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1 /*
2  * filter registration
3  * Copyright (c) 2008 Vitor Sessak
4  *
5  * This file is part of FFmpeg.
6  *
7  * FFmpeg is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
8  * modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
9  * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
10  * version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
11  *
12  * FFmpeg is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
13  * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
15  * Lesser General Public License for more details.
16  *
17  * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
18  * License along with FFmpeg; if not, write to the Free Software
19  * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
20  */
22 #include "libavutil/thread.h"
23 #include "avfilter.h"
24 #include "config.h"
26 extern AVFilter ff_af_abench;
29 extern AVFilter ff_af_acopy;
30 extern AVFilter ff_af_acue;
35 extern AVFilter ff_af_adeclip;
36 extern AVFilter ff_af_adelay;
38 extern AVFilter ff_af_aecho;
40 extern AVFilter ff_af_aeval;
41 extern AVFilter ff_af_afade;
42 extern AVFilter ff_af_afftdn;
44 extern AVFilter ff_af_afir;
45 extern AVFilter ff_af_aformat;
46 extern AVFilter ff_af_agate;
47 extern AVFilter ff_af_aiir;
51 extern AVFilter ff_af_allpass;
52 extern AVFilter ff_af_aloop;
53 extern AVFilter ff_af_amerge;
55 extern AVFilter ff_af_amix;
58 extern AVFilter ff_af_anlmdn;
59 extern AVFilter ff_af_anull;
60 extern AVFilter ff_af_apad;
61 extern AVFilter ff_af_aperms;
62 extern AVFilter ff_af_aphaser;
67 extern AVFilter ff_af_aselect;
70 extern AVFilter ff_af_asetpts;
72 extern AVFilter ff_af_asettb;
76 extern AVFilter ff_af_asplit;
77 extern AVFilter ff_af_asr;
78 extern AVFilter ff_af_astats;
80 extern AVFilter ff_af_atempo;
81 extern AVFilter ff_af_atrim;
82 extern AVFilter ff_af_azmq;
85 extern AVFilter ff_af_bass;
86 extern AVFilter ff_af_biquad;
87 extern AVFilter ff_af_bs2b;
90 extern AVFilter ff_af_chorus;
91 extern AVFilter ff_af_compand;
95 extern AVFilter ff_af_dcshift;
96 extern AVFilter ff_af_deesser;
97 extern AVFilter ff_af_drmeter;
99 extern AVFilter ff_af_earwax;
100 extern AVFilter ff_af_ebur128;
104 extern AVFilter ff_af_flanger;
105 extern AVFilter ff_af_haas;
106 extern AVFilter ff_af_hdcd;
108 extern AVFilter ff_af_highpass;
110 extern AVFilter ff_af_join;
111 extern AVFilter ff_af_ladspa;
112 extern AVFilter ff_af_loudnorm;
113 extern AVFilter ff_af_lowpass;
114 extern AVFilter ff_af_lowshelf;
115 extern AVFilter ff_af_lv2;
116 extern AVFilter ff_af_mcompand;
117 extern AVFilter ff_af_pan;
119 extern AVFilter ff_af_resample;
129 extern AVFilter ff_af_surround;
130 extern AVFilter ff_af_treble;
131 extern AVFilter ff_af_tremolo;
132 extern AVFilter ff_af_vibrato;
133 extern AVFilter ff_af_volume;
139 extern AVFilter ff_asrc_flite;
141 extern AVFilter ff_asrc_sinc;
142 extern AVFilter ff_asrc_sine;
146 extern AVFilter ff_vf_addroi;
149 extern AVFilter ff_vf_amplify;
150 extern AVFilter ff_vf_ass;
152 extern AVFilter ff_vf_avgblur;
154 extern AVFilter ff_vf_bbox;
155 extern AVFilter ff_vf_bench;
159 extern AVFilter ff_vf_blend;
160 extern AVFilter ff_vf_bm3d;
161 extern AVFilter ff_vf_boxblur;
163 extern AVFilter ff_vf_bwdif;
167 extern AVFilter ff_vf_ciescope;
171 extern AVFilter ff_vf_colorkey;
179 extern AVFilter ff_vf_convolve;
180 extern AVFilter ff_vf_copy;
183 extern AVFilter ff_vf_crop;
185 extern AVFilter ff_vf_cue;
186 extern AVFilter ff_vf_curves;
188 extern AVFilter ff_vf_dctdnoiz;
189 extern AVFilter ff_vf_deband;
190 extern AVFilter ff_vf_deblock;
191 extern AVFilter ff_vf_decimate;
193 extern AVFilter ff_vf_dedot;
