decoder

◆ ff_mpeg2_mmal_decoder

AVCodec ff_mpeg2_mmal_decoder

◆ ff_mpeg2_crystalhd_decoder

AVCodec ff_mpeg2_crystalhd_decoder

◆ ff_mpeg2_v4l2m2m_decoder

AVCodec ff_mpeg2_v4l2m2m_decoder

◆ ff_mpeg2_qsv_decoder

AVCodec ff_mpeg2_qsv_decoder

◆ ff_mpeg2_mediacodec_decoder

AVCodec ff_mpeg2_mediacodec_decoder

◆ ff_msa1_decoder

AVCodec ff_msa1_decoder

Definition at line 869 of file mss3.c.

◆ ff_mscc_decoder

AVCodec ff_mscc_decoder

Definition at line 254 of file mscc.c.

◆ ff_msmpeg4v1_decoder

AVCodec ff_msmpeg4v1_decoder

Definition at line 881 of file msmpeg4dec.c.

◆ ff_msmpeg4v2_encoder

AVCodec ff_msmpeg4v2_encoder

Definition at line 4859 of file mpegvideo_enc.c.

◆ ff_msmpeg4v2_decoder

AVCodec ff_msmpeg4v2_decoder

Definition at line 899 of file msmpeg4dec.c.

◆ ff_msmpeg4v3_encoder

AVCodec ff_msmpeg4v3_encoder

Definition at line 4879 of file mpegvideo_enc.c.

◆ ff_msmpeg4v3_decoder

AVCodec ff_msmpeg4v3_decoder

Definition at line 917 of file msmpeg4dec.c.

◆ ff_msmpeg4_crystalhd_decoder

AVCodec ff_msmpeg4_crystalhd_decoder

◆ ff_msrle_decoder

AVCodec ff_msrle_decoder

Definition at line 166 of file msrle.c.

◆ ff_mss1_decoder

AVCodec ff_mss1_decoder

Definition at line 221 of file mss1.c.

◆ ff_mss2_decoder

AVCodec ff_mss2_decoder

Definition at line 852 of file mss2.c.

◆ ff_msvideo1_encoder

AVCodec ff_msvideo1_encoder

Definition at line 295 of file msvideo1enc.c.

◆ ff_msvideo1_decoder

AVCodec ff_msvideo1_decoder

Definition at line 351 of file msvideo1.c.

◆ ff_mszh_decoder

AVCodec ff_mszh_decoder

◆ ff_mts2_decoder

AVCodec ff_mts2_decoder

Definition at line 675 of file mss4.c.

◆ ff_mvc1_decoder

AVCodec ff_mvc1_decoder

◆ ff_mvc2_decoder

AVCodec ff_mvc2_decoder

◆ ff_mwsc_decoder

AVCodec ff_mwsc_decoder

Definition at line 180 of file mwsc.c.

◆ ff_mxpeg_decoder

AVCodec ff_mxpeg_decoder

Definition at line 347 of file mxpegdec.c.

◆ ff_nuv_decoder

AVCodec ff_nuv_decoder

Definition at line 363 of file nuv.c.

◆ ff_paf_video_decoder

AVCodec ff_paf_video_decoder

Definition at line 406 of file pafvideo.c.

◆ ff_pam_encoder

AVCodec ff_pam_encoder

Definition at line 142 of file pamenc.c.

◆ ff_pam_decoder

AVCodec ff_pam_decoder

◆ ff_pbm_encoder

AVCodec ff_pbm_encoder

◆ ff_pbm_decoder

AVCodec ff_pbm_decoder

◆ ff_pcx_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcx_encoder

Definition at line 207 of file pcxenc.c.

◆ ff_pcx_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcx_decoder

Definition at line 252 of file pcx.c.

◆ ff_pgm_encoder

AVCodec ff_pgm_encoder

◆ ff_pgm_decoder

AVCodec ff_pgm_decoder

◆ ff_pgmyuv_encoder

AVCodec ff_pgmyuv_encoder

◆ ff_pgmyuv_decoder

AVCodec ff_pgmyuv_decoder

◆ ff_pictor_decoder

AVCodec ff_pictor_decoder

Definition at line 270 of file pictordec.c.

◆ ff_pixlet_decoder

AVCodec ff_pixlet_decoder

Definition at line 693 of file pixlet.c.

◆ ff_png_encoder

AVCodec ff_png_encoder

Definition at line 1140 of file pngenc.c.

◆ ff_png_decoder

AVCodec ff_png_decoder

◆ ff_ppm_encoder

AVCodec ff_ppm_encoder

◆ ff_ppm_decoder

AVCodec ff_ppm_decoder

◆ ff_prores_encoder

AVCodec ff_prores_encoder

Definition at line 960 of file proresenc_anatoliy.c.

◆ ff_prores_decoder

AVCodec ff_prores_decoder

Definition at line 830 of file proresdec2.c.

◆ ff_prores_aw_encoder

AVCodec ff_prores_aw_encoder

Definition at line 945 of file proresenc_anatoliy.c.

◆ ff_prores_ks_encoder

AVCodec ff_prores_ks_encoder

Definition at line 1422 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ ff_prosumer_decoder

AVCodec ff_prosumer_decoder

Definition at line 368 of file prosumer.c.

◆ ff_psd_decoder

AVCodec ff_psd_decoder

Definition at line 550 of file psd.c.

◆ ff_ptx_decoder

AVCodec ff_ptx_decoder

Definition at line 88 of file ptx.c.

◆ ff_qdraw_decoder

AVCodec ff_qdraw_decoder

Definition at line 517 of file qdrw.c.

◆ ff_qpeg_decoder

AVCodec ff_qpeg_decoder

Definition at line 358 of file qpeg.c.

◆ ff_qtrle_encoder

AVCodec ff_qtrle_encoder

Definition at line 403 of file qtrleenc.c.

◆ ff_qtrle_decoder

AVCodec ff_qtrle_decoder

Definition at line 566 of file qtrle.c.

◆ ff_r10k_encoder

AVCodec ff_r10k_encoder

◆ ff_r10k_decoder

AVCodec ff_r10k_decoder

◆ ff_r210_encoder

AVCodec ff_r210_encoder

◆ ff_r210_decoder

AVCodec ff_r210_decoder

◆ ff_rasc_decoder

AVCodec ff_rasc_decoder

Definition at line 806 of file rasc.c.

◆ ff_rawvideo_encoder

AVCodec ff_rawvideo_encoder

Definition at line 88 of file rawenc.c.

◆ ff_rawvideo_decoder

AVCodec ff_rawvideo_decoder

Definition at line 498 of file rawdec.c.

◆ ff_rl2_decoder

AVCodec ff_rl2_decoder

Definition at line 221 of file rl2.c.

◆ ff_roq_encoder

AVCodec ff_roq_encoder

Definition at line 1126 of file roqvideoenc.c.

◆ ff_roq_decoder

AVCodec ff_roq_decoder

Definition at line 241 of file roqvideodec.c.

