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Data Fields
WAVDemuxContext Struct Reference

Data Fields

const AVClassclass
int64_t data_end
int w64
int64_t smv_data_ofs
int smv_block_size
int smv_frames_per_jpeg
int smv_block
int smv_last_stream
int smv_eof
int audio_eof
int ignore_length
int spdif
int smv_cur_pt
int smv_given_first
int unaligned
int rifx

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file wavdec.c.

Field Documentation

const AVClass* WAVDemuxContext::class

Definition at line 45 of file wavdec.c.

int64_t WAVDemuxContext::data_end

Definition at line 46 of file wavdec.c.

int WAVDemuxContext::w64

Definition at line 47 of file wavdec.c.

int64_t WAVDemuxContext::smv_data_ofs

Definition at line 48 of file wavdec.c.

int WAVDemuxContext::smv_block_size

Definition at line 49 of file wavdec.c.

int WAVDemuxContext::smv_frames_per_jpeg

Definition at line 50 of file wavdec.c.

int WAVDemuxContext::smv_block

Definition at line 51 of file wavdec.c.

int WAVDemuxContext::smv_last_stream

Definition at line 52 of file wavdec.c.

int WAVDemuxContext::smv_eof

Definition at line 53 of file wavdec.c.

int WAVDemuxContext::audio_eof

Definition at line 54 of file wavdec.c.

int WAVDemuxContext::ignore_length

Definition at line 55 of file wavdec.c.

int WAVDemuxContext::spdif

Definition at line 56 of file wavdec.c.

Referenced by set_spdif().

int WAVDemuxContext::smv_cur_pt

Definition at line 57 of file wavdec.c.

int WAVDemuxContext::smv_given_first

Definition at line 58 of file wavdec.c.

int WAVDemuxContext::unaligned

Definition at line 59 of file wavdec.c.

int WAVDemuxContext::rifx

Definition at line 60 of file wavdec.c.

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