194 extern AVFilter ff_vf_deflate;
198 extern AVFilter ff_vf_dejudder;
199 extern AVFilter ff_vf_delogo;
201 extern AVFilter ff_vf_derain;
202 extern AVFilter ff_vf_deshake;
204 extern AVFilter ff_vf_despill;
206 extern AVFilter ff_vf_dilation;
208 extern AVFilter ff_vf_displace;
210 extern AVFilter ff_vf_drawbox;
212 extern AVFilter ff_vf_drawgrid;
213 extern AVFilter ff_vf_drawtext;
215 extern AVFilter ff_vf_elbg;
216 extern AVFilter ff_vf_entropy;
217 extern AVFilter ff_vf_eq;
218 extern AVFilter ff_vf_erosion;
221 extern AVFilter ff_vf_fade;
222 extern AVFilter ff_vf_fftdnoiz;
223 extern AVFilter ff_vf_fftfilt;
224 extern AVFilter ff_vf_field;
231 extern AVFilter ff_vf_format;
232 extern AVFilter ff_vf_fps;
237 extern AVFilter ff_vf_frei0r;
238 extern AVFilter ff_vf_fspp;
239 extern AVFilter ff_vf_gblur;
240 extern AVFilter ff_vf_geq;
241 extern AVFilter ff_vf_gradfun;
243 extern AVFilter ff_vf_greyedge;
244 extern AVFilter ff_vf_haldclut;
245 extern AVFilter ff_vf_hflip;
246 extern AVFilter ff_vf_histeq;
248 extern AVFilter ff_vf_hqdn3d;
249 extern AVFilter ff_vf_hqx;
250 extern AVFilter ff_vf_hstack;
251 extern AVFilter ff_vf_hue;
253 extern AVFilter ff_vf_hwmap;
254 extern AVFilter ff_vf_hwupload;
257 extern AVFilter ff_vf_idet;
258 extern AVFilter ff_vf_il;
259 extern AVFilter ff_vf_inflate;
263 extern AVFilter ff_vf_lagfun;
265 extern AVFilter ff_vf_lensfun;
266 extern AVFilter ff_vf_libvmaf;
267 extern AVFilter ff_vf_limiter;
268 extern AVFilter ff_vf_loop;
269 extern AVFilter ff_vf_lumakey;
270 extern AVFilter ff_vf_lut;
271 extern AVFilter ff_vf_lut1d;
272 extern AVFilter ff_vf_lut2;
273 extern AVFilter ff_vf_lut3d;
274 extern AVFilter ff_vf_lutrgb;
275 extern AVFilter ff_vf_lutyuv;
278 extern AVFilter ff_vf_maskfun;
279 extern AVFilter ff_vf_mcdeint;
282 extern AVFilter ff_vf_metadata;
285 extern AVFilter ff_vf_mix;
287 extern AVFilter ff_vf_negate;
288 extern AVFilter ff_vf_nlmeans;
290 extern AVFilter ff_vf_nnedi;
291 extern AVFilter ff_vf_noformat;
292 extern AVFilter ff_vf_noise;
294 extern AVFilter ff_vf_null;
295 extern AVFilter ff_vf_ocr;
296 extern AVFilter ff_vf_ocv;
298 extern AVFilter ff_vf_overlay;
302 extern AVFilter ff_vf_pad;
305 extern AVFilter ff_vf_perms;
307 extern AVFilter ff_vf_phase;
309 extern AVFilter ff_vf_pixscope;
310 extern AVFilter ff_vf_pp;
311 extern AVFilter ff_vf_pp7;
313 extern AVFilter ff_vf_prewitt;
318 extern AVFilter ff_vf_psnr;
319 extern AVFilter ff_vf_pullup;
320 extern AVFilter ff_vf_qp;
321 extern AVFilter ff_vf_random;
323 extern AVFilter ff_vf_readvitc;
324 extern AVFilter ff_vf_realtime;
325 extern AVFilter ff_vf_remap;
329 extern AVFilter ff_vf_reverse;
331 extern AVFilter ff_vf_roberts;
333 extern AVFilter ff_vf_rotate;
334 extern AVFilter ff_vf_sab;
335 extern AVFilter ff_vf_scale;
341 extern AVFilter ff_vf_select;
343 extern AVFilter ff_vf_sendcmd;
345 extern AVFilter ff_vf_setdar;
346 extern AVFilter ff_vf_setfield;
348 extern AVFilter ff_vf_setpts;
349 extern AVFilter ff_vf_setrange;
350 extern AVFilter ff_vf_setsar;
351 extern AVFilter ff_vf_settb;
353 extern AVFilter ff_vf_showinfo;
357 extern AVFilter ff_vf_sidedata;
361 extern AVFilter ff_vf_sobel;
363 extern AVFilter ff_vf_split;
364 extern AVFilter ff_vf_spp;
365 extern AVFilter ff_vf_sr;
366 extern AVFilter ff_vf_ssim;
367 extern AVFilter ff_vf_stereo3d;
371 extern AVFilter ff_vf_swaprect;
372 extern AVFilter ff_vf_swapuv;
373 extern AVFilter ff_vf_tblend;
374 extern AVFilter ff_vf_telecine;
378 extern AVFilter ff_vf_tile;
380 extern AVFilter ff_vf_tlut2;
381 extern AVFilter ff_vf_tmix;
382 extern AVFilter ff_vf_tonemap;
384 extern AVFilter ff_vf_tpad;
389 extern AVFilter ff_vf_trim;