◆ ff_rpza_decoder

AVCodec ff_rpza_decoder

Definition at line 289 of file rpza.c.

◆ ff_rscc_decoder

AVCodec ff_rscc_decoder

Definition at line 373 of file rscc.c.

◆ ff_rv10_encoder

AVCodec ff_rv10_encoder

Definition at line 73 of file rv10enc.c.

◆ ff_rv10_decoder

AVCodec ff_rv10_decoder

Definition at line 791 of file rv10.c.

◆ ff_rv20_encoder

AVCodec ff_rv20_encoder

Definition at line 70 of file rv20enc.c.

◆ ff_rv20_decoder

AVCodec ff_rv20_decoder

Definition at line 808 of file rv10.c.

◆ ff_rv30_decoder

AVCodec ff_rv30_decoder

Definition at line 291 of file rv30.c.

◆ ff_rv40_decoder

AVCodec ff_rv40_decoder

Definition at line 570 of file rv40.c.

◆ ff_s302m_encoder

AVCodec ff_s302m_encoder

Definition at line 170 of file s302menc.c.

◆ ff_s302m_decoder

AVCodec ff_s302m_decoder

Definition at line 221 of file s302m.c.

◆ ff_sanm_decoder

AVCodec ff_sanm_decoder

Definition at line 1518 of file sanm.c.

◆ ff_scpr_decoder

AVCodec ff_scpr_decoder

Definition at line 667 of file scpr.c.

◆ ff_screenpresso_decoder

AVCodec ff_screenpresso_decoder

Definition at line 185 of file screenpresso.c.

◆ ff_sdx2_dpcm_decoder

AVCodec ff_sdx2_dpcm_decoder

◆ ff_sgi_encoder

AVCodec ff_sgi_encoder

Definition at line 279 of file sgienc.c.

◆ ff_sgi_decoder

AVCodec ff_sgi_decoder

Definition at line 291 of file sgidec.c.

◆ ff_sgirle_decoder

AVCodec ff_sgirle_decoder

Definition at line 134 of file sgirledec.c.

◆ ff_sheervideo_decoder

AVCodec ff_sheervideo_decoder

Definition at line 2089 of file sheervideo.c.

◆ ff_smacker_decoder

AVCodec ff_smacker_decoder

Definition at line 818 of file smacker.c.

◆ ff_smc_decoder

AVCodec ff_smc_decoder

Definition at line 477 of file smc.c.

◆ ff_smvjpeg_decoder

AVCodec ff_smvjpeg_decoder

Definition at line 215 of file smvjpegdec.c.

◆ ff_snow_encoder

AVCodec ff_snow_encoder

Definition at line 1949 of file snowenc.c.

◆ ff_snow_decoder

AVCodec ff_snow_decoder

Definition at line 662 of file snowdec.c.

◆ ff_sp5x_decoder

AVCodec ff_sp5x_decoder

◆ ff_speedhq_decoder

AVCodec ff_speedhq_decoder

Definition at line 676 of file speedhq.c.

◆ ff_srgc_decoder

AVCodec ff_srgc_decoder

Definition at line 267 of file mscc.c.

◆ ff_sunrast_encoder

AVCodec ff_sunrast_encoder

Definition at line 234 of file sunrastenc.c.

◆ ff_sunrast_decoder

AVCodec ff_sunrast_decoder

Definition at line 208 of file sunrast.c.

◆ ff_svq1_encoder

AVCodec ff_svq1_encoder

Definition at line 685 of file svq1enc.c.

◆ ff_svq1_decoder

AVCodec ff_svq1_decoder

Definition at line 838 of file svq1dec.c.

◆ ff_svq3_decoder

AVCodec ff_svq3_decoder

Definition at line 1646 of file svq3.c.

◆ ff_targa_encoder

AVCodec ff_targa_encoder

Definition at line 219 of file targaenc.c.

◆ ff_targa_decoder

AVCodec ff_targa_decoder

Definition at line 300 of file targa.c.

◆ ff_targa_y216_decoder

AVCodec ff_targa_y216_decoder

Definition at line 76 of file targa_y216dec.c.

◆ ff_tdsc_decoder

AVCodec ff_tdsc_decoder

Definition at line 617 of file tdsc.c.

◆ ff_theora_decoder

AVCodec ff_theora_decoder

◆ ff_thp_decoder

AVCodec ff_thp_decoder

◆ ff_tiertexseqvideo_decoder

AVCodec ff_tiertexseqvideo_decoder

Definition at line 264 of file tiertexseqv.c.

◆ ff_tiff_encoder

AVCodec ff_tiff_encoder

Definition at line 577 of file tiffenc.c.

◆ ff_tiff_decoder

AVCodec ff_tiff_decoder

Definition at line 1743 of file tiff.c.

◆ ff_tmv_decoder

AVCodec ff_tmv_decoder

Definition at line 89 of file tmv.c.

◆ ff_truemotion1_decoder

AVCodec ff_truemotion1_decoder

Definition at line 915 of file truemotion1.c.

◆ ff_truemotion2_decoder

AVCodec ff_truemotion2_decoder

Definition at line 1046 of file truemotion2.c.

◆ ff_truemotion2rt_decoder

AVCodec ff_truemotion2rt_decoder

Definition at line 223 of file truemotion2rt.c.

◆ ff_tscc_decoder

AVCodec ff_tscc_decoder

Definition at line 190 of file tscc.c.

◆ ff_tscc2_decoder

AVCodec ff_tscc2_decoder

Definition at line 376 of file tscc2.c.

◆ ff_txd_decoder

AVCodec ff_txd_decoder

Definition at line 158 of file txd.c.

◆ ff_ulti_decoder

AVCodec ff_ulti_decoder

Definition at line 421 of file ulti.c.

◆ ff_utvideo_encoder

AVCodec ff_utvideo_encoder

Definition at line 670 of file utvideoenc.c.

◆ ff_utvideo_decoder

AVCodec ff_utvideo_decoder

Definition at line 1080 of file utvideodec.c.

◆ ff_v210_encoder

AVCodec ff_v210_encoder

Definition at line 258 of file v210enc.c.

◆ ff_v210_decoder

AVCodec ff_v210_decoder

Definition at line 189 of file v210dec.c.

◆ ff_v210x_decoder

AVCodec ff_v210x_decoder

Definition at line 123 of file v210x.c.

◆ ff_v308_encoder

AVCodec ff_v308_encoder

Definition at line 76 of file v308enc.c.

◆ ff_v308_decoder

AVCodec ff_v308_decoder

Definition at line 75 of file v308dec.c.

◆ ff_v408_encoder

AVCodec ff_v408_encoder

◆ ff_v408_decoder

AVCodec ff_v408_decoder

◆ ff_v410_encoder

AVCodec ff_v410_encoder

Definition at line 83 of file v410enc.c.

◆ ff_v410_decoder

AVCodec ff_v410_decoder

Definition at line 90 of file v410dec.c.

◆ ff_vb_decoder

AVCodec ff_vb_decoder

Definition at line 284 of file vb.c.

