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spherical.c File Reference
#include "mem.h"
#include "spherical.h"

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AVSphericalMappingav_spherical_alloc (size_t *size)
 Allocate a AVSphericalVideo structure and initialize its fields to default values. More...
void av_spherical_tile_bounds (const AVSphericalMapping *map, size_t width, size_t height, size_t *left, size_t *top, size_t *right, size_t *bottom)
 Convert the bounding fields from an AVSphericalVideo from 0.32 fixed point to pixels. More...
const char * av_spherical_projection_name (enum AVSphericalProjection projection)
 Provide a human-readable name of a given AVSphericalProjection. More...
int av_spherical_from_name (const char *name)
 Get the AVSphericalProjection form a human-readable name. More...


static const char * spherical_projection_names []

Variable Documentation

const char* spherical_projection_names[]
Initial value:
= {
[AV_SPHERICAL_EQUIRECTANGULAR_TILE] = "tiled equirectangular",
Video represents a portion of a sphere mapped on a flat surface using equirectangular projection...
Definition: spherical.h:72
Video represents a sphere mapped on a flat surface using equirectangular projection.
Definition: spherical.h:56
Video frame is split into 6 faces of a cube, and arranged on a 3x2 layout.
Definition: spherical.h:65

Definition at line 54 of file spherical.c.

Referenced by av_spherical_from_name(), and av_spherical_projection_name().