391 extern AVFilter ff_vf_unsharp;
393 extern AVFilter ff_vf_uspp;
394 extern AVFilter ff_vf_v360;
397 extern AVFilter ff_vf_vflip;
398 extern AVFilter ff_vf_vfrdet;
399 extern AVFilter ff_vf_vibrance;
402 extern AVFilter ff_vf_vignette;
404 extern AVFilter ff_vf_vpp_qsv;
405 extern AVFilter ff_vf_vstack;
406 extern AVFilter ff_vf_w3fdif;
407 extern AVFilter ff_vf_waveform;
408 extern AVFilter ff_vf_weave;
409 extern AVFilter ff_vf_xbr;
410 extern AVFilter ff_vf_xmedian;
411 extern AVFilter ff_vf_xstack;
412 extern AVFilter ff_vf_yadif;
414 extern AVFilter ff_vf_zmq;
415 extern AVFilter ff_vf_zoompan;
416 extern AVFilter ff_vf_zscale;
418 extern AVFilter ff_vsrc_allrgb;
419 extern AVFilter ff_vsrc_allyuv;
421 extern AVFilter ff_vsrc_color;
425 extern AVFilter ff_vsrc_life;
441 /* multimedia filters */
448 extern AVFilter ff_avf_concat;
449 extern AVFilter ff_avf_showcqt;
459 /* multimedia sources */
461 extern AVFilter ff_avsrc_movie;
463 /* those filters are part of public or internal API,
464  * they are formatted to not be found by the grep
465  * as they are manually added again (due to their 'names'
466  * being the same while having different 'types'). */
468 extern AVFilter ff_vsrc_buffer;
471 extern AVFilter ff_af_afifo;
472 extern AVFilter ff_vf_fifo;
474 #include "libavfilter/filter_list.c"
477 const AVFilter *av_filter_iterate(void **opaque)
478 {
479  uintptr_t i = (uintptr_t)*opaque;
480  const AVFilter *f = filter_list[i];
482  if (f)
483  *opaque = (void*)(i + 1);
485  return f;
486 }
488 const AVFilter *avfilter_get_by_name(const char *name)
489 {
490  const AVFilter *f = NULL;
491  void *opaque = 0;
493  if (!name)
494  return NULL;
496  while ((f = av_filter_iterate(&opaque)))
497  if (!strcmp(f->name, name))
498  return (AVFilter *)f;
500  return NULL;
501 }
504 #if FF_API_NEXT
506 static AVOnce av_filter_next_init = AV_ONCE_INIT;
508 static void av_filter_init_next(void)
509 {
510  AVFilter *prev = NULL, *p;
511  void *i = 0;
512  while ((p = (AVFilter*)av_filter_iterate(&i))) {
513  if (prev)
514  prev->next = p;
515  prev = p;
516  }
517 }
519 void avfilter_register_all(void)
520 {
521  ff_thread_once(&av_filter_next_init, av_filter_init_next);
522 }
524 int avfilter_register(AVFilter *filter)
525 {
526  ff_thread_once(&av_filter_next_init, av_filter_init_next);
528  return 0;
529 }
531 const AVFilter *avfilter_next(const AVFilter *prev)
532 {
533  ff_thread_once(&av_filter_next_init, av_filter_init_next);
535  return prev ? prev->next : filter_list[0];
536 }
539 #endif
AVFilter ff_vf_repeatfields
AVFilter ff_af_highshelf
AVFilter ff_vf_lensfun
Definition: vf_lensfun.c:537
#define NULL
Definition: coverity.c:32
AVFilter ff_vf_tlut2
AVFilter ff_vf_drawbox
AVFilter ff_af_bass
AVFilter ff_af_tremolo
Definition: af_tremolo.c:161
AVFilter ff_vf_libvmaf
Definition: vf_libvmaf.c:364
AVFilter ff_vf_spp
Definition: vf_spp.c:517
AVFilter ff_vf_chromashift
AVFilter ff_vf_maskedclamp
AVFilter ff_af_replaygain
AVFilter ff_af_hdcd
Definition: af_hdcd.c:1775
AVFilter ff_vf_denoise_vaapi
AVFilter ff_vsrc_smptehdbars
AVFilter ff_af_azmq
AVFilter ff_vf_idet
Definition: vf_idet.c:444
AVFilter ff_af_lv2
Definition: af_lv2.c:591
AVFilter ff_vf_hysteresis
AVFilter ff_vf_drawtext
Definition: vf_drawtext.c:1559
AVFilter ff_vsrc_allyuv
AVFilter ff_vf_lut
AVFilter ff_vf_colorlevels
AVFilter ff_vf_roberts_opencl
AVFilter ff_vf_metadata
AVFilter ff_asrc_anoisesrc
AVFilter ff_vf_dilation_opencl
AVFilter ff_vf_uspp
Definition: vf_uspp.c:499
AVFilter ff_af_areverse
AVFilter ff_vf_limiter
Definition: vf_limiter.c:250
AVFilter ff_vf_find_rect
Definition: vf_find_rect.c:295
Main libavfilter public API header.