◆ ff_vble_decoder

AVCodec ff_vble_decoder

Definition at line 207 of file vble.c.

◆ ff_vc1_decoder

AVCodec ff_vc1_decoder

Definition at line 1214 of file vc1dec.c.

◆ ff_vc1_crystalhd_decoder

AVCodec ff_vc1_crystalhd_decoder

◆ ff_vc1image_decoder

AVCodec ff_vc1image_decoder

◆ ff_vc1_mmal_decoder

AVCodec ff_vc1_mmal_decoder

◆ ff_vc1_qsv_decoder

AVCodec ff_vc1_qsv_decoder

◆ ff_vc1_v4l2m2m_decoder

AVCodec ff_vc1_v4l2m2m_decoder

◆ ff_vc2_encoder

AVCodec ff_vc2_encoder

Definition at line 1230 of file vc2enc.c.

◆ ff_vcr1_decoder

AVCodec ff_vcr1_decoder

Definition at line 124 of file vcr1.c.

◆ ff_vmdvideo_decoder

AVCodec ff_vmdvideo_decoder

Definition at line 465 of file vmdvideo.c.

◆ ff_vmnc_decoder

AVCodec ff_vmnc_decoder

Definition at line 575 of file vmnc.c.

◆ ff_vp3_decoder

AVCodec ff_vp3_decoder

Definition at line 3279 of file vp3.c.

◆ ff_vp4_decoder

AVCodec ff_vp4_decoder

◆ ff_vp5_decoder

AVCodec ff_vp5_decoder

Definition at line 299 of file vp5.c.

◆ ff_vp6_decoder

AVCodec ff_vp6_decoder

Definition at line 706 of file vp6.c.

◆ ff_vp6a_decoder

AVCodec ff_vp6a_decoder

Definition at line 732 of file vp6.c.

◆ ff_vp6f_decoder

AVCodec ff_vp6f_decoder

Definition at line 719 of file vp6.c.

◆ ff_vp7_decoder

AVCodec ff_vp7_decoder

◆ ff_vp8_decoder

AVCodec ff_vp8_decoder

◆ ff_vp8_rkmpp_decoder

AVCodec ff_vp8_rkmpp_decoder

◆ ff_vp8_v4l2m2m_decoder

AVCodec ff_vp8_v4l2m2m_decoder

◆ ff_vp9_decoder

AVCodec ff_vp9_decoder

Definition at line 1788 of file vp9.c.

◆ ff_vp9_rkmpp_decoder

AVCodec ff_vp9_rkmpp_decoder

◆ ff_vp9_v4l2m2m_decoder

AVCodec ff_vp9_v4l2m2m_decoder

◆ ff_vqa_decoder

AVCodec ff_vqa_decoder

Definition at line 641 of file vqavideo.c.

◆ ff_webp_decoder

AVCodec ff_webp_decoder

Definition at line 1579 of file webp.c.

◆ ff_wcmv_decoder

AVCodec ff_wcmv_decoder

Definition at line 257 of file wcmv.c.

◆ ff_wrapped_avframe_encoder

AVCodec ff_wrapped_avframe_encoder

Definition at line 112 of file wrapped_avframe.c.

◆ ff_wrapped_avframe_decoder

AVCodec ff_wrapped_avframe_decoder

Definition at line 121 of file wrapped_avframe.c.

◆ ff_wmv1_encoder

AVCodec ff_wmv1_encoder

Definition at line 4899 of file mpegvideo_enc.c.

◆ ff_wmv1_decoder

AVCodec ff_wmv1_decoder

Definition at line 935 of file msmpeg4dec.c.

◆ ff_wmv2_encoder

AVCodec ff_wmv2_encoder

Definition at line 224 of file wmv2enc.c.

◆ ff_wmv2_decoder

AVCodec ff_wmv2_decoder

Definition at line 530 of file wmv2dec.c.

◆ ff_wmv3_decoder

AVCodec ff_wmv3_decoder

◆ ff_wmv3_crystalhd_decoder

AVCodec ff_wmv3_crystalhd_decoder

◆ ff_wmv3image_decoder

AVCodec ff_wmv3image_decoder

◆ ff_wnv1_decoder

AVCodec ff_wnv1_decoder

Definition at line 150 of file wnv1.c.

◆ ff_xan_wc3_decoder

AVCodec ff_xan_wc3_decoder

Definition at line 642 of file xan.c.

◆ ff_xan_wc4_decoder

AVCodec ff_xan_wc4_decoder

Definition at line 440 of file xxan.c.

◆ ff_xbm_encoder

AVCodec ff_xbm_encoder

Definition at line 58 of file xbmenc.c.

◆ ff_xbm_decoder

AVCodec ff_xbm_decoder

Definition at line 130 of file xbmdec.c.

◆ ff_xface_encoder

AVCodec ff_xface_encoder

Definition at line 214 of file xfaceenc.c.

◆ ff_xface_decoder

AVCodec ff_xface_decoder

Definition at line 179 of file xfacedec.c.

◆ ff_xl_decoder

AVCodec ff_xl_decoder

Definition at line 130 of file xl.c.

◆ ff_xpm_decoder

AVCodec ff_xpm_decoder

Definition at line 439 of file xpmdec.c.

◆ ff_xwd_encoder

AVCodec ff_xwd_encoder

Definition at line 218 of file xwdenc.c.

◆ ff_xwd_decoder

AVCodec ff_xwd_decoder

Definition at line 250 of file xwddec.c.

◆ ff_y41p_encoder

AVCodec ff_y41p_encoder

Definition at line 83 of file y41penc.c.

◆ ff_y41p_decoder

AVCodec ff_y41p_decoder

Definition at line 84 of file y41pdec.c.

◆ ff_ylc_decoder

AVCodec ff_ylc_decoder

Definition at line 490 of file ylc.c.

◆ ff_yop_decoder

AVCodec ff_yop_decoder

Definition at line 268 of file yop.c.

◆ ff_yuv4_encoder

AVCodec ff_yuv4_encoder

Definition at line 70 of file yuv4enc.c.

◆ ff_yuv4_decoder

AVCodec ff_yuv4_decoder

Definition at line 76 of file yuv4dec.c.

◆ ff_zero12v_decoder

AVCodec ff_zero12v_decoder

Definition at line 147 of file 012v.c.

◆ ff_zerocodec_decoder

AVCodec ff_zerocodec_decoder

Definition at line 142 of file zerocodec.c.

◆ ff_zlib_encoder

AVCodec ff_zlib_encoder

Definition at line 170 of file lclenc.c.

◆ ff_zlib_decoder

AVCodec ff_zlib_decoder

◆ ff_zmbv_encoder

AVCodec ff_zmbv_encoder

Definition at line 431 of file zmbvenc.c.

◆ ff_zmbv_decoder

AVCodec ff_zmbv_decoder

Definition at line 663 of file zmbv.c.

◆ ff_aac_encoder

AVCodec ff_aac_encoder

Definition at line 1150 of file aacenc.c.

◆ ff_aac_decoder

AVCodec ff_aac_decoder

Definition at line 551 of file aacdec.c.

