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1 /*
2  * Chinese AVS video (AVS1-P2, JiZhun profile) decoder.
3  * Copyright (c) 2006 Stefan Gehrer <stefan.gehrer@gmx.de>
4  *
5  * This file is part of FFmpeg.
6  *
7  * FFmpeg is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
8  * modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
9  * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
10  * version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
11  *
12  * FFmpeg is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
13  * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
15  * Lesser General Public License for more details.
16  *
17  * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
18  * License along with FFmpeg; if not, write to the Free Software
19  * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
20  */
22 #ifndef AVCODEC_CAVS_H
23 #define AVCODEC_CAVS_H
25 #include "cavsdsp.h"
26 #include "blockdsp.h"
27 #include "h264chroma.h"
28 #include "idctdsp.h"
29 #include "get_bits.h"
30 #include "videodsp.h"
32 #define SLICE_MAX_START_CODE 0x000001af
33 #define EXT_START_CODE 0x000001b5
34 #define USER_START_CODE 0x000001b2
35 #define CAVS_START_CODE 0x000001b0
36 #define PIC_I_START_CODE 0x000001b3
37 #define PIC_PB_START_CODE 0x000001b6
39 #define A_AVAIL 1
40 #define B_AVAIL 2
41 #define C_AVAIL 4
42 #define D_AVAIL 8
43 #define NOT_AVAIL -1
44 #define REF_INTRA -2
45 #define REF_DIR -3
47 #define ESCAPE_CODE 59
49 #define FWD0 0x01
50 #define FWD1 0x02
51 #define BWD0 0x04
52 #define BWD1 0x08
53 #define SYM0 0x10
54 #define SYM1 0x20
55 #define SPLITH 0x40
56 #define SPLITV 0x80
58 #define MV_BWD_OFFS 12
59 #define MV_STRIDE 4
61 enum cavs_mb {
62  I_8X8 = 0,
73  B_8X8 = 29
74 };
81 };
92 };
102 };
111 };
118 };
141 };
143 DECLARE_ALIGNED(8, typedef, struct) {
144  int16_t x;
145  int16_t y;
146  int16_t dist;
147  int16_t ref;
148 } cavs_vector;
150 struct dec_2dvlc {
151  int8_t rltab[59][3];
152  int8_t level_add[27];
153  int8_t golomb_order;
155  int8_t max_run;
156 };
158 typedef struct AVSFrame {
160  int poc;
161 } AVSFrame;
163 typedef struct AVSContext {
171  AVSFrame cur; ///< currently decoded frame
172  AVSFrame DPB[2]; ///< reference frames
173  int dist[2]; ///< temporal distances from current frame to ref frames
178  int width, height;
179  int stream_revision; ///<0 for samples from 2006, 1 for rm52j encoder
182  int skip_mode_flag; ///< select between skip_count or one skip_flag per MB
185  int ref_flag;
186  int mbx, mby, mbidx; ///< macroblock coordinates
187  int flags; ///< availability flags of neighbouring macroblocks
188  int stc; ///< last start code
189  uint8_t *cy, *cu, *cv; ///< current MB sample pointers
190  int left_qp;
193  /** mv motion vector cache
194  0: D3 B2 B3 C2
195  4: A1 X0 X1 -
196  8: A3 X2 X3 -
198  X are the vectors in the current macroblock (5,6,9,10)
199  A is the macroblock to the left (4,8)
200  B is the macroblock to the top (1,2)
201  C is the macroblock to the top-right (3)
202  D is the macroblock to the top-left (0)
204  the same is repeated for backward motion vectors */
205  cavs_vector mv[2*4*3];
209  /** luma pred mode cache
210  0: -- B2 B3
211  3: A1 X0 X1
212  6: A3 X2 X3 */
213  int pred_mode_Y[3*3];
215  ptrdiff_t l_stride, c_stride;
216  int luma_scan[4];
217  int qp;
218  int qp_fixed;
220  int cbp;
223  /** intra prediction is done with un-deblocked samples
224  they are saved here before deblocking the MB */
230  void (*intra_pred_l[8])(uint8_t *d,uint8_t *top,uint8_t *left,int stride);
231  void (*intra_pred_c[7])(uint8_t *d,uint8_t *top,uint8_t *left,int stride);
234  /* scaling factors for MV prediction */
235  int sym_factor; ///< for scaling in symmetrical B block
236  int direct_den[2]; ///< for scaling in direct B block
237  int scale_den[2]; ///< for scaling neighbouring MVs
242  int16_t *block;
243 } AVSContext;
245 extern const uint8_t ff_cavs_chroma_qp[64];
246 extern const uint8_t ff_cavs_partition_flags[30];
247 extern const cavs_vector ff_cavs_intra_mv;
248 extern const cavs_vector ff_cavs_dir_mv;
250 static inline void set_mvs(cavs_vector *mv, enum cavs_block size) {