AVFilter ff_af_acue
AVFilter ff_vf_fieldorder
AVFilter ff_vf_cropdetect
AVFilter ff_vf_removegrain
AVFilter ff_vf_null
Definition: vf_null.c:45
AVFilter ff_vf_datascope
Definition: vf_datascope.c:412
AVFilter ff_vf_drawgrid
AVFilter ff_vf_v360
Definition: vf_v360.c:2636
AVFilter ff_af_bandreject
AVFilter ff_af_crossfeed
Definition: af_crossfeed.c:167
AVFilter ff_vf_removelogo
AVFilter ff_vf_readeia608
AVFilter ff_vf_sidedata
AVFilter ff_vf_drawgraph
AVFilter ff_vsrc_coreimagesrc
Definition: vf_coreimage.m:678
AVFilter ff_af_equalizer
AVFilter ff_af_asidedata
AVFilter ff_asink_abuffer
Definition: buffersink.c:366
AVFilter ff_vsrc_pal100bars
AVFilter ff_af_amultiply
Definition: af_amultiply.c:208
AVFilter ff_vf_weave
Definition: vf_weave.c:154
AVFilter ff_vf_boxblur
Definition: vf_boxblur.c:307
AVFilter ff_vf_hwupload_cuda
AVFilter ff_vf_detelecine
AVFilter ff_vf_prewitt
AVFilter ff_vf_deshake_opencl
AVFilter ff_vf_yadif
Definition: vf_yadif.c:377
AVFilter ff_af_ainterleave
AVFilter ff_af_atrim
AVFilter ff_vf_ciescope
Definition: vf_ciescope.c:1506
AVFilter ff_af_sidechaincompress
AVFilter ff_vf_tmix
AVFilter ff_vf_hstack
AVFilter ff_vf_perspective
AVFilter ff_vf_zscale
Definition: vf_zscale.c:883
AVFilter ff_vf_rgbashift
AVFilter ff_vf_histeq
Definition: vf_histeq.c:273
AVFilter ff_vf_trim
AVFilter ff_avf_agraphmonitor
AVFilter ff_vsrc_mptestsrc
AVFilter ff_vf_pullup
Definition: vf_pullup.c:767
AVFilter ff_vf_stereo3d
Definition: vf_stereo3d.c:1115
AVFilter ff_af_treble
AVFilter ff_vf_amplify
Definition: vf_amplify.c:303
AVFilter ff_vf_pad
Definition: vf_pad.c:456
AVFilter ff_vf_vflip
Definition: vf_vflip.c:113
AVFilter ff_af_firequalizer
AVFilter ff_vf_vaguedenoiser
AVFilter ff_vsink_buffer
Definition: buffersink.c:345
AVFilter ff_vf_readvitc
Definition: vf_readvitc.c:249
AVFilter ff_vf_elbg
Definition: vf_elbg.c:254
AVFilter ff_vf_sr
Definition: vf_sr.c:310
AVFilter ff_vf_showinfo
Definition: vf_showinfo.c:378
AVFilter ff_vf_transpose_npp
AVFilter ff_vsrc_testsrc
AVFilter ff_af_atempo
Definition: af_atempo.c:1214
AVFilter ff_af_earwax
Definition: af_earwax.c:167
AVFilter ff_vf_prewitt_opencl
AVFilter ff_vf_hflip
Definition: vf_hflip.c:246
AVFilter ff_vsrc_nullsrc
AVFilter ff_vf_haldclut
AVFilter ff_vf_delogo
Definition: vf_delogo.c:400
AVFilter ff_vf_deinterlace_qsv
AVFilter ff_vf_deband
Definition: vf_deband.c:460
AVFilter ff_vf_interleave
AVFilter ff_af_asetpts
AVFilter ff_vf_alphamerge
AVFilter ff_af_aresample
Definition: af_aresample.c:343
AVFilter ff_vf_lut1d
AVFilter ff_vf_negate
AVFilter ff_vf_zmq
AVFilter ff_vf_vidstabdetect
AVFilter ff_af_astreamselect
AVFilter ff_vf_threshold
Definition: vf_threshold.c:355
AVFilter ff_vf_chromakey
Definition: vf_chromakey.c:255
AVFilter ff_vf_remap
Definition: vf_remap.c:386
AVFilter ff_af_astats
Definition: af_astats.c:728
AVFilter ff_vf_framerate
Definition: vf_framerate.c:455
#define f(width, name)
Definition: cbs_vp9.c:255
AVFilter ff_af_asplit
Definition: split.c:144
AVFilter ff_af_deesser
Definition: af_deesser.c:234
AVFilter ff_vf_showpalette
AVFilter ff_af_stereowiden
AVFilter ff_af_resample
Definition: af_resample.c:347
AVFilter ff_vf_lagfun
Definition: vf_lagfun.c:242
AVFilter ff_vf_maskedmerge
AVFilter ff_vf_sendcmd
AVFilter ff_vf_pixdesctest
AVFilter ff_vsrc_frei0r_src
Definition: vf_frei0r.c:488
AVFilter ff_vf_blend
AVFilter ff_vf_kerndeint
Definition: vf_kerndeint.c:310
AVFilter ff_vf_blackframe
AVFilter ff_vf_midequalizer
AVFilter ff_vf_subtitles
AVFilter ff_vf_curves
Definition: vf_curves.c:773
AVFilter ff_vf_vibrance
Definition: vf_vibrance.c:243
AVFilter ff_vf_chromahold
Definition: vf_chromakey.c:296
AVFilter ff_vf_sab
Definition: vf_sab.c:326
AVFilter ff_vf_mestimate
Definition: vf_mestimate.c:368
AVFilter ff_vf_mpdecimate