◆ ff_aac_fixed_decoder

AVCodec ff_aac_fixed_decoder

Definition at line 451 of file aacdec_fixed.c.

◆ ff_aac_latm_decoder

AVCodec ff_aac_latm_decoder

Definition at line 576 of file aacdec.c.

◆ ff_ac3_encoder

AVCodec ff_ac3_encoder

Definition at line 141 of file ac3enc_float.c.

◆ ff_ac3_decoder

AVCodec ff_ac3_decoder

Definition at line 56 of file ac3dec_float.c.

◆ ff_ac3_fixed_encoder

AVCodec ff_ac3_fixed_encoder

Definition at line 146 of file ac3enc_fixed.c.

◆ ff_ac3_fixed_decoder

AVCodec ff_ac3_fixed_decoder

Definition at line 185 of file ac3dec_fixed.c.

◆ ff_alac_encoder

AVCodec ff_alac_encoder

Definition at line 670 of file alacenc.c.

◆ ff_alac_decoder

AVCodec ff_alac_decoder

Definition at line 630 of file alac.c.

◆ ff_als_decoder

AVCodec ff_als_decoder

Definition at line 2167 of file alsdec.c.

◆ ff_amrnb_decoder

AVCodec ff_amrnb_decoder

Definition at line 1083 of file amrnbdec.c.

◆ ff_amrwb_decoder

AVCodec ff_amrwb_decoder

Definition at line 1270 of file amrwbdec.c.

◆ ff_ape_decoder

AVCodec ff_ape_decoder

Definition at line 1579 of file apedec.c.

◆ ff_aptx_encoder

AVCodec ff_aptx_encoder

◆ ff_aptx_decoder

AVCodec ff_aptx_decoder

◆ ff_aptx_hd_encoder

AVCodec ff_aptx_hd_encoder

◆ ff_aptx_hd_decoder

AVCodec ff_aptx_hd_decoder

◆ ff_atrac1_decoder

AVCodec ff_atrac1_decoder

Definition at line 380 of file atrac1.c.

◆ ff_atrac3_decoder

AVCodec ff_atrac3_decoder

Definition at line 1012 of file atrac3.c.

◆ ff_atrac3al_decoder

AVCodec ff_atrac3al_decoder

Definition at line 1026 of file atrac3.c.

◆ ff_atrac3p_decoder

AVCodec ff_atrac3p_decoder

Definition at line 390 of file atrac3plusdec.c.

◆ ff_atrac3pal_decoder

AVCodec ff_atrac3pal_decoder

Definition at line 402 of file atrac3plusdec.c.

◆ ff_atrac9_decoder

AVCodec ff_atrac9_decoder

Definition at line 967 of file atrac9dec.c.

◆ ff_binkaudio_dct_decoder

AVCodec ff_binkaudio_dct_decoder

Definition at line 356 of file binkaudio.c.

◆ ff_binkaudio_rdft_decoder

AVCodec ff_binkaudio_rdft_decoder

Definition at line 344 of file binkaudio.c.

◆ ff_bmv_audio_decoder

AVCodec ff_bmv_audio_decoder

Definition at line 81 of file bmvaudio.c.

◆ ff_cook_decoder

AVCodec ff_cook_decoder

Definition at line 1275 of file cook.c.

◆ ff_dca_encoder

AVCodec ff_dca_encoder

Definition at line 1240 of file dcaenc.c.

◆ ff_dca_decoder

AVCodec ff_dca_decoder

Definition at line 384 of file dcadec.c.

◆ ff_dolby_e_decoder

AVCodec ff_dolby_e_decoder

Definition at line 792 of file dolby_e.c.

◆ ff_dsd_lsbf_decoder

AVCodec ff_dsd_lsbf_decoder

◆ ff_dsd_msbf_decoder

AVCodec ff_dsd_msbf_decoder

◆ ff_dsd_lsbf_planar_decoder

AVCodec ff_dsd_lsbf_planar_decoder

◆ ff_dsd_msbf_planar_decoder

AVCodec ff_dsd_msbf_planar_decoder

◆ ff_dsicinaudio_decoder

AVCodec ff_dsicinaudio_decoder

Definition at line 124 of file dsicinaudio.c.

◆ ff_dss_sp_decoder

AVCodec ff_dss_sp_decoder

Definition at line 776 of file dss_sp.c.

◆ ff_dst_decoder

AVCodec ff_dst_decoder

Definition at line 381 of file dstdec.c.

◆ ff_eac3_encoder

AVCodec ff_eac3_encoder

Definition at line 254 of file eac3enc.c.

◆ ff_eac3_decoder

AVCodec ff_eac3_decoder

◆ ff_evrc_decoder

AVCodec ff_evrc_decoder

Definition at line 931 of file evrcdec.c.

◆ ff_ffwavesynth_decoder

AVCodec ff_ffwavesynth_decoder

Definition at line 469 of file ffwavesynth.c.

◆ ff_flac_encoder

AVCodec ff_flac_encoder

Definition at line 1502 of file flacenc.c.

◆ ff_flac_decoder

AVCodec ff_flac_decoder

Definition at line 676 of file flacdec.c.

◆ ff_g723_1_encoder

AVCodec ff_g723_1_encoder

Definition at line 1199 of file g723_1enc.c.

◆ ff_g723_1_decoder

AVCodec ff_g723_1_decoder

Definition at line 1041 of file g723_1dec.c.

◆ ff_g729_decoder

AVCodec ff_g729_decoder

Definition at line 748 of file g729dec.c.

◆ ff_gsm_decoder

AVCodec ff_gsm_decoder

◆ ff_gsm_ms_decoder

AVCodec ff_gsm_ms_decoder

◆ ff_hcom_decoder

AVCodec ff_hcom_decoder

Definition at line 141 of file hcom.c.

◆ ff_iac_decoder

AVCodec ff_iac_decoder

◆ ff_ilbc_decoder

AVCodec ff_ilbc_decoder

Definition at line 1480 of file ilbcdec.c.

◆ ff_imc_decoder

AVCodec ff_imc_decoder

◆ ff_interplay_acm_decoder

AVCodec ff_interplay_acm_decoder

Definition at line 623 of file interplayacm.c.

◆ ff_mace3_decoder

AVCodec ff_mace3_decoder

Definition at line 287 of file mace.c.

◆ ff_mace6_decoder

AVCodec ff_mace6_decoder

Definition at line 300 of file mace.c.

◆ ff_metasound_decoder

AVCodec ff_metasound_decoder

Definition at line 379 of file metasound.c.

◆ ff_mlp_encoder

AVCodec ff_mlp_encoder

◆ ff_mlp_decoder

AVCodec ff_mlp_decoder

◆ ff_mp1_decoder

AVCodec ff_mp1_decoder

◆ ff_mp1float_decoder

AVCodec ff_mp1float_decoder

◆ ff_mp2_encoder

AVCodec ff_mp2_encoder

Definition at line 25 of file mpegaudioenc_float.c.

