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aacenc_quantization_misc.h File Reference

AAC encoder quantization misc reusable function templates. More...

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static float quantize_band_cost_cached (struct AACEncContext *s, int w, int g, const float *in, const float *scaled, int size, int scale_idx, int cb, const float lambda, const float uplim, int *bits, float *energy, int rtz)

Detailed Description

AAC encoder quantization misc reusable function templates.

Claudio Freire ( klaussfreire gmail com )

Definition in file aacenc_quantization_misc.h.

Function Documentation

static float quantize_band_cost_cached ( struct AACEncContext s,
int  w,
int  g,
const float *  in,
const float *  scaled,
int  size,
int  scale_idx,
int  cb,
const float  lambda,
const float  uplim,
int *  bits,
float *  energy,
int  rtz 

Definition at line 31 of file aacenc_quantization_misc.h.

Referenced by search_for_quantizers_twoloop().