AVFilter ff_af_alimiter
Definition: af_alimiter.c:365
AVFilter ff_af_drmeter
Definition: af_drmeter.c:224
AVFilter ff_vf_cue
AVFilter ff_af_volume
Definition: af_volume.c:483
AVFilter ff_vf_vpp_qsv
Definition: vf_vpp_qsv.c:553
AVFilter ff_vf_framestep
Definition: vf_framestep.c:92
AVFilter ff_vaf_spectrumsynth
AVFilter ff_avf_showvolume
AVFilter ff_vsrc_buffer
Definition: buffersrc.c:502
AVFilter ff_asrc_sinc
Definition: asrc_sinc.c:449
AVFilter ff_vf_unsharp
Definition: vf_unsharp.c:341
#define AVOnce
Definition: thread.h:159
AVFilter ff_vf_inflate
AVFilter ff_af_asr
Definition: af_asr.c:171
AVFilter ff_vf_psnr
Definition: vf_psnr.c:410
AVFilter ff_vf_select
AVFilter ff_vf_convolution
AVFilter ff_vf_bbox
Definition: vf_bbox.c:125
AVFilter ff_vf_bench
AVFilter ff_vf_xstack
AVFilter ff_af_superequalizer
AVFilter ff_avsrc_amovie
AVFilter ff_vf_edgedetect
AVFilter ff_af_acontrast
Definition: af_acontrast.c:211
AVFilter ff_vf_lutyuv
#define i(width, name, range_min, range_max)
Definition: cbs_h2645.c:259
AVFilter ff_avf_showspatial
AVFilter ff_af_sofalizer
AVFilter ff_af_aphaser
Definition: af_aphaser.c:293
AVFilter ff_vf_lenscorrection
AVFilter ff_vf_erosion
AVFilter ff_af_asetrate
Definition: af_asetrate.c:109
AVFilter ff_af_afir
Definition: af_afir.c:852
AVFilter ff_vf_sobel
filter_frame For filters that do not use the this method is called when a frame is pushed to the filter s input It can be called at any time except in a reentrant way If the input frame is enough to produce then the filter should push the output frames on the output link immediately As an exception to the previous rule if the input frame is enough to produce several output frames then the filter needs output only at least one per link The additional frames can be left buffered in the filter
AVFilter ff_af_aemphasis
Definition: af_aemphasis.c:360
AVFilter ff_vsrc_pal75bars
AVFilter ff_af_pan
Definition: af_pan.c:451
AVFilter ff_avf_avectorscope
AVFilter ff_vf_doubleweave
Definition: vf_weave.c:177
AVFilter ff_vf_fspp
Definition: vf_fspp.c:683
AVFilter ff_avf_showcqt
Definition: avf_showcqt.c:1592
AVFilter ff_af_dynaudnorm
AVFilter ff_vsrc_life
Definition: vsrc_life.c:444
AVFilter ff_vf_scale
Definition: vf_scale.c:670
AVFilter ff_vf_colormatrix
AVFilter ff_vf_transpose_vaapi
AVFilter ff_vf_scale_npp
Definition: vf_scale_npp.c:583
AVFilter ff_vf_paletteuse
AVFilter ff_vf_il
Definition: vf_il.c:204
AVFilter ff_vf_tile
Definition: vf_tile.c:287
AVFilter ff_vf_split
Definition: split.c:123
AVFilter ff_vf_maskfun
Definition: vf_maskfun.c:270
AVFilter ff_vf_sharpness_vaapi
AVFilter ff_vf_overlay_qsv
AVFilter ff_vf_field
Definition: vf_field.c:104
AVFilter ff_af_biquad
AVFilter ff_vf_freezedetect
AVFilter ff_vf_vstack
AVFilter ff_vf_premultiply
AVFilter ff_vf_fade
Definition: vf_fade.c:422
AVFilter ff_vf_realtime
AVFilter ff_vf_vignette
Definition: vf_vignette.c:348
AVFilter ff_vf_thumbnail_cuda
AVFilter ff_vf_setfield
AVFilter ff_avf_showwavespic
AVFilter ff_asrc_abuffer
Definition: buffersrc.c:527
AVFilter ff_vf_colorkey_opencl
AVFilter ff_af_channelsplit
AVFilter ff_vf_crop
Definition: vf_crop.c:408
AVFilter ff_vf_pp7
Definition: vf_pp7.c:396
AVFilter ff_vf_xmedian
Definition: vf_xmedian.c:340
AVFilter ff_vf_framepack
Definition: vf_framepack.c:412
AVFilter ff_vf_pixscope
Definition: vf_datascope.c:663
AVFilter ff_vf_addroi
Definition: vf_addroi.c:258
AVFilter ff_vf_despill
Definition: vf_despill.c:174
AVFilter ff_vf_deshake
Definition: vf_deshake.c:553
AVFilter ff_vf_tinterlace
AVFilter ff_af_surround
Definition: af_surround.c:1788
AVFilter ff_vf_setpts
AVFilter ff_vf_extractplanes
AVFilter ff_af_arealtime
const AVFilter * avfilter_get_by_name(const char *name)
Get a filter definition matching the given name.