◆ ff_mp2_decoder

AVCodec ff_mp2_decoder

◆ ff_mp2float_decoder

AVCodec ff_mp2float_decoder

◆ ff_mp2fixed_encoder

AVCodec ff_mp2fixed_encoder

Definition at line 24 of file mpegaudioenc_fixed.c.

◆ ff_mp3float_decoder

AVCodec ff_mp3float_decoder

◆ ff_mp3_decoder

AVCodec ff_mp3_decoder

◆ ff_mp3adufloat_decoder

AVCodec ff_mp3adufloat_decoder

◆ ff_mp3adu_decoder

AVCodec ff_mp3adu_decoder

◆ ff_mp3on4float_decoder

AVCodec ff_mp3on4float_decoder

◆ ff_mp3on4_decoder

AVCodec ff_mp3on4_decoder

◆ ff_mpc7_decoder

AVCodec ff_mpc7_decoder

Definition at line 331 of file mpc7.c.

◆ ff_mpc8_decoder

AVCodec ff_mpc8_decoder

Definition at line 445 of file mpc8.c.

◆ ff_nellymoser_encoder

AVCodec ff_nellymoser_encoder

Definition at line 422 of file nellymoserenc.c.

◆ ff_nellymoser_decoder

AVCodec ff_nellymoser_decoder

Definition at line 199 of file nellymoserdec.c.

◆ ff_on2avc_decoder

AVCodec ff_on2avc_decoder

Definition at line 1011 of file on2avc.c.

◆ ff_opus_encoder

AVCodec ff_opus_encoder

Definition at line 720 of file opusenc.c.

◆ ff_opus_decoder

AVCodec ff_opus_decoder

Definition at line 729 of file opusdec.c.

◆ ff_paf_audio_decoder

AVCodec ff_paf_audio_decoder

Definition at line 74 of file pafaudio.c.

◆ ff_qcelp_decoder

AVCodec ff_qcelp_decoder

Definition at line 793 of file qcelpdec.c.

◆ ff_qdm2_decoder

AVCodec ff_qdm2_decoder

Definition at line 1877 of file qdm2.c.

◆ ff_qdmc_decoder

AVCodec ff_qdmc_decoder

Definition at line 779 of file qdmc.c.

◆ ff_ra_144_encoder

AVCodec ff_ra_144_encoder

Definition at line 545 of file ra144enc.c.

◆ ff_ra_144_decoder

AVCodec ff_ra_144_decoder

Definition at line 129 of file ra144dec.c.

◆ ff_ra_288_decoder

AVCodec ff_ra_288_decoder

Definition at line 244 of file ra288.c.

◆ ff_ralf_decoder

AVCodec ff_ralf_decoder

Definition at line 528 of file ralf.c.

◆ ff_sbc_encoder

AVCodec ff_sbc_encoder

Definition at line 344 of file sbcenc.c.

◆ ff_sbc_decoder

AVCodec ff_sbc_decoder

Definition at line 365 of file sbcdec.c.

◆ ff_shorten_decoder

AVCodec ff_shorten_decoder

Definition at line 802 of file shorten.c.

◆ ff_sipr_decoder

AVCodec ff_sipr_decoder

Definition at line 565 of file sipr.c.

◆ ff_smackaud_decoder

AVCodec ff_smackaud_decoder

Definition at line 830 of file smacker.c.

◆ ff_sonic_encoder

AVCodec ff_sonic_encoder

◆ ff_sonic_decoder

AVCodec ff_sonic_decoder

◆ ff_sonic_ls_encoder

AVCodec ff_sonic_ls_encoder

◆ ff_tak_decoder

AVCodec ff_tak_decoder

Definition at line 947 of file takdec.c.

◆ ff_truehd_encoder

AVCodec ff_truehd_encoder

◆ ff_truehd_decoder

AVCodec ff_truehd_decoder

◆ ff_truespeech_decoder

AVCodec ff_truespeech_decoder

Definition at line 357 of file truespeech.c.

◆ ff_tta_encoder

AVCodec ff_tta_encoder

Definition at line 203 of file ttaenc.c.

◆ ff_tta_decoder

AVCodec ff_tta_decoder

Definition at line 424 of file tta.c.

◆ ff_twinvq_decoder

AVCodec ff_twinvq_decoder

Definition at line 416 of file twinvqdec.c.

◆ ff_vmdaudio_decoder

AVCodec ff_vmdaudio_decoder

Definition at line 231 of file vmdaudio.c.

◆ ff_vorbis_encoder

AVCodec ff_vorbis_encoder

Definition at line 1301 of file vorbisenc.c.

◆ ff_vorbis_decoder

AVCodec ff_vorbis_decoder

Definition at line 1883 of file vorbisdec.c.

◆ ff_wavpack_encoder

AVCodec ff_wavpack_encoder

Definition at line 2960 of file wavpackenc.c.

◆ ff_wavpack_decoder

AVCodec ff_wavpack_decoder

Definition at line 1150 of file wavpack.c.

◆ ff_wmalossless_decoder

AVCodec ff_wmalossless_decoder

Definition at line 1328 of file wmalosslessdec.c.

◆ ff_wmapro_decoder

AVCodec ff_wmapro_decoder

wmapro decoder

Definition at line 2006 of file wmaprodec.c.

◆ ff_wmav1_encoder

AVCodec ff_wmav1_encoder

◆ ff_wmav1_decoder

AVCodec ff_wmav1_decoder

◆ ff_wmav2_encoder

AVCodec ff_wmav2_encoder

◆ ff_wmav2_decoder

AVCodec ff_wmav2_decoder

◆ ff_wmavoice_decoder

AVCodec ff_wmavoice_decoder

Definition at line 1999 of file wmavoice.c.

◆ ff_ws_snd1_decoder

AVCodec ff_ws_snd1_decoder

Definition at line 173 of file ws-snd1.c.

◆ ff_xma1_decoder

AVCodec ff_xma1_decoder

Definition at line 2022 of file wmaprodec.c.

◆ ff_xma2_decoder

AVCodec ff_xma2_decoder

Definition at line 2037 of file wmaprodec.c.

◆ ff_pcm_alaw_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_alaw_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_alaw_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_alaw_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_bluray_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_bluray_decoder

Definition at line 304 of file pcm-bluray.c.

◆ ff_pcm_dvd_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_dvd_encoder

Definition at line 178 of file pcm-dvdenc.c.

◆ ff_pcm_dvd_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_dvd_decoder

Definition at line 305 of file pcm-dvd.c.