251  switch(size) {
252  case BLK_16X16:
253  mv[MV_STRIDE ] = mv[0];
254  mv[MV_STRIDE+1] = mv[0];
255  case BLK_16X8:
256  mv[1] = mv[0];
257  break;
258  case BLK_8X16:
259  mv[MV_STRIDE] = mv[0];
260  break;
261  }
262 }
264 void ff_cavs_filter(AVSContext *h, enum cavs_mb mb_type);
266  int block);
268 void ff_cavs_modify_mb_i(AVSContext *h, int *pred_mode_uv);
269 void ff_cavs_inter(AVSContext *h, enum cavs_mb mb_type);
270 void ff_cavs_mv(AVSContext *h, enum cavs_mv_loc nP, enum cavs_mv_loc nC,
271  enum cavs_mv_pred mode, enum cavs_block size, int ref);
276 int ff_cavs_init(AVCodecContext *avctx);
277 int ff_cavs_end (AVCodecContext *avctx);
279 #endif /* AVCODEC_CAVS_H */
Definition: cavs.h:120
void(* intra_pred_c[7])(uint8_t *d, uint8_t *top, uint8_t *left, int stride)
Definition: cavs.h:231
uint8_t * top_border_v
Definition: cavs.h:225
int pic_structure
Definition: cavs.h:181
uint8_t * top_border_u
Definition: cavs.h:225
uint8_t topleft_border_y
Definition: cavs.h:228
Definition: cavs.h:83
Definition: cavs.h:73
int got_keyframe
Definition: cavs.h:241
AVCodecContext * avctx
Definition: cavs.h:164
int inc_limit
Definition: cavs.h:154
This structure describes decoded (raw) audio or video data.
Definition: frame.h:184
uint8_t * edge_emu_buffer
Definition: cavs.h:239
int direct_den[2]
for scaling in direct B block
Definition: cavs.h:236
int cbp
Definition: cavs.h:220
const cavs_vector ff_cavs_intra_mv
mark block as using intra prediction
Definition: cavsdata.c:69
Definition: cavs.h:62
int16_t x
Definition: cavs.h:144
int mbidx
macroblock coordinates
Definition: cavs.h:186
const uint8_t ff_cavs_chroma_qp[64]
Definition: cavsdata.c:57
cavs_vector * col_mv
Definition: cavs.h:207
int poc
Definition: cavs.h:160
Definition: idctdsp.h:29
Definition: cavs.h:69
#define DECLARE_ALIGNED(n, t, v)
Definition: mem.h:53
void ff_cavs_modify_mb_i(AVSContext *h, int *pred_mode_uv)
Definition: cavs.c:363
Definition: cavs.h:66
int qp
Definition: cavs.h:217
int loop_filter_disable
Definition: cavs.h:183
int left_qp
Definition: cavs.h:190
void ff_cavs_init_mb(AVSContext *h)
initialise predictors for motion vectors and intra prediction
Definition: cavs.c:631
int ff_cavs_init(AVCodecContext *avctx)
Definition: cavs.c:788
uint8_t intern_border_y[26]
Definition: cavs.h:227
void ff_cavs_load_intra_pred_luma(AVSContext *h, uint8_t *top, uint8_t **left, int block)
Definition: cavs.c:185
Definition: cavs.h:61
static int16_t block[64]
Definition: dct.c:113
#define MV_BWD_OFFS
Definition: cavs.h:58
int mbx
Definition: cavs.h:186
ScanTable scantable
Definition: cavs.h:221
int ref_flag
Definition: cavs.h:185
Definition: f_perms.c:27
uint8_t * top_qp
Definition: cavs.h:191
int8_t rltab[59][3]
Definition: cavs.h:151
uint8_t * top_border_y
intra prediction is done with un-deblocked samples they are saved here before deblocking the MB ...
Definition: cavs.h:225
cavs_vector mv[2 *4 *3]
mv motion vector cache 0: D3 B2 B3 C2 4: A1 X0 X1 - 8: A3 X2 X3 -
Definition: cavs.h:205
int width
Definition: cavs.h:178
Definition: cavs.h:94
cavs_vector * top_mv[2]
Definition: cavs.h:206
int8_t golomb_order
Definition: cavs.h:153
bitstream reader API header.
ptrdiff_t size
Definition: opengl_enc.c:101
int dist[2]
temporal distances from current frame to ref frames
Definition: cavs.h:173
int mby
Definition: cavs.h:186
GetBitContext gb
Definition: cavs.h:170
uint8_t * cy
Definition: cavs.h:189
int ff_cavs_next_mb(AVSContext *h)
save predictors for later macroblocks and increase macroblock address
Definition: cavs.c:672
void ff_cavs_load_intra_pred_chroma(AVSContext *h)
Definition: cavs.c:236
uint8_t topleft_border_u
Definition: cavs.h:228
uint8_t * cu
Definition: cavs.h:189
Definition: cavs.h:67
int scale_den[2]
for scaling neighbouring MVs
Definition: cavs.h:237
int ff_cavs_end(AVCodecContext *avctx)
Definition: cavs.c:834
int progressive
Definition: cavs.h:180
AVSFrame cur
currently decoded frame
Definition: cavs.h:171
Definition: cavs.h:78
CAVSDSPContext cdsp
Definition: cavs.h:169
int ff_cavs_init_top_lines(AVSContext *h)
some predictions require data from the top-neighbouring macroblock.