Definition: allfilters.c:488
AVFilter ff_af_dcshift
Definition: af_dcshift.c:163
AVFilter ff_vf_ass
AVFilter ff_vf_lutrgb
AVFilter ff_af_chorus
Definition: af_chorus.c:372
AVFilter ff_vf_fillborders
AVFilter ff_vf_settb
AVFilter ff_vf_interlace
AVFilter ff_vf_cover_rect
AVFilter ff_vf_fifo
Definition: fifo.c:273
AVFilter ff_vf_shuffleframes
AVFilter ff_vf_avgblur
Definition: vf_avgblur.c:315
AVFilter ff_vf_tonemap
Definition: vf_tonemap.c:337
AVFilter ff_af_compand
Definition: af_compand.c:588
AVFilter ff_vf_nlmeans
Definition: vf_nlmeans.c:580
AVFilter ff_vf_phase
Definition: vf_phase.c:323
AVFilter ff_vf_setparams
Definition: vf_setparams.c:165
AVFilter ff_vsrc_openclsrc
AVFilter ff_vf_noformat
AVFilter ff_asink_anullsink
AVFilter ff_af_volumedetect
AVFilter ff_af_acrusher
Definition: af_acrusher.c:353
AVFilter ff_af_aiir
Definition: af_aiir.c:1121
AVFilter ff_af_acrossover
AVFilter ff_vf_ocv
Definition: vf_libopencv.c:430
AVFilter ff_af_sidechaingate
AVFilter ff_af_stereotools
AVFilter ff_af_lowshelf
AVFilter ff_vf_procamp_vaapi
AVFilter ff_af_mcompand
Definition: af_mcompand.c:679
AVFilter ff_vf_tpad
Definition: vf_tpad.c:208
AVFilter ff_vf_telecine
Definition: vf_telecine.c:285
AVFilter ff_vf_owdenoise
Definition: vf_owdenoise.c:367
AVFilter ff_vf_w3fdif
Definition: vf_w3fdif.c:586
AVFilter ff_af_compensationdelay
AVFilter ff_vf_scale_qsv
Definition: vf_scale_qsv.c:656
AVFilter ff_af_acopy
Definition: af_acopy.c:55
AVFilter ff_vf_unsharp_opencl
AVFilter ff_vf_random
Definition: vf_random.c:129
AVFilter ff_vf_normalize
Definition: vf_normalize.c:379
AVFilter ff_af_silenceremove
AVFilter ff_vf_erosion_opencl
AVFilter ff_vf_swapuv
Definition: vf_swapuv.c:120
AVFilter ff_vf_oscilloscope
AVFilter ff_vf_palettegen
AVFilter ff_af_loudnorm
Definition: af_loudnorm.c:923
AVFilter ff_vf_nlmeans_opencl
AVFilter ff_asrc_sine
Definition: asrc_sine.c:272
AVFilter ff_asrc_anullsrc
AVFilter ff_avf_concat
Definition: avf_concat.c:446
AVFilter ff_vf_blackdetect
AVFilter ff_vf_tblend
AVFilter ff_vf_mix
AVFilter ff_vf_deinterlace_vaapi
AVFilter ff_vf_lut2
Definition: vf_lut2.c:549
AVFilter ff_vf_convolve
AVFilter ff_avf_aphasemeter
AVFilter ff_vf_lumakey
Definition: vf_lumakey.c:192
AVFilter ff_vsrc_testsrc2
AVFilter ff_vf_colorspace
AVFilter ff_vf_copy
Definition: vf_copy.c:79
AVFilter ff_af_extrastereo
AVFilter ff_vf_pp
Definition: vf_pp.c:184
AVFilter ff_vf_thumbnail