◆ ff_pcm_f16le_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_f16le_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_f24le_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_f24le_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_f32be_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_f32be_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_f32be_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_f32be_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_f32le_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_f32le_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_f32le_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_f32le_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_f64be_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_f64be_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_f64be_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_f64be_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_f64le_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_f64le_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_f64le_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_f64le_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_lxf_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_lxf_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_mulaw_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_mulaw_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_mulaw_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_mulaw_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_s8_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s8_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_s8_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s8_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_s8_planar_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s8_planar_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_s8_planar_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s8_planar_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_s16be_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s16be_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_s16be_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s16be_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_s16be_planar_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s16be_planar_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_s16be_planar_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s16be_planar_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_s16le_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s16le_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_s16le_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s16le_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_s16le_planar_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s16le_planar_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_s16le_planar_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s16le_planar_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_s24be_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s24be_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_s24be_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s24be_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_s24daud_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s24daud_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_s24daud_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s24daud_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_s24le_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s24le_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_s24le_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s24le_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_s24le_planar_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s24le_planar_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_s24le_planar_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s24le_planar_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_s32be_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s32be_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_s32be_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s32be_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_s32le_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s32le_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_s32le_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s32le_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_s32le_planar_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s32le_planar_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_s32le_planar_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s32le_planar_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_s64be_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s64be_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_s64be_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s64be_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_s64le_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s64le_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_s64le_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_s64le_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_u8_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_u8_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_u8_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_u8_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_u16be_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_u16be_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_u16be_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_u16be_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_u16le_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_u16le_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_u16le_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_u16le_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_u24be_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_u24be_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_u24be_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_u24be_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_u24le_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_u24le_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_u24le_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_u24le_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_u32be_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_u32be_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_u32be_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_u32be_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_u32le_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_u32le_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_u32le_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_u32le_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_vidc_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_vidc_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_vidc_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_vidc_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_zork_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_zork_decoder

◆ ff_gremlin_dpcm_decoder

AVCodec ff_gremlin_dpcm_decoder

◆ ff_interplay_dpcm_decoder

AVCodec ff_interplay_dpcm_decoder

◆ ff_roq_dpcm_encoder

AVCodec ff_roq_dpcm_encoder

Definition at line 192 of file roqaudioenc.c.

◆ ff_roq_dpcm_decoder

AVCodec ff_roq_dpcm_decoder

◆ ff_sol_dpcm_decoder

AVCodec ff_sol_dpcm_decoder

◆ ff_xan_dpcm_decoder

AVCodec ff_xan_dpcm_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_4xm_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_4xm_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_adx_encoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_adx_encoder

Definition at line 172 of file adxenc.c.

◆ ff_adpcm_adx_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_adx_decoder

Definition at line 177 of file adxdec.c.

◆ ff_adpcm_afc_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_afc_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_agm_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_agm_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_aica_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_aica_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ct_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ct_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_dtk_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_dtk_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ea_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ea_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ea_maxis_xa_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ea_maxis_xa_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ea_r1_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ea_r1_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ea_r2_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ea_r2_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ea_r3_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ea_r3_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ea_xas_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ea_xas_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_g722_encoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_g722_encoder

Definition at line 375 of file g722enc.c.

◆ ff_adpcm_g722_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_g722_decoder

Definition at line 142 of file g722dec.c.

◆ ff_adpcm_g726_encoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_g726_encoder

◆ ff_adpcm_g726_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_g726_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_g726le_encoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_g726le_encoder

◆ ff_adpcm_g726le_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_g726le_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ima_amv_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_amv_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ima_apc_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_apc_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ima_dat4_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_dat4_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ima_dk3_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_dk3_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ima_dk4_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_dk4_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ima_ea_eacs_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_ea_eacs_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ima_ea_sead_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_ea_sead_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ima_iss_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_iss_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ima_oki_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_oki_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ima_qt_encoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_qt_encoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ima_qt_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_qt_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ima_rad_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_rad_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ima_smjpeg_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_smjpeg_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ima_wav_encoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_wav_encoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ima_wav_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_wav_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ima_ws_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_ws_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ms_encoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ms_encoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ms_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ms_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_mtaf_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_mtaf_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_psx_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_psx_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_sbpro_2_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_sbpro_2_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_sbpro_3_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_sbpro_3_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_sbpro_4_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_sbpro_4_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_swf_encoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_swf_encoder

◆ ff_adpcm_swf_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_swf_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_thp_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_thp_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_thp_le_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_thp_le_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_vima_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_vima_decoder

Definition at line 210 of file vima.c.

◆ ff_adpcm_xa_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_xa_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_yamaha_encoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_yamaha_encoder

◆ ff_adpcm_yamaha_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_yamaha_decoder

◆ ff_ssa_encoder

AVCodec ff_ssa_encoder

◆ ff_ssa_decoder

AVCodec ff_ssa_decoder

◆ ff_ass_encoder

AVCodec ff_ass_encoder

◆ ff_ass_decoder

AVCodec ff_ass_decoder

◆ ff_ccaption_decoder

AVCodec ff_ccaption_decoder

Definition at line 832 of file ccaption_dec.c.

◆ ff_dvbsub_encoder

AVCodec ff_dvbsub_encoder

Definition at line 469 of file dvbsub.c.

◆ ff_dvbsub_decoder

AVCodec ff_dvbsub_decoder

Definition at line 1746 of file dvbsubdec.c.

◆ ff_dvdsub_encoder

AVCodec ff_dvdsub_encoder

Definition at line 481 of file dvdsubenc.c.

◆ ff_dvdsub_decoder

AVCodec ff_dvdsub_decoder

Definition at line 791 of file dvdsubdec.c.

◆ ff_jacosub_decoder

AVCodec ff_jacosub_decoder

Definition at line 196 of file jacosubdec.c.

◆ ff_microdvd_decoder

AVCodec ff_microdvd_decoder

Definition at line 371 of file microdvddec.c.

◆ ff_movtext_encoder

AVCodec ff_movtext_encoder

Definition at line 432 of file movtextenc.c.

◆ ff_movtext_decoder

AVCodec ff_movtext_decoder

Definition at line 570 of file movtextdec.c.

◆ ff_mpl2_decoder

AVCodec ff_mpl2_decoder

Definition at line 84 of file mpl2dec.c.

◆ ff_pgssub_decoder

AVCodec ff_pgssub_decoder

Definition at line 720 of file pgssubdec.c.

◆ ff_pjs_decoder

AVCodec ff_pjs_decoder

◆ ff_realtext_decoder

AVCodec ff_realtext_decoder

Definition at line 77 of file realtextdec.c.

◆ ff_sami_decoder

AVCodec ff_sami_decoder

Definition at line 183 of file samidec.c.

◆ ff_srt_encoder

AVCodec ff_srt_encoder

◆ ff_srt_decoder

AVCodec ff_srt_decoder

◆ ff_stl_decoder

AVCodec ff_stl_decoder

◆ ff_subrip_encoder

AVCodec ff_subrip_encoder

◆ ff_subrip_decoder

AVCodec ff_subrip_decoder

◆ ff_subviewer_decoder

AVCodec ff_subviewer_decoder

Definition at line 68 of file subviewerdec.c.

◆ ff_subviewer1_decoder

AVCodec ff_subviewer1_decoder

◆ ff_text_encoder

AVCodec ff_text_encoder

◆ ff_text_decoder

AVCodec ff_text_decoder

◆ ff_vplayer_decoder

AVCodec ff_vplayer_decoder

◆ ff_webvtt_encoder

AVCodec ff_webvtt_encoder

Definition at line 227 of file webvttenc.c.