Definition: cavs.c:753
uint8_t left_border_y[26]
Definition: cavs.h:226
Definition: cavs.h:65
void ff_cavs_mv(AVSContext *h, enum cavs_mv_loc nP, enum cavs_mv_loc nC, enum cavs_mv_pred mode, enum cavs_block size, int ref)
Definition: cavs.c:576
int skip_mode_flag
select between skip_count or one skip_flag per MB
Definition: cavs.h:182
uint8_t * cv
current MB sample pointers
Definition: cavs.h:189
int stream_revision
0 for samples from 2006, 1 for rm52j encoder
Definition: cavs.h:179
int pic_qp_fixed
Definition: cavs.h:219
Definition: cavs.h:116
Definition: cavs.h:76
int16_t dist
Definition: cavs.h:146
uint8_t left_border_u[10]
Definition: cavs.h:226
const uint8_t ff_cavs_partition_flags[30]
Definition: cavsdata.c:24
int16_t * block
Definition: cavs.h:242
void(* intra_pred_l[8])(uint8_t *d, uint8_t *top, uint8_t *left, int stride)
Definition: cavs.h:230
const cavs_vector ff_cavs_dir_mv
mark block as "no prediction from this direction" e.g.
Definition: cavsdata.c:66
Definition: cavs.h:80
uint8_t left_border_v[10]
Definition: cavs.h:226
int level
Definition: cavs.h:175
static const int8_t mv[256][2]
Definition: 4xm.c:77
Definition: cavs.h:115
int8_t max_run
Definition: cavs.h:155
void ff_cavs_inter(AVSContext *h, enum cavs_mb mb_type)
Definition: cavs.c:494
main external API structure.
Definition: avcodec.h:1649
int sym_factor
for scaling in symmetrical B block
Definition: cavs.h:235
int pred_mode_Y[3 *3]
luma pred mode cache 0: – B2 B3 3: A1 X0 X1 6: A3 X2 X3
Definition: cavs.h:213
Definition: cavs.h:113
Definition: cavs.h:79
int * top_pred_Y
Definition: cavs.h:214
int16_t ref
Definition: cavs.h:147
int8_t level_add[27]
Definition: cavs.h:152
int height
Definition: cavs.h:178
void ff_cavs_filter(AVSContext *h, enum cavs_mb mb_type)
in-loop deblocking filter for a single macroblock
Definition: cavs.c:109
int alpha_offset
Definition: cavs.h:184
Definition: cavs.h:64
int profile
Definition: cavs.h:175
ptrdiff_t c_stride
Definition: cavs.h:215
int stc
last start code
Definition: cavs.h:188
uint8_t topleft_border_v
Definition: cavs.h:228
BlockDSPContext bdsp
Definition: cavs.h:165
static int ref[MAX_W *MAX_W]
Definition: jpeg2000dwt.c:107
int qp_fixed
Definition: cavs.h:218
Definition: cavs.h:158
Definition: cavs.h:104
int flags
availability flags of neighbouring macroblocks
Definition: cavs.h:187
ptrdiff_t l_stride
Definition: cavs.h:215
Definition: cavs.h:63
int luma_scan[4]
Definition: cavs.h:216
int mb_height
Definition: cavs.h:177
Core video DSP helper functions.
int beta_offset
Definition: cavs.h:184
Decoded Picture Buffer (DPB).
Definition: vaapi_h264.c:81
#define MV_STRIDE
Definition: cavs.h:59
Definition: cavs.h:117
static void set_mvs(cavs_vector *mv, enum cavs_block size)
Definition: cavs.h:250
IDCTDSPContext idsp
Definition: cavs.h:167
Definition: cavs.h:68
int aspect_ratio
Definition: cavs.h:176
#define stride
int16_t y
Definition: cavs.h:145
VideoDSPContext vdsp
Definition: cavs.h:168
H264ChromaContext h264chroma
Definition: cavs.h:166
int mb_width
Definition: cavs.h:177
AVFrame * f
Definition: cavs.h:159
int low_delay
Definition: cavs.h:174
uint8_t * col_type_base
Definition: cavs.h:232
int ff_cavs_init_pic(AVSContext *h)
Definition: cavs.c:717