Definition: vf_thumbnail.c:227
AVFilter ff_af_amerge
Definition: af_amerge.c:345
AVFilter ff_af_flanger
Definition: af_flanger.c:236
AVFilter ff_vf_colorhold
AVFilter ff_vf_tonemap_opencl
AVFilter ff_vf_graphmonitor
AVFilter ff_af_ladspa
Definition: af_ladspa.c:734
AVFilter ff_af_silencedetect
AVFilter ff_vf_smartblur
Definition: vf_smartblur.c:294
AVFilter ff_af_aeval
AVFilter ff_af_afftdn
Definition: af_afftdn.c:1439
AVFilter ff_vf_ssim
Definition: vf_ssim.c:501
AVFilter ff_vf_hwmap
Definition: vf_hwmap.c:422
#define AV_ONCE_INIT
Definition: thread.h:160
AVFilter ff_af_rubberband
AVFilter ff_af_aintegral
AVFilter ff_avf_adrawgraph
AVFilter ff_vf_geq
Definition: vf_geq.c:365
AVFilter ff_af_channelmap
AVFilter ff_af_highpass
AVFilter ff_avf_abitscope
AVFilter ff_vf_gradfun
Definition: vf_gradfun.c:254
AVFilter ff_vf_bitplanenoise
AVFilter ff_vf_roberts
AVFilter ff_avf_showspectrum
AVFilter ff_vf_scale_cuda
AVFilter ff_vf_rotate
Definition: vf_rotate.c:604
AVFilter ff_vf_vmafmotion
AVFilter ff_vf_nnedi
Definition: vf_nnedi.c:1200
AVFilter ff_af_aperms
AVFilter ff_vf_vidstabtransform
AVFilter ff_vsrc_haldclutsrc
AVFilter ff_af_adeclip
Definition: af_adeclick.c:764
AVFilter ff_af_vibrato
Definition: af_vibrato.c:201
AVFilter ff_af_lowpass
AVFilter ff_vf_unpremultiply
AVFilter ff_vf_setsar
AVFilter ff_asrc_hilbert
Definition: asrc_hilbert.c:190
AVFilter ff_vf_fps
Definition: vf_fps.c:346
AVFilter ff_vf_streamselect
AVFilter ff_vf_greyedge
AVFilter ff_af_aselect
AVFilter ff_vf_deblock
Definition: vf_deblock.c:405
AVFilter ff_vf_hqx
Definition: vf_hqx.c:556
AVFilter ff_af_asoftclip
Definition: af_asoftclip.c:279
AVFilter ff_vf_alphaextract
AVFilter ff_af_ebur128
Definition: f_ebur128.c:1008
AVFilter ff_vf_sobel_opencl
Filter definition.
Definition: avfilter.h:144
AVFilter ff_vf_fftdnoiz
Definition: vf_fftdnoiz.c:683
AVFilter ff_vf_displace
Definition: vf_displace.c:403
AVFilter ff_vf_lut3d
const AVFilter * av_filter_iterate(void **opaque)
Iterate over all registered filters.
Definition: allfilters.c:477
struct AVFilter * next
Used by the filter registration system.
Definition: avfilter.h:292
AVFilter ff_af_anull
Definition: af_anull.c:46
AVFilter ff_vf_colorbalance
AVFilter ff_af_apulsator
Definition: af_apulsator.c:249
AVFilter ff_af_bs2b
Definition: af_bs2b.c:214
AVFilter ff_vf_hue
Definition: vf_hue.c:522
const char * name
Filter name.