◆ ff_webvtt_decoder

AVCodec ff_webvtt_decoder

Definition at line 101 of file webvttdec.c.

◆ ff_xsub_encoder

AVCodec ff_xsub_encoder

Definition at line 227 of file xsubenc.c.

◆ ff_xsub_decoder

AVCodec ff_xsub_decoder

Definition at line 176 of file xsubdec.c.

◆ ff_aac_at_encoder

AVCodec ff_aac_at_encoder

◆ ff_aac_at_decoder

AVCodec ff_aac_at_decoder

◆ ff_ac3_at_decoder

AVCodec ff_ac3_at_decoder

◆ ff_adpcm_ima_qt_at_decoder

AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_qt_at_decoder

◆ ff_alac_at_encoder

AVCodec ff_alac_at_encoder

◆ ff_alac_at_decoder

AVCodec ff_alac_at_decoder

◆ ff_amr_nb_at_decoder

AVCodec ff_amr_nb_at_decoder

◆ ff_eac3_at_decoder

AVCodec ff_eac3_at_decoder

◆ ff_gsm_ms_at_decoder

AVCodec ff_gsm_ms_at_decoder

◆ ff_ilbc_at_encoder

AVCodec ff_ilbc_at_encoder

◆ ff_ilbc_at_decoder

AVCodec ff_ilbc_at_decoder

◆ ff_mp1_at_decoder

AVCodec ff_mp1_at_decoder

◆ ff_mp2_at_decoder

AVCodec ff_mp2_at_decoder

◆ ff_mp3_at_decoder

AVCodec ff_mp3_at_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_alaw_at_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_alaw_at_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_alaw_at_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_alaw_at_decoder

◆ ff_pcm_mulaw_at_encoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_mulaw_at_encoder

◆ ff_pcm_mulaw_at_decoder

AVCodec ff_pcm_mulaw_at_decoder

◆ ff_qdmc_at_decoder

AVCodec ff_qdmc_at_decoder

◆ ff_qdm2_at_decoder

AVCodec ff_qdm2_at_decoder

◆ ff_libaom_av1_decoder

AVCodec ff_libaom_av1_decoder

Definition at line 222 of file libaomdec.c.

◆ ff_libaom_av1_encoder

AVCodec ff_libaom_av1_encoder

Definition at line 1109 of file libaomenc.c.

◆ ff_libaribb24_decoder

AVCodec ff_libaribb24_decoder

Definition at line 383 of file libaribb24.c.

◆ ff_libcelt_decoder

AVCodec ff_libcelt_decoder

Definition at line 130 of file libcelt_dec.c.

◆ ff_libcodec2_encoder

AVCodec ff_libcodec2_encoder

Definition at line 199 of file libcodec2.c.

◆ ff_libcodec2_decoder

AVCodec ff_libcodec2_decoder

Definition at line 183 of file libcodec2.c.

◆ ff_libdav1d_decoder

AVCodec ff_libdav1d_decoder

Definition at line 355 of file libdav1d.c.

◆ ff_libdavs2_decoder

AVCodec ff_libdavs2_decoder

Definition at line 214 of file libdavs2.c.

◆ ff_libfdk_aac_encoder

AVCodec ff_libfdk_aac_encoder

Definition at line 459 of file libfdk-aacenc.c.

◆ ff_libfdk_aac_decoder

AVCodec ff_libfdk_aac_decoder

Definition at line 394 of file libfdk-aacdec.c.

◆ ff_libgsm_encoder

AVCodec ff_libgsm_encoder

◆ ff_libgsm_decoder

AVCodec ff_libgsm_decoder

◆ ff_libgsm_ms_encoder

AVCodec ff_libgsm_ms_encoder

◆ ff_libgsm_ms_decoder

AVCodec ff_libgsm_ms_decoder

◆ ff_libilbc_encoder

AVCodec ff_libilbc_encoder

Definition at line 184 of file libilbc.c.

◆ ff_libilbc_decoder

AVCodec ff_libilbc_decoder

Definition at line 106 of file libilbc.c.

◆ ff_libmp3lame_encoder

AVCodec ff_libmp3lame_encoder

Definition at line 330 of file libmp3lame.c.

◆ ff_libopencore_amrnb_encoder

AVCodec ff_libopencore_amrnb_encoder

◆ ff_libopencore_amrnb_decoder

AVCodec ff_libopencore_amrnb_decoder

◆ ff_libopencore_amrwb_decoder

AVCodec ff_libopencore_amrwb_decoder

◆ ff_libopenjpeg_encoder

AVCodec ff_libopenjpeg_encoder

Definition at line 758 of file libopenjpegenc.c.

◆ ff_libopenjpeg_decoder

AVCodec ff_libopenjpeg_decoder

Definition at line 505 of file libopenjpegdec.c.

◆ ff_libopus_encoder

AVCodec ff_libopus_encoder

Definition at line 575 of file libopusenc.c.

◆ ff_libopus_decoder

AVCodec ff_libopus_decoder

Definition at line 228 of file libopusdec.c.

◆ ff_librsvg_decoder

AVCodec ff_librsvg_decoder

Definition at line 120 of file librsvgdec.c.

◆ ff_libshine_encoder

AVCodec ff_libshine_encoder

Definition at line 133 of file libshine.c.

◆ ff_libspeex_encoder

AVCodec ff_libspeex_encoder

Definition at line 350 of file libspeexenc.c.

◆ ff_libspeex_decoder

AVCodec ff_libspeex_decoder

Definition at line 192 of file libspeexdec.c.

◆ ff_libtheora_encoder

AVCodec ff_libtheora_encoder

AVCodec struct exposed to libavcodec.

Definition at line 375 of file libtheoraenc.c.

◆ ff_libtwolame_encoder

AVCodec ff_libtwolame_encoder

Definition at line 205 of file libtwolame.c.

◆ ff_libvo_amrwbenc_encoder

AVCodec ff_libvo_amrwbenc_encoder

Definition at line 142 of file libvo-amrwbenc.c.

◆ ff_libvorbis_encoder

AVCodec ff_libvorbis_encoder

Definition at line 366 of file libvorbisenc.c.

◆ ff_libvorbis_decoder

AVCodec ff_libvorbis_decoder

Definition at line 211 of file libvorbisdec.c.

◆ ff_libvpx_vp8_encoder

AVCodec ff_libvpx_vp8_encoder

◆ ff_libvpx_vp8_decoder

AVCodec ff_libvpx_vp8_decoder

◆ ff_libvpx_vp9_encoder

AVCodec ff_libvpx_vp9_encoder

◆ ff_libvpx_vp9_decoder

AVCodec ff_libvpx_vp9_decoder

◆ ff_libwavpack_encoder

AVCodec ff_libwavpack_encoder

Definition at line 183 of file libwavpackenc.c.

◆ ff_libwebp_anim_encoder

AVCodec ff_libwebp_anim_encoder

Definition at line 134 of file libwebpenc_animencoder.c.