Definition: avfilter.h:148
AVFilter ff_vf_xbr
Definition: vf_xbr.c:428
AVFilter ff_vf_coreimage
Definition: vf_coreimage.m:657
AVFilter ff_vf_noise
Definition: vf_noise.c:340
AVFilter ff_vf_waveform
Definition: vf_waveform.c:3199
AVFilter ff_vf_entropy
Definition: vf_entropy.c:196
AVFilter ff_avsrc_movie
AVFilter ff_vsrc_smptebars
AVFilter ff_avf_showfreqs
AVFilter ff_vf_overlay_opencl
AVFilter ff_vf_deconvolve
AVFilter ff_af_haas
Definition: af_haas.c:219
AVFilter ff_asrc_flite
Definition: asrc_flite.c:277
AVFilter ff_vf_dilation
AVFilter ff_vf_deflicker
Definition: vf_deflicker.c:462
AVFilter ff_vf_minterpolate
AVFilter ff_vf_fieldhint
Definition: vf_fieldhint.c:274
AVFilter ff_vf_pseudocolor
AVFilter ff_vf_mergeplanes
AVFilter ff_vsrc_yuvtestsrc
AVFilter ff_vf_convolution_opencl
AVFilter ff_vf_qp
Definition: vf_qp.c:175
AVFilter ff_vf_hwdownload
AVFilter ff_vf_yadif_cuda
AVFilter ff_af_aecho
Definition: af_aecho.c:355
AVFilter ff_vf_zoompan
Definition: vf_zoompan.c:366
AVFilter ff_vsrc_cellauto
AVFilter ff_vf_gblur
Definition: vf_gblur.c:372
AVFilter ff_vsrc_mandelbrot
AVFilter ff_vf_loop
AVFilter ff_vf_setrange
AVFilter ff_af_apad
Definition: af_apad.c:171
AVFilter ff_af_join
Definition: af_join.c:529
AVFilter ff_vf_scale2ref
Definition: vf_scale.c:722
AVFilter ff_vf_swaprect
Definition: vf_swaprect.c:246
Definition: internal.h:84
AVFilter ff_vf_dejudder
Definition: vf_dejudder.c:178
AVFilter ff_vf_program_opencl
AVFilter ff_vf_bwdif
Definition: vf_bwdif.c:413
AVFilter ff_vsink_nullsink
AVFilter ff_vf_hwupload
Definition: vf_hwupload.c:228
AVFilter ff_vf_perms
AVFilter ff_vf_format
AVFilter ff_vf_shuffleplanes
AVFilter ff_vf_atadenoise
AVFilter ff_vf_vectorscope
AVFilter ff_af_afftfilt
Definition: af_afftfilt.c:472
AVFilter ff_af_aformat
Definition: af_aformat.c:145
AVFilter ff_vf_avgblur_opencl
AVFilter ff_vf_boxblur_opencl
AVFilter ff_vf_setdar
AVFilter ff_af_adelay
Definition: af_adelay.c:338
AVFilter ff_vf_decimate
Definition: vf_decimate.c:407
AVFilter ff_vf_selectivecolor
AVFilter ff_vf_signalstats
AVFilter ff_af_adeclick
Definition: af_adeclick.c:736
AVFilter ff_af_acompressor
Definition: internal.h:85
AVFilter ff_af_amix
Definition: af_amix.c:613
AVFilter ff_vf_overlay
Definition: vf_overlay.c:1045
AVFilter ff_vsrc_allrgb
AVFilter ff_vf_deflate
static int ff_thread_once(char *control, void(*routine)(void))
Definition: thread.h:162
AVFilter ff_vf_separatefields
AVFilter ff_vf_fieldmatch
AVFilter ff_af_ametadata
AVFilter ff_vf_reverse
AVFilter ff_vsrc_color
AVFilter ff_avf_showspectrumpic
AVFilter ff_af_anequalizer
AVFilter ff_vf_derain
Definition: vf_derain.c:205
AVFilter ff_vf_signature
Definition: vf_signature.c:760
AVFilter ff_af_afade
AVFilter ff_vf_bm3d
Definition: vf_bm3d.c:1063
AVFilter ff_vf_dedot
Definition: vf_dedot.c:398
AVFilter ff_af_aloop
AVFilter ff_af_asetnsamples
AVFilter ff_vf_histogram
Definition: vf_histogram.c:378
AVFilter ff_vf_floodfill
Definition: vf_floodfill.c:423
AVFilter ff_avf_ahistogram
AVFilter ff_af_afifo
Definition: fifo.c:304
AVFilter ff_af_aderivative
AVFilter ff_af_anlmdn
Definition: af_anlmdn.c:384
AVFilter ff_af_ashowinfo
Definition: af_ashowinfo.c:256
AVFilter ff_af_acrossfade
AVFilter ff_vf_colorkey
AVFilter ff_vf_scale_vaapi
AVFilter ff_vf_eq
Definition: vf_eq.c:379
AVFilter ff_af_agate
AVFilter ff_vf_codecview
Definition: vf_codecview.c:313
AVFilter ff_vf_colorchannelmixer
AVFilter ff_af_asettb
AVFilter ff_avf_showwaves
AVFilter ff_af_headphone
Definition: af_headphone.c:872
AVFilter ff_vf_vfrdet
Definition: vf_vfrdet.c:103
AVFilter ff_vf_transpose
Definition: vf_transpose.c:400
AVFilter ff_af_crystalizer
AVFilter ff_vsrc_rgbtestsrc
AVFilter ff_vf_hqdn3d
Definition: vf_hqdn3d.c:363
AVFilter ff_af_bandpass
AVFilter ff_vf_frei0r
Definition: vf_frei0r.c:402
AVFilter ff_af_asendcmd
AVFilter ff_vf_dctdnoiz
Definition: vf_dctdnoiz.c:824
AVFilter ff_af_abench
AVFilter ff_vf_mcdeint
Definition: vf_mcdeint.c:304
AVFilter ff_vf_super2xsai
AVFilter ff_vf_fftfilt
Definition: vf_fftfilt.c:431
AVFilter ff_af_allpass
AVFilter ff_asrc_aevalsrc
const char * name
Definition: opengl_enc.c:102
AVFilter ff_vf_transpose_opencl
AVFilter ff_vf_ocr
Definition: vf_ocr.c:149