◆ ff_libwebp_encoder

AVCodec ff_libwebp_encoder

Definition at line 96 of file libwebpenc.c.

◆ ff_libx262_encoder

AVCodec ff_libx262_encoder

◆ ff_libx264_encoder

AVCodec ff_libx264_encoder

◆ ff_libx264rgb_encoder

AVCodec ff_libx264rgb_encoder

◆ ff_libx265_encoder

AVCodec ff_libx265_encoder

Definition at line 549 of file libx265.c.

◆ ff_libxavs_encoder

AVCodec ff_libxavs_encoder

Definition at line 468 of file libxavs.c.

◆ ff_libxavs2_encoder

AVCodec ff_libxavs2_encoder

Definition at line 278 of file libxavs2.c.

◆ ff_libxvid_encoder

AVCodec ff_libxvid_encoder

Definition at line 924 of file libxvid.c.

◆ ff_libzvbi_teletext_decoder

AVCodec ff_libzvbi_teletext_decoder

Definition at line 816 of file libzvbi-teletextdec.c.

◆ ff_bintext_decoder

AVCodec ff_bintext_decoder

◆ ff_xbin_decoder

AVCodec ff_xbin_decoder

◆ ff_idf_decoder

AVCodec ff_idf_decoder

◆ ff_h263_v4l2m2m_encoder

AVCodec ff_h263_v4l2m2m_encoder

◆ ff_libopenh264_encoder

AVCodec ff_libopenh264_encoder

Definition at line 335 of file libopenh264enc.c.

◆ ff_libopenh264_decoder

AVCodec ff_libopenh264_decoder

Definition at line 163 of file libopenh264dec.c.

◆ ff_h264_amf_encoder

AVCodec ff_h264_amf_encoder

Definition at line 379 of file amfenc_h264.c.

◆ ff_h264_cuvid_decoder

AVCodec ff_h264_cuvid_decoder

◆ ff_h264_nvenc_encoder

AVCodec ff_h264_nvenc_encoder

Definition at line 231 of file nvenc_h264.c.

◆ ff_h264_omx_encoder

AVCodec ff_h264_omx_encoder

Definition at line 955 of file omx.c.

◆ ff_h264_qsv_encoder

AVCodec ff_h264_qsv_encoder

Definition at line 182 of file qsvenc_h264.c.

◆ ff_h264_v4l2m2m_encoder

AVCodec ff_h264_v4l2m2m_encoder

◆ ff_h264_vaapi_encoder

AVCodec ff_h264_vaapi_encoder

Definition at line 1345 of file vaapi_encode_h264.c.

◆ ff_h264_videotoolbox_encoder

AVCodec ff_h264_videotoolbox_encoder

Definition at line 2549 of file videotoolboxenc.c.

◆ ff_nvenc_encoder

AVCodec ff_nvenc_encoder

◆ ff_nvenc_h264_encoder

AVCodec ff_nvenc_h264_encoder

◆ ff_nvenc_hevc_encoder

AVCodec ff_nvenc_hevc_encoder

Definition at line 161 of file nvenc_hevc.c.

◆ ff_hevc_amf_encoder

AVCodec ff_hevc_amf_encoder

Definition at line 310 of file amfenc_hevc.c.

◆ ff_hevc_cuvid_decoder

AVCodec ff_hevc_cuvid_decoder

◆ ff_hevc_mediacodec_decoder

AVCodec ff_hevc_mediacodec_decoder

◆ ff_hevc_nvenc_encoder

AVCodec ff_hevc_nvenc_encoder

Definition at line 189 of file nvenc_hevc.c.

◆ ff_hevc_qsv_encoder

AVCodec ff_hevc_qsv_encoder

Definition at line 270 of file qsvenc_hevc.c.

◆ ff_hevc_v4l2m2m_encoder

AVCodec ff_hevc_v4l2m2m_encoder

◆ ff_hevc_vaapi_encoder

AVCodec ff_hevc_vaapi_encoder

Definition at line 1281 of file vaapi_encode_h265.c.

◆ ff_hevc_videotoolbox_encoder

AVCodec ff_hevc_videotoolbox_encoder

Definition at line 2581 of file videotoolboxenc.c.

◆ ff_libkvazaar_encoder

AVCodec ff_libkvazaar_encoder

Definition at line 300 of file libkvazaar.c.

◆ ff_mjpeg_cuvid_decoder

AVCodec ff_mjpeg_cuvid_decoder

◆ ff_mjpeg_qsv_encoder

AVCodec ff_mjpeg_qsv_encoder

Definition at line 82 of file qsvenc_jpeg.c.

◆ ff_mjpeg_vaapi_encoder

AVCodec ff_mjpeg_vaapi_encoder

Definition at line 555 of file vaapi_encode_mjpeg.c.

◆ ff_mpeg1_cuvid_decoder

AVCodec ff_mpeg1_cuvid_decoder

◆ ff_mpeg2_cuvid_decoder

AVCodec ff_mpeg2_cuvid_decoder

◆ ff_mpeg2_qsv_encoder

AVCodec ff_mpeg2_qsv_encoder

Definition at line 98 of file qsvenc_mpeg2.c.

◆ ff_mpeg2_vaapi_encoder

AVCodec ff_mpeg2_vaapi_encoder

Definition at line 691 of file vaapi_encode_mpeg2.c.

◆ ff_mpeg4_cuvid_decoder

AVCodec ff_mpeg4_cuvid_decoder

◆ ff_mpeg4_mediacodec_decoder

AVCodec ff_mpeg4_mediacodec_decoder

◆ ff_mpeg4_v4l2m2m_encoder

AVCodec ff_mpeg4_v4l2m2m_encoder

◆ ff_vc1_cuvid_decoder

AVCodec ff_vc1_cuvid_decoder

◆ ff_vp8_cuvid_decoder

AVCodec ff_vp8_cuvid_decoder

◆ ff_vp8_mediacodec_decoder

AVCodec ff_vp8_mediacodec_decoder

◆ ff_vp8_qsv_decoder

AVCodec ff_vp8_qsv_decoder

◆ ff_vp8_v4l2m2m_encoder

AVCodec ff_vp8_v4l2m2m_encoder

◆ ff_vp8_vaapi_encoder

AVCodec ff_vp8_vaapi_encoder

Definition at line 246 of file vaapi_encode_vp8.c.

◆ ff_vp9_cuvid_decoder

AVCodec ff_vp9_cuvid_decoder

◆ ff_vp9_mediacodec_decoder

AVCodec ff_vp9_mediacodec_decoder

◆ ff_vp9_vaapi_encoder

AVCodec ff_vp9_vaapi_encoder

Definition at line 280 of file vaapi_encode_vp9.c.

◆ av_codec_static_init

AVOnce av_codec_static_init = AV_ONCE_INIT

Definition at line 794 of file allcodecs.c.

Referenced by av_codec_iterate().

◆ av_codec_next_init

Definition at line 818 of file allcodecs.c.

Referenced by av_codec_next(), avcodec_register(), and avcodec